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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Justin on

      Yeah but I didn't want to put on the uniform myself...LOL!!!!

    2. Citizen Irene on

      @Justin Let's not forget "CHECK YOU SPELLING..."

    3. Justin on

      @Coolfog2 - So you noticed table but you didn't notice:

      "you will be able stream games"

      You are a horrible Grammar Nazi! ;p

    4. John Vaught II on

      @Coolfog2 hey chill, I want to stream games from my table!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Coolfog2 on

      "Using APS within the controller you will be able stream games wirelessly to any screen that has a Miracast receiver; your TV, table, phone or even PC."

      If you notice you spelt table instead of tablet so how am I going to play it on my table?


    6. Simon Dick

      @Tyler Miracast pretty much works the same as AirPlay with Apple devices, according to someone here who's used it, there is a slight lag but that could be due to the early stages of development (he's using a non standard rom).

      @Patrick As long as the hardware supports it and the OS does then the extra features should be deliverable by simple updates even if they don't make it by launch date, not that there's a rush for Miracast yet, but it'll take off soon...

    7. Jason Youngberg on

      I don't have FaceBook (don't want it either). Is there a way I can vote for the fourth color?

    8. Patrick O'Donnell on

      So would this be an update in the future? It wouldn't be shipping right, considering that GameStick will be shipping in a matter of months(!!!) now? Great idea, guys. I'm so glad to be getting this new system.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jérôme on


      Is MiraCast better than AirPlay ? Because playing an iPhone Game on an Apple TV is not very funny.
      The frame rate is not very good. So I don't trust wifi game streaming.


    10. Missing avatar

      T B on

      Anybody have real data about latency for Miracast? I see marketing specs like "ultra low latency" - what does that mean? I am hoping that means less than 1 frame at 60Hz (~16ms), but I suspect they would say that if it was, so maybe its more like 100ms.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Wolf on

      Cool... so the idea I posted 2 days ago you where already working on :) But seriously... not only games, but think about the education / presentation sector ... if it's able to mirror the whole screen real time (with also support for apple devices) this will be a hugo / epic hit.... I've been to the ISE today (in the RAI, AMsterdam) and even there is still no solution for this 'burning' question.

      any more info on technical data will be appriciated and/or is you need a testing volonteer you can sign me up right away ;)

      cheers, Jeroen Wolf

    12. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Miracast FTW! I'm glad you guys are forward-thinking :) I know an April 2013 delivery is a very aggressive time frame for this kind of awesomeness... keeping fingers crossed.

    13. Francois Roy on

      IMHO, it is a more than ever a GameStick; you simply now on have three places to connect it (both the controller and dock Active Power Slots PLUS the TV's classic HDMI port.)

      Stick in classic style HDMI port; -- microUSB power cable required.

      Stick in controller's APS; -- powered by the controller's battery. microUSB charging possible while playing. Miracast broadcast possible.

      Stick in dock's APS; -- Wall AC-Adapter powered. Miracast broacast and reception possible. Classic connection also possible via a simple extra cable.

    14. Andrew Winter ( on

      You are Awesome!
      I love the Miracast idea, great to hear you're considering all the possibilties around it.
      Miracast /wireless hdmi is the future, the thought of plugging Gamestick into the TV, then probably a USB power supply... blah blah blah always concerned me.
      Beaming it directly to the screen is such a nice feature.
      Making GS a generic Miracast receiver??? NOW YOU'RE TALKING! That would be epic.
      I'm so glad there are developers like GS still pushing traditional gamepad design... GAMES NEED BUTTONS!!!!! Touchscreens are amazing, but they make terrible game controllers IMO.

    15. Bob Archer on

      So, I'm confused.. If the game guts are withing the controller is it still "game stick"? Do you still plug the stick into the HDMI on the computer? I assume yes for non Miracast tvs?

    16. Francois Roy on

      Hi guys!

      You got me at Miracast-receiver capable.
      That being said, could you please clarify the purpose of those 2 HDMI ports on the dock?

      Are you planning some form of passthrough or video recording!?

    17. afoi on

      One quick question , if game stick is gonna embed within the controller and act as the console itself, how is it to be used with non-miracast TV ? Dumb question but I'm just confused ... lol

    18. ET3D on

      I agree with you that this is the way things should work, and hopefully that's the future we'll see. Nice to see you going in this direction.

    19. Uri Baruchin on

      Seriously cool. Good thinking.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      This means if i buy two sticks i can use one as miracast receiver and one as wireless console? :)

    21. Marcus on

      Sounds perfect, I'm looking forward to it =)

    22. Mark Müller on

      Nice, don't have a MiraCast TV yet, but nice to know there is possible future compatibility built in...