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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Joseph Shivak on

      64k away from the additional color option.. 4 days.. well since i modded mine its $20 closer.. i'm hoping for the red and gold famicon but last i saw that wasn't winning the poll.. oh well.

    2. Joseph Shivak on

      i just noticed the dock option was available, sorry modded my pledge to add it. although i'm tapped out now.. hopefully nothing else gets added at extra not that it's not a cool addon :)

    3. Maggie Evans on

      I hope that the last goal is achieved. I was really looking forward to the extra colours.

    4. Achmad Fienan Rahardianto on

      Well well, this is one great news from you guys to start the day :D
      I hope all stretch goals can be archived soon :)

      Thank you GameStick!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      @Andrew Mcgregor
      This depends on the game not the console.

    6. Hermes on

      I answer myself. If you can, ignore the questions LOL. -.-'

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      @Randall Gibbons
      Yes that's right, their are a few "hacks". This hacks rely on the fact that the most linux filesystems are capable of using symbolic links.
      This means their could be a symbolic link "C:\email.txt on" on the file "C:\docs\stuff.txt". "email.txt" would behave like a copy of "stuff.txt" but technically its only a reference to that file.
      The trick is to move the apps from the internal flash to the sd-card and place a symbolic link from the original path to the new path on the sd-card.

      As this needs root access and risks the reliability of the system (android considers the location of the files as not-removable; imagine somebody pulls the sd-card during operation) i did't considered this as an solution for a commercial product.

    8. Hermes on

      I mean other control of any brand (eg Nyko)

    9. Hermes on

      I have one question. I can connect another controller via bluetooth to the Gamestick?

    10. Peter Fox on

      We should have no problem hitting the $450K mark! Here comes a MicroSD slot!

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mcgregor on

      I have 2 kids and have chosen the 2x console option,my question is will they be able to play vs each other using 2 tvs and 2consoles over the same network?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      As i see it their are 2 packs:
      -Gamestick bundle (console,controller,name check, founders tag)
      -Gamestick bundle+ (Gamestick bundle + additional controller)

      $69: Gamestick bundle
      $79: Gamestick bundle
      $89: Gamestick bundle & case
      $109: Gamestick bundle & case & dock
      $115: Gamestick bundle+
      $135: Gamestick bundle+ & 2 cases
      $155: Gamestick bundle+ & 2 cases & dock
      $159: 2 Gamestick bundle

    13. Warren Bennett on

      Wait a minute... I think the gamedock for the $115 dollar bundle is actually the $109 dollar bundle.

    14. Warren Bennett on

      *sighs* Meant the $155 dollar one, not 135. Sorry.

    15. Missing avatar

      Randall Gibbons on

      Tim's reminded me of something, on the Android tablet forums I've read about forum members that have written and contributed programs that which allows content, applications to to be sent to an SD card ... because a lot of tablets don't always have a lot of memory ... like maybe 512MB Ram and 4GB internal storage. Maybe that might be a solution. I don't know more or, I don't have a real technical backround. I just like to buy a lot of stuff ... although none of it's as cool as Gamestick :)

    16. Nastassja Rhodes on

      This is so wonderful. It's brilliant that you guys care so much

    17. ET3D on

      I'm very impressed with all the updates. It's great to see the way you try to satisfy your customers. I hope that you will have great success with this project. You deserve it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Dear Gamestick Team,

      I sincerely appreciate you listening to the VOC (voice of customer). Now I'm looking forward to crossing that $450K mark! :)


    19. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      Then what is the difference between $135 and $155 level? o.O
      All i can see is the missing dock.

    20. Missing avatar

      Randall Gibbons on

      Genuinely Grateful ... I know it's not an easy thing talking changes and cost with suppliers and production. I know you have been pushing for us - Many Thanks to the Gamestick Team.

    21. Warren Bennett on

      @Glen - the dock is included at the $135 level.

    22. Missing avatar

      Clarke Crane on

      Very good news! Really looking forward to the GameStick!

    23. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      first of all: Thank for developing such a wonderful device!
      Thats the sort of console i've ever wanted.

      As an android developer i've a question about the new sd-card extension.

      Their are two important folders in the android file system:
      - /data which holds all the applications
      - /mnt/sdcard which was basically the mount point for the sd-card

      Back in the old days their was no way to use the sd-card to store applications. The sd-card was only for images,music and video.
      In Andoid 2.2 google introduced a new feature which allowed the developer to decide wether the app should be installed on the internal flash (/data) or the sd-card (/mnt/sdcard).
      When the flash sizes started to grow the most handy manufacturers decided to create a new partition in the internal flash and mount it at /mnt/sdcard which made the new feature obsolet.
      Depending on the manufacturer the sd-card was now mounted on some arbitrary path like /mnt/external, /mnt/sdcard2, ...
      As a result, their is no longer a way to install applications on the sd-card or even access the sd-card via the android framework in a common device independant way which makes the big sd-card a kind of useless.

      So my question now is which way you're gonna go?

    24. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Vishal,

      Apologies - below are the video formats that GameStick supports. You will be able to play such content from a USB stick. I note that the list ends with etc and MP4 and M4V are not mentioned so will try to confirm this ASAP.

      Video Formats

    25. Missing avatar

      Glenn Bruneau on

      I Pledged at $115 but am now not sure if the dock is included or not.

    26. Ray2Jerry on

      Best news ever... I didn't need a red one unless I somehow turned 7 again anyway lol. MicroSD for the win!

    27. Ran on

      That's great news!

      I'm curious about something… does the gold kit come with a dock too?

    28. pclabtech on

      @GameStick I think Vishal means as I asked several days ago, Will the stick (holding an MP4 or M4V movie) be able to play it? Can we download Mplayer (or a player of your choice) from the android market (or your site) and play converted compressed movies through the stick.

    29. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Vishal -

      I cannot confirm whether the USB dock would support the playback of media stored on the TV. I will have to look into this further. My guess is no.

      We are working on a browser option that you would be able to use both through the wireless signal of the stick itself and the Ethernet port of the dock.

      Love GameStick

    30. Mark Payne on

      thats great news :-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Vishal on

      Gamestick - I got 2 questions in regards to the DOCK.

      - Will the USB support playback of the private media on the TV ? that would be a STEAL!
      - How about browsing internet thru the Ethernet adapter?

    32. Stian Helgesen Sellevold on

      You guys are the best. The four colors is a nice thing to have but the sd card is a most have on the system :D

    33. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Aaron - the controller holds rechargeable batteries supporting 40 hours of play. These are charged either by a USB cable or, if you get the dock, wirelessly - simply by placing the controller on top of it.

      Love GameStick

    34. Missing avatar

      Fred guilbert on

      Great! It's very Good news!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Vishal on

      Wow!!! love that "LOVE"!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron Powell on

      Great news on Micro SD Slot

      I was wondering how the controller is powered? is it by AA batteries or by wired charging unit

    37. Simon Dick

      Excellent, thanks!

    38. Thiago Deserto vasconcelos on

      Great... much better now!!!

    39. Florence L

      Prefect next move Gamestick :)
      Thanks guys , this is some great news for someone whose feeling ill to wake up to.
      Now I can go bout my day with a smile.

    40. Kunal Singh on

      yeah sure ;)

      spread the smiles and <3

      you gotta make me a special edition GameStick :p

    41. Daniel Lieber on

      This is truly great news! I'm confident both goals will be attained. Please continue to keep us updated. You are doing a great job thus far.

    42. terry on

      Awesome,,,yea thats what i wanted all along great news ,,,thanks

    43. DeltaLima

      best news evar!... thanks guys, for hearing your backers, we all hope the goal is reached

    44. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Kunal - mind if we borrow that;)