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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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      Sam on

      To my sadness, I don't spend as much time playing games as I'd like to (both a good and sad thing, really), so I have a non-game question:

      For me, most on my GameStick is probably going to be watching my digital movie collection. Perhaps this was in a previous update (I admit, I haven't read them all), but on the KS home page for GameStick, it says:

      "Support for XBMC & DLNA from Sept via optional firmware update."

      My question: Does that mean that both XBMC and DLNA are not going to be available until an update in September? One of the two? Or, perhaps, "Sept" without no period at the end to mark it as an abbreviation actually means something else entirely? (I really suspect that's an acceptable typo. Too many "." in things these days anyway!)

      Follow up question: Whether or not XBMC is available at launch, is there going to be some media player functionality on the GameStick, even if it can only play files on its local storage, or stored on an inserted SD card or connected drive?

    2. Tanner Lubuk on

      Nice to see this update and also glad to see the UI is done

    3. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Thanks, GameStick. That's fine, just wanted to set my expectations before I start buying games for my phone :)

    4. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Miguel - as each game needs to be ported to GameStick, they will be chargeable separately. Frankly speaking this is one of the key incentives to get developers on board, it also gives us a viable business model.

      Love GameStick

    5. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      I'm one to criticize when there is room for improvement, but I'm also one to recognize when someone does a good job. This is exactly the kind of updates I was looking forward to seeing. Thank you for taking the time to write it up.

      On an unrelated note. Will I be able to play Android games I've purchased via Gamestick if they are included in the list? Or will I need to purchase them again through Gamestick?

    6. Stu on

      @Ryan Crognale: With the Dock, yes, otherwise, no. I don't think a USB port is worth the extra $350, personally. The dock is cheaper. Isn't as portable then, but will work for your main setup

    7. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Nice! This is the Update I have been waiting for! With Retailers getting on board Gamestick will have wings, as with more units sold, more Game Developers will get on board. In the end, it is all about playability and good games, that will drive people to buy the Gamestick.

    8. Juan Carlos Santana on

      Nice update, hows The ETA for this?... I've had too many projects in KS fall way behind hopefully this won't be one of those.. It's frustrating. :p

    9. chris on

      Very nice update, thanks! I too am excited about the dev unit; can't wait to give it a go. :)

    10. John Gould on

      Can't wait for the dev unit! Huzzah!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crognale on

      So developers get a version with Usb, and nobody else does? So no way for us to add a flash drive or a 2.8ghz keyboard or mouse? If you couldthrow it in the ddevelopment version, why couldn't you keep it as part of the regular design when my $50 android on a stick from China has it? This should be a basic feature.

    12. aeugler on

      Thanks for this Update.
      It sounds great!

    13. Chaim Krause

      I pledged at the $155 level. I am also a software developer. I would like to make some games for myself and friends, so I wasn't willing to shell out $500 for the developer pledge level. Will there be a way for me to make games with the "retail" version I am getting?

    14. Ted Kenneth Johansen on

      "Some great partnerships are being lined up with major corporations(...), including one with a chip designer responsible for the core architecture of 95% of the microchips used in every mobile phone worldwide. In completely unrelated news, if you happen to be at GDC this year, please come visit us on the ARM stand."

      lol.. ^^

    15. Bardia Noohi on

      Awesome news and thanks for keeping us in the loop. Any ETA on the delivery of the product itself?