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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jerason Banes

      @Happy Badger - In the "P.S." above, the "premium positioning" is mentioned as still being part of the package.

    2. Happy Badger Studio on

      There was previously mention of Indies who back getting 30 days of featured space on the shop UI. Is this still part of the package? To me that's a lot more valuable then the 100% revenue split offer. I'd rather get 70% but sell more games with the feature, than get 100% of a handful of downloads.

    3. GameStick Creator on

      Hello people - just to clear up a couple of things. The reason the pledge tier is effectively on hold is because we used wording which fell foul of KS's policy - effectively offering a reward of monetary value. We're working with KS to hopefully get some wording that will be approved. Until then, we have asked those that have backed to remove their pledges so that we can remove and re-post.

      The idea behind the pledge was to see what we could do to get Indies excited by the big screen. We have had over 500 register with us via so we know there is very strong interest. While we are crossing fingers and toes that we have a big finish on KS, we have also been contacted by some of the largest retail outlets in the world looking to work with us. These requests have been acknowledged and are very exciting but we are frankly 100% heads down on this campaign for the next 8 days.

      Life after KS with retail backing could mean quite a few zeros on the end of device shipping forecasts which would be good for everyone. In the meantime though we were looking for ways in which to embrace a certain developer community and the biggest gesture we could afford to make was dropping revenue entitlement that we do not have today.

      Love GameStick

    4. chris on

      Ok probably dumb question but just for clarification, someone that has pledged the 500 will automatically get this? Because I see that it's already sold out. :-)


    5. Mike Kasprzak on

      Mark Fadden: "All accurate calculations but your basing on some statistical assumptions that likely don't mirror the real world."

      Oh don't get me wrong. Since I can post here, it goes to show I am a supporter of this project. I definitely support the idea of Microconsoles, enough to buy them all. And seeing the max number of $250 offers dropped from 250 to 5 does give me the impression they might get the point I was getting at. And for sure, totally expect and hope they sell more devices by the deadline, but I have my doubts the sales will double. The most important figure to a developer, especially since our business is based off royalties, is number of users. If there was some news "Hey we're going to have distribution in Walmart", then that's something userbase wise to get excited about. But as things stand now, we only have the Kickstarter to go off of. I think it's totally fair and fine to get excited about a 5-8 thousand user userbase from day 1, but we have to all understand that it's just a community at this point. It's irresponsible to suggest there will be grand wealth to be made from the initial community.

      Oh, and you're right. In my imaginary fairy world, we have a game console called the Ybox. It has 70 million units sold, but few games aside from the blockbusters sell greater than 1 million copies (i.e. 1.4% of the userbase).

      Alright, that was snarky of me, but my point is that this is just the beginning, and it's a great place to start. We indies and Playjam still have a lot to learn.

    6. Jerason Banes

      Thanks for the P.S. guys! You're getting better at heading off questions. :-)

    7. Citizen Irene on

      @Michael, they say you get 100% revenue share for the first six months. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    8. Missing avatar

      Miguel Sanchez on

      I'm not a developer, I wish, but I have a silly question, I already own the excellent game Another World for Android, so will I be able to play it on the GameStick console? What about others games that we already own?
      Thanks a lot!

    9. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Robert Kickstarter have told us the wording falls foul of their policy. We're trying to figure it out with them....

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickup on

      5 sold and sold out ? Why is that ?

    11. Mark Fadden

      All accurate calculations but your basing on some statistical assumptions that likely don't mirror the real world. Eight days out from the end of the Kick it's unlikely that nobody is going to pledge. In fact it is more likely there will be a massive surge as we approach the end. Also this all assumes that no units are sold that were not accounted for in the Kick. Again it is likely that their non Kick Starter sales are larger than their Kick Starter "sales." Point being, Don't develop or adapt if your not interested but a larger than 40% increase in revenue to the potential developers for an investment of 170 dollars seams like a good thing to me. And always remember Kick Starter on the whole is an investment. It's not like walking into your local department store and buying something. An entrepreneur comes to their potential consumers and says "If you'll put up early and sight unseen for my product then rather than paying interest to an investor I'll compensate you with better or cheaper product."

      We are all gambling here. For $170 bigger risk they are offering some of us even bigger rewards. Everybody makes their own choice if the risk is for them or not.

    12. Mike Kasprzak on

      Uh, I don't mean to be rude, but the numbers don't add up. $249-$79 is $170, with a typical mobile game costing $3, breaking down in to $2.10 and $0.90 with a 70/30 split, at 1% of the current user base is about 43 customers doesn't really add up to a cost benefit. Neither does 2% or 3%. You'd need to reach 5% of the entire userbase to eat the excess cost, before you'd be earning enough to see benefit in that tier.