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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. dazbobaby on

      How do I change my delivery address? I've moved house!

    2. Justin on

      @Bob - I'm not worried about the delivery time. You misread. But thanks anyway and you are completely right!

    3. T. Edward on

      Here here! I totally agree. I've only backed 8 projects, this being the second technology project. I usually stick with design as you'd think since there are no electronics that the project would ship on time. But alas, the estimated fulfillment date has slid to the right on every project I've backed. Some as much as 6 months and still waiting. Way to look at the positive side. I can't wait to get my hands in my Gamestick, but will wait gladly seeing all the big backing from other companies. Backing a project and seeing big box companies getting involved should be great news to backers. That means not only did we help a project be successful, but we helped launch this thing into orbit!!!

    4. Bob Katayama on

      Justin and Rick:

      I noticed that both of you have only contributed to one major hardware related campaign. Don't worry about the timeline or any production delays. This is very common with alpha based product designs and manufacturing. In the end you will get something that went beyond the original specifications and I am confident as a contributor that I will be really happy with the final product when I receive mine. RELAX and be patient. You guys will be rewarded like the rest of us KICKSTARTER contributors with a quality product that you will be proud to say you helped make a reality via KCKSTARTER.

    5. T. Edward on

      Come ok guys. All this over a toy? We get it. Some are upset, some are not. Neither argument will change things. Lets just sit back and see where all this goes. Yeah? You guys in?

    6. Justin on

      Your childish crap needs to stop. Period.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @Justin, Ironic how nobody asked for your bullshit opinions either, yet all you kept doing was insult others because they had their own opinion. I wasn't the only one, you were targeting others that agreed with me, the other 99% apparently. If you aren't happy with my opinion, then why not STFU and not read the comments? After all, I posted my replies to this UPDATE specifically, not in the GENERAL comments section. "GET BENT" loser, you've put yourself into the same category and you're not any better than me, "MR SAP PRO GUY I KNOW EVERYTHING". U MAD? Come at me bro.

    8. Justin on

      Can someone please get Ricky to shut the hell up? The insults are getting old and I'm pretty sure most people are sick of his broken record crap.

      We get it. You hate them. Now STFU.

      You are by far the worst thing to happen to this project. I'd buy you out if it was a possibility.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @Sean, no wonder you don't care. Your pledge is but a small contribution to the campaign, but when you've pledged a high enough amount like I did, then come back and tell me the same thing. Also, are you so stupid to not know what stretch goals are? You don't get extra upgrades for "FREE" (what you said). You get them because of the extra pledge amount that was contributed ON TOP of the original goal. I understand your point that if you didn't change your pledge throughout the entire campaign, then sure you essentially get those upgrades for free (as the expense of others pledging extra amount for you). But that logic is wrong as it doesn't apply to everyone. Some people (including me) increased our pledges to help reach those stretch goals. So I didn't get those extra features for free, I got it because I paid extra for it, because I WANTED them. Therefore, even if they did charge an extra $10 for adding a microSD feature, I would've paid extra for that ANYWAY. So none of this applies to me, but more importantly this stretch goal was stated ever since the start at the beginning. People KNEW what they were getting or WOULD be getting if they reached the stretch goal (by increasing pledge amount or getting more people to pledge). Either way, the project's goals were transparent since the start. So don't use it as your shitty excuse to defend for them, it's weak.

      Besides, it's their way as an incentive to the backers. It's a strategy to help raise more money than the original goal amount. Adding extra features such as the microSD slot isn't a big deal when you raised an extra $100,000+ due to the stretch goals, so that's not exactly "FREE" like you said. They wouldn't have been as successful (exceeding their original goal) had there not been the stretch goals to attract more backers. There's ALWAYS a balance between everything, so a FREE UPGRADE is never truly free in that sense.

      Lastly, I'm done trying to make sense to you. It's not that I'm pissed about the late delivery or tooling method, but rather pissed at the way they handled things, their actions, as well as their customer services towards us backers. They weren't transparent enough AFTER the campaign ended. They could've shared their decision process about the toolings and downgraded shipping early on, but they didn't. Instead, they chose to tell us so late into April, where 99% of users were most expecting their GameStick. Yes, it was an "estimated delivery", but one could always hope that it does turn out to be on time, especially how smooth things were going before April.

      Also, it's their morals that sickens me. Just because they now have investors and other partners working with them, doesn't mean they should kick us down the priority list. They wouldn't have gotten any of those had there not been us helping this campaign to succeed in the first place. We shouldn't be affected and have to accept the shitty downgraded shipping. Yes, I know shipping method was never set in the first place, but now they've explained what their new plans are as oppose to their original plans, it just disappoints me that they would change it due to external factors, and not honour the original plan for us Kickstarter backers. Again, I still think that regardless of whether it was set in stone or not, if you already had decided how to treat your Kickstarter backers in the first place, don't just degrade it due to other factors. It's not right.

    10. T. Edward on

      @Sean and Ricky
      Ya know, the majority also asked them to change the design of the controller... Which they did. Boo on them for doing as we asked right?! Lol!
      I can't wait. I'm stoked about this whole project. Game Stick!!!

    11. carter627 on

      @Ricky One final response. I understand your point - it's the same one my 4 year-old niece has when she doesn't get what she wants - but I would challenge you to look at your pledge and what it states your backer reward to be. Mine reads:

      GAMESTICK BUNDLE: Missed the Earlybird? Fear not, here is another chance for you to get your hands on a shiny new GameStick, (console + Controller) + Name Check + Founders Tag!

      Estimated delivery: Apr 2013

      There's nothing in there about a specific tooling process, or shipping method, or any of the other BS people are complaining about. The company made the apparent mistake in this case of being transparent about their process and why there were delays. A lot of people have taken that as cause to cry bloody murder about the fact that the company is mistreating them. Aside from the change in the delivery date, which is unfortunate, they haven't done anything to alter the backer reward you pledged for, and they're not under any obligation to you or anyone else to fulfill your reward in a specific way that's to your liking. If you want that, then buy retail and choose the shipping method you prefer.

      I know what you're going to say, that the delay is still unacceptable because it's being made to accommodate non-backers. Fair enough, they're changing things after you pledged and that sucks. I assume you also complained when they added Micro SD support and charged you an additional $10, right? Oh, they added that for free as a stretch goal, without upping anyone's pledge amount? How dare they improve your product at no charge to you and without sending out a survey to backers as soon as the thought entered their mind! The nerve, thinking they know what's best for their product and their backers without consulting you or me.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @Sean, your analogy is STILL broken. If I were to undergo a surgery and my doctor changes his technique due to my condition worsening or whatever, then that's a direct 1-1 relationship that relates to ME only.

      BUT, if the doctor suddenly decides to change his technique and went from using a proper quality tool to a crappy one for MY operation, all because of the fact that he suddenly has 600,000 other patients lined up waiting for the same surgery as well (which would require him to cut down the expense), then NO that's not right. My operation shouldn't be affected by OTHER people.

      Same thing with GameStick, PlayJam shouldn't downgrade the shipping from air-freight to sea-freight for Kickstarter batches, they shouldn't mix the Kickstarter batches with orders from ELSEWHERE and downgrade them to sea-freight. WE paid for the shipping, but people who didn't even order in the first place did NOT. Yet, they can just go into any retailer like GameStop and buy it at roughly the same costs as us. So basically, the shipping fees we paid are contributed to the extra 600,000+ orders, which is them maximizing their profit at our expense.

      Also, at least my doctor will communicate with me through whatever operation or technique he'll be performing on me. He'll require my consent and decision, I can still decide whatever the hell I want because it's MY body and my decision. BUT, at least the doctors will respect that (even if they disagree), and they won't tell me on such SHORT notice.

      PlayJam on the other hand, had 2 months to keep us transparent ever since the campaign ended. They could've told us their current status or decision process, as well as the deal that was approved between them and their partners, all within the 2 months. But they DIDN'T. If they really had received the extra the 600,000+ orders that came from elsewhere, they would've told the whole world about it, because nothing is better than to boast or show off figures or good news like this to attract investors etc. But they DIDN'T. They just went on a limp thinking they'll definitely sell at least 500,000 GameSticks, so they decide to change their plans for using better machinery and cheaper shipping, both of which affected the Kickstarter orders, whether you think it's good or not (the majority thinks it's bad of course, which speaks something about my point). The point is, the moral of their actions just isn't right.

      As for Facebook, I agree with you to a certain point, but still it's not hard to copy and paste the messages to Kickstarter. I've been following them since the start, but that's not the point. We shouldn't have to work around for their problem, we're not providing the customer service, THEY ARE. We're simply backers/investors. THEY should be the one that work around us, by at least showing a bit more effort and post it on Kickstarter as well. It doesn't take 10 seconds of your day to do that, and they are SUPPOSE to do that anyway as the project creator.

    13. carter627 on

      @Ricky - Let me expand my analogy. Let's say your surgeon is explaining the surgery you're about to have performed. As your injury/illness has changed, they've decided to change their technique for the surgery. Are you telling me you're more qualified to decide on that technique than your surgeon? Or that a random sampling of people on the internet will know what's best for you?

      Sure, you could get a second opinion, from a QUALIFIED doctor. And were anyone here a hardware developer/manufacturer, I would gladly listen to them with regards to this project. Maybe there is someone like that among the backers. But I'm willing to bet good money most of the people out here have no clue what it takes to undertake a venture like this. In which case, you all just sound ridiculous.

      With regards to Facebook, are you really surprised there's more activity there than here? This is an exclusive community - updates are for backers only and not publicly accessible. If you're smart you've already liked them on FB and are getting those updates, along with anyone else that's interested in their product. Why would you expect them to cater just to their backers and ignore the rest of their market? If there's anything that's backers-only, it does get posted here, and anything that's of interest to a wider audience goes to a channel where a wider audience can consume it. Tell me how that approach is broken?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @Sean, LOL what a bad analogy that was. But since you asked, then tell me, are all of them GOOD doctors? Some doctors just tells you that you're fine and don't worry about it, and on to the next patient they go. Not everyone who's a so called "professional" knows what they're talking about or is always right. Besides, your argument just doesn't make sense when you're on Kickstarter, which is about all about the backers. Without the backers and their feedback + suggestions, the product wouldn't be better. This is why they're still asking for feedbacks from us, even the Ouya team is doing this desperately.

      Also, knowing what to do isn't the same as the execution itself. It's not necessarily them screwing us over, it's the way they've been treating Kickstarter backers due to their lack of updates and transparency. Look at their Facebook, they post more updates (even games list) than on Kickstarter, because Facebook users are more important and made this happen am I right?

    15. carter627 on

      Do you guys tell your doctor how to practice medicine? Or your mechanic how to repair your car? Typically you trust a professional to do their job because they know way more than you. I would wager the good folks at PlayJam know way more about development, manufacturing and marketing than anyone here. So please, stop theorizing on ways they're screwing you over. You all just sound ridiculous.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @ET3D, that's what I thought too. It's unlikely that they suddenly gained 30x more orders (compared to Kickstarter orders of 5691) after Kickstarter ended. They most likely just set a limit of around 600,000 units to be produced (so that it's cheap for them) and hope for the best. That means they simply didn't put us Kickstarter backers on their top of the priority list.

      Now, assuming that they even did get around 600,000 actual orders. Surely they would've announced this earlier to attract the media or investors. But they didn't, which means this is just rough figure that they want to produce, but not necessarily need to FULFILL.

      @s, I'm wondering that to myself too. They should've managed their partnerships or processes better. Either they've already decided to use higher quality toolings and NOT bother updating us about it (until NOW), OR they've only just recently decided to use it, which must have involved some decisions and talks throughout the process (with their partners etc), which they didn't bother telling us about it either.

      Kickstarter is important to keep creators and backers in the loop, so that they provide the transparency, and we provide the feedback and suggestions. This isn't the case and is one of the many things that people were pissed about. FACT.

    17. ET3D on

      People, from the update: "These tools are suitable for a minimum production run of around 600,000 units". Fewer than 6000 people have pledged here. Going for a production run of this size is really going on a limb. They do hope to sell $500k in a year, but there's no guarantee. $200k+ for just a single set of components in a product is quite a lot when your budget is under $650k. I imagine they wanted to see how things look before committing to this.

    18. Missing avatar

      s on

      I'm kinda bewildered (is that the right word?) It didn't make sense to high quality tooling in the first place?

      @GameStick get this project stabilized or you will be eaten above by mk8o8b modules paired with Bluetooth controllers.

    19. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Geez, people, are y'all really too stupid to understand that if GameStick sells more units, then that means more games, and higher quality games? And can you not understand that we are getting a much higher quality product? How is that wrong in any way for PlayJam/GameStick? Especially since as backers, we were funding a project to launch. The point is that they make it a success.
      And why should GameStick really apologize for that? Like, "Oh, sorry, we are giving you a much, much better product than you expected or asked for in the beginning." Y'all are morons...quit your whining, grow up, and wait.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark Chavez on

      This is a great project...with 21 updates from the the project team. I've gone through entire kickstarter campaigns with just a handful of updates. I back a project hoping for success and ultimate delivery but I don't count on it and am using funds that I can lose. Life is so short to get all worked up. With that said...deliver it in early June so I have something to take on vacation to in-laws house :-)

    21. Justin on

      Stay on topic Ricky or shut your mouth. Your personal insults are not wanted. Everyone's opinion is valid.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Gee, Justin, I sure hope you don't talk to your clients like that in your "manufacturing business" with your ego and attitude. Funny how every time your comment pops up, it's negative attitude towards everyone else that were unhappy with the previous update. Funny how you're the 1% against the majority of pissed of people (or at least people that were pissed off until the latest update was posted yesterday). Way to go bro.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Agree with Tim Hellhake.

    24. Missing avatar

      Wong Kum Yew on

      I'm sure that these decisions are really in the best interest of Gamestick's long term success which is what we all want. I mean, where's the logic in wanting to buy and receive a product with disappointing market acceptance / game support, 2 months before public availability???

      Having said that, since we backers now number a very small 5k out of the expected hundreds of thousands of users, perhaps a nice gesture would be to grant backers a lifetime discount off game purchases. This would also likely make us early adopters who can help evangelize the games to the masses.

    25. Missing avatar

      Logan Inwood on

      I understand now. If the German tools are higher grade and create better quality, then I'm fine with the wait. Thanks for clearing it up.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      Still sounds like "Gamestick makes more money per unit sold" as Mark M pointed out 3 days ago on the last update.

      I don't understand why you "cannot afford to do both."
      As terry mentioned "You made $547,658 over your $100,000 goal". So their should be more than enough ressources to produce the kickstarter run in time, which should be your first priority. The only explanation why you "can't afford it" is that you need the money from the kickstarter campain to make ordinary orders profitable.
      Now where we served our purpose you can let us wait 2 extra month just to increase your profit margin. Thanks Gamestick! Why do you treat the people who made this project possible like this?

    27. Isaac Alvarez on

      Enough said, i am glad you clear this out, can't wait for this to get in my hands. Best of luck.

    28. Justin Nelson on

      When do we get to reserve our usernames?

    29. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Hi GameStick, I have a quick question. I submitted my current address based on the original expected delivery date but the new timelines for delivery align to the time when I should be moving to a new house. My question is, is it possible to update the shipping date I provided, and if so, how much advance notification do you need?

      I understand the need for extending timelines for a quality product but want to make sure my GameStick does not get lost in oblivion :)


    30. ET3D on

      I hope that you'll be able to do the launch right. Ouya missed things by shipping units to backers which got bad reviews. I hope GameStick will be able to launch with a combination of quality manufacturing (which you seem to be striving for), a polished interface and a good lineup of games. I believe in the concept of Android consoles, and I hope that your industry experience will enable you to pull it off better than Ouya even though the hardware is weaker.

    31. Bob Katayama on

      This seems to be a common occurrence with Kickstarter campaigns lately.
      As I have stated on another campaign I have supported, Kickstarter is about funding a project/campaign and not just about getting a good product at a great price.

      You are investing in the process with a return in the end for your commitment and generous investment. As an investor, you have to expect changes in product, delays and added costs. In the end, I am confident that I will be really happy with my return in investment for this project.

      Anyone that has concerns with delays and added costs should read this which is a direct quote from

      "Backing a project is more than just giving someone money. It’s supporting their dream to create something that they want to see exist in the world. People rally around their friends’ projects, fans support people they admire, and others simply come to Kickstarter to be inspired by new ideas. Some projects take longer than anticipated, but creators who are transparent about issues and delays usually find their backers to be understanding".

      Gamestick has kept us in the loop and is working on providing a product that goes far beyond the original specifications. I am looking forward to playing with and also developing for the Gamestick when I receive mine.


    32. Justin on

      Gee, everything here is what I pretty much said in the last updates comments. ;)

      They don't owe anyone an apology. Not one bit. In fact everyone here should bending down to kiss their feet for everything you'll be getting in such a short amount of time. This is business people! This is not

      From the very beginning I figured there was no way in hell you would ever make the April ESTIMATE. I didn't think you would even be close to June. But it looks like you are. The amount of work/effort that you have crammed into such a small time frame is simply outstanding! As someone who's in the manufacturing business I can not believe how far you've come. Hell, I can't believe the amount of red tape you've cut through in such a short amount of time....are you paying people off? ;)

      Awesome job everyone. It's such a shame to have such a high volume of children backing this project who do not understand business (or life it would seem) that feel the need to trash talk and cause articles like the BBC page linked in the other update.

      Being in the toy industry it takes us a good year to go from design/conception to retail with just one SKU. Granted we deal with licensing and that's a good chuck of time but none the less, that's just 1 SKU and we are the fastest in the industry. You have a controller, a dock, the gamestick itself, software/OS, an online service, payment's unreal!!!! In the short of time you've been working on this....that is AMAZING!!!! I just can't say it enough.

      Again, all you naysayers need to educate yourself and realize that you are getting an insane amount of product in a very short amount of time and you want an apology for that? You should be apologizing to them for your disgusting attitude. Then thank them a million times over that you'll actually be getting something in June.

    33. John Gould on

      @Jonathan F.
      Check the April 6th update. Maybe a little late, as updates go, but that's the one where they acknowledged the situation and even gave a date certain for shipping. But they didn't apologize - you're right about that, but would that really change anything? I guess I'm a little desensitized to delays from years and years of waiting for StarCraft II episodes to come out. I can wait for a product as long as in the end, it's a truly great product. Better than a SimCity 2013 or Ultima 9-style debacle! :D

    34. Missing avatar

      Brian Schuch on

      Anyone know if you can see your backer number?

    35. Federico Faenza on

      I think what some people aren't understanding is that this is not a "orbit" type of kickstarter, some item that should work on its own and that's it. It's a product that to "work" properly needs to be successful. It needs to be worldwide available, it needs to have games, it needs support from software studios.

      Without all that, it doesn't matter if it's on time or not. It would be an empty piece of plastic and circuitry.
      So, if it's going to be a better product, with more games in it, well, I don't care about delays :)

    36. terry on


      thanks Dude i needed that,,,i will take a drink or two and ,,,as you say,,, Chillax

      no war just Peace Man / Dude

    37. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Owuor on

      Thanks for the update, I think most of the backers are understanding of the developments that led to the dates getting pushed back. Regular updates will help alleviate this issue, let us know if there are issues or if things are going well - we want to know ! You will have much better success being open and explaining things than waiting to surprise everyone especially when it comes to bad news.

    38. Jonathan F

      @John G.

      Its not about getting a better quality product. I am all for that. It was the lack of transparency about the whole process. Also the lack of a sincere apology and acknowledgement of the situation.

    39. John Gould on

      @GameStick, thanks for the clarification! On second reading of this update, I pretty much figured that out, so that's awesome!

      Dude, @terry, you need to stand down (sorry if I'm starting a flame war here). I'd rather the product be done right than fast. Do you want something cheap and rushed out the door or a high-quality product that works and has games ready for you the moment you plug it in? A year from now, who will care if they got theirs in April or June? Chillax.

    40. GameStick Creator on

      Hello John - the June shipment refers to the final product. We have begun taking shipment of the prototype units from this morning as they were shipped from China in batches. You will be receiving yours shortly.

      Hello Juan - when you backed the project, you were automatically assigned a backer ID by Kickstarter starting at 1 (ending c.6,000). If you changed your order in any way, this number will not have changed. We do not envisage there being a huge differential in shipment dates between those first to pledge and those last.

    41. terry on


      one word thats missing in this and the last update,,,,,SORRY,,,

      You made $547,658 over your $100,000 goal ,,so why did you not in february order the highest quality casts .

      every update sounds like a machine/lawyer has spent time on checking each words so us the backers are been talked down too

      so as you say

      "These types of molds are normally used for first run production or perhaps large quantity prototyping, but they are not full scale production tools, which is what we now need. We cannot afford to do both"

      who is running the project a 10 year old,,,i would sack the team over the design and development

      im angry ,,,,not because of the delay/delays but the way GameStick uses the so called updates to tell us they cant run a project and we the backers need to .....
      so as you say ....

      "Hopefully you will be our most loyal and best advocates. "

      what do you think ?

    42. Stephen Bush on

      @afoi: It was always about better quality, but because they had more orders, they decided to improve the production method. It wouldn't have made sense to drop the silicon molds if they didn't have the numbers -- I imagine having to make two or three of the silicon just for KS backers would have been cheaper than these new steel molds. Now that they have the numbers, it makes more sense, cost effective-wise, to upgrade. They justified the change with the numbers, rather than the improved quality, because the decision was based on and made possible by the increased number of units.

      @GS: Thanks for the clarification! Also, I'm curious about what @Juan Carlos asked; not a big deal either way. Keep it coming!! Can't wait!

    43. Robert Frankus on

      Thank you and much better post than last time. The details are very insightful and interesting, looking forward to more updates

    44. John Gould on

      Just to be clear, when you say that the backers that may not get their prototype until June, are you referring to the ~125 Mark 2 prototypes at the $300+ level? Why would it take so long to ship only 125 (or so) prototypes? Shouldn't those come by air mail?

    45. afoi on

      good to have constant updates. But I'm confused. First, the change of mold is to support a huge production , then now it seems to push it to be because of better quality ? Which come first ? Will you still changed the tooling if you doesn't get so many pre-orders or investor ?

      Don't get me wrong , I'm nothing against or bashing u blindly ; I'm just really confused.

    46. John Gould on

      Too bad I didn't get in on this until about half way through, but that's my own fault. Can't wait to get my hands on it! Looking forward to do a Kickstarter for some of our first Gamestick games! :D

    47. Waqqas Hanafi on

      Thanks for the clarification. We love you.

    48. Juan Carlos Santana on

      I backed this project on the first couple of days, but then changed my pledge 2 weeks after... Does my shipping date count from the first selection I made or from the last?

    49. Missing avatar

      Richard Doidge on

      Me too! Thanks Gamestick for keeping us informed! I've had bad experiences with a campaign in the past not coming up with the product but this is one of the best! Keeping us up to date as much as you do really does make a difference! Thanks again!