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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      David Young on

      Yes, please how can I purchase the dock?? I missed the $20 chance at it...

    2. james daniel on

      Please give us another chance at the dock..

    3. Andrey Sampieree on

      i want the dock.... but the i missed the 20$ to get the dock. Can I update my donation somehow to be able to get it?

    4. Missing avatar

      Pierre Nadeau on

      I unfortunatly missed the 20$ to get the dock. Can I update my donation somehow to be able to get it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Darryll Stone on

      Umm if this thing will work with the leapmotion controller this dock could be one heck of an addon ..Have you guys looked into the idea of that ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      ------------------My Comment on Update #9-----------------------
      As i see it their are 2 packs:
      -Gamestick bundle (console,controller,name check, founders tag)
      -Gamestick bundle+ (Gamestick bundle + additional controller)

      $69: Gamestick bundle
      $79: Gamestick bundle
      $89: Gamestick bundle & case
      $109: Gamestick bundle & case & dock
      $115: Gamestick bundle+
      $135: Gamestick bundle+ & 2 cases
      $155: Gamestick bundle+ & 2 cases & dock
      $159: 2 Gamestick bundle

      I would say you should pledge 109$ + 15$ (shipping) and choose the 109$ reward.

    7. Missing avatar

      Juan_Chanclas on

      I'm confused, I pledge for $79 + $15 (shipment), I want dock. So.. add others $20? o change my pledge to $115 (79+15+20 = $114)?

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      Increasing the amount is not enough.
      You have to click on "Manage your pledge" an do 2 things:
      -Increase the amount
      -Select the desired reward

    9. Missing avatar

      Vishal on

      I am $79 Backer and interested in dock, should I up my pledge by 20$? please clarify.

      p.s - I'm not interested in the case.

    10. Sunnyboy on

      i pledge for $79, so for a dock, i just add $20 to my pledge? am i correct?

      need a confirm answer.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shane Conder on

      That's right, @papa.coen. What they're saying is that only the 250 who got the early bird level can simply add $20 to get a dock. The other ~4k of us have to pick an appropriate bundle. I didn't want cases, but I did want a dock and 2 controllers, so I had to ante up $40 more.

    12. papa.coen on

      @Marc Goldman: although, if you read Shane Condors comment and founders reply to that, it's totally the other way around. :-(

    13. papa.coen on

      @Marc Goldman: I must have missed that post ;) thx for the input.
      @raddyroro: Just what I thought.

    14. raddyroro on

      Guys, the dock is going to be something you leave at home, permanently connected to the TV. You can take the gamestick out of the dock (if my guesses are correct) and then bring the gamestick and controller, leaving the dock at your home. That way you can have a base for the gamestick and so hopefully it does not get lost. You won't bring the dock with you. You will only bring the console and controller to other places.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ashby on

      I think it's still in line with the project. With your dock , you could have everything (HDMI, internet, power source) permanently connected. This way, you only have to unplug the gamestick from the dock when you want to play elsewhere. I think that, since the dock has its own power source, the dock will power the gamestick as well (eliminating the need for the USB connection). Don't quote me on that, though.

      I really like this idea just because not all TVs have a side HDMI port, and there may not actually be enough space between the TV and the wall for a Gamestick. It's an alternative to having to get a female to male HDMI adaptor or some other extender.

    16. pclabtech on

      @Jose There is a spot in the dock where you can insert the stick I do believe. I think the positive draw for the dock are for people that have dedicated TV screens mounted to the wall and constantly trying to put the stick into an HDMI port will be a hassle.

    17. Missing avatar

      richard hadley on

      Interested in the dock but not bothered about the case, how much extra would it be to the $79 bundle?

    18. Sunnyboy on

      the wireless charger, is it Qi compliant? or only works with Gamestick?

      i'm a 79 backer, if i want the dock only, i just topup my pledge to 99?

    19. Missing avatar

      jose martinez on

      Here's what I don't get and hopefully it can be answered. I see the HDMI cable is connected to the actual game stick but I also see two HDMI ports on the dock which I would assume would be a pass through design with an hdmi in and hdmi out to not take up an extra HDMI input on your TV, but if that's the case and that's what these ports are for then why would the game stick itself still be connected to an HDMI cable? Can someone explain this?

    20. MarcG on

      @papa.coen pretty sure adding $20 to your pledge will get you a dock. Earlier they said they'll be sending out a survey after the KS closes to see what an money over pledge is for.

      Been in several other Kickstarters that have worked that way.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben H on

      I like the idea of a dock and I love the included features for when I have the console at home, but as designed the dock seems a departure from the stated goals of the project.

      If I use the dock I have to slide the stick into the dock, then plug in the hdmi cable. Having to fumble around with wires to take my game stick with me is counter to the original touted convenience. I get that the dock needs to connect to the usb port, it's the messing with the hdmi that misses the mark. I would rather have seen a design where the stick slides into the dock from the front/side and both usb and video connections are made internally.

    22. papa.coen on

      I'm at 115 at the moment, to get the doc I'd have to up my pledge to 155, but I'd rather just add 20 for the doc, I don't actually want or need the cases :( I could go for the 109 pledge, but I'd really like the 2 controllers. All in all, not being able to just add 20 for the dock is a bit lame.

    23. Bruylant Philippe on

      I don’t really understand the purpose of the dock, it won’t be that portable anymore, the whole idea of the project is portability, I must be missing something. If you want to connect mouse or keyboard why not buy a all-in-one small pc ? And it was mentioned in the video that they wanted to avoid “wires everywhere”.
      I love the base concept, simple and effective, I’ll still want my stick et 2 controllers to have fun everywhere, and if you convince me that the dock is useful, why not.
      And a small other question, anyone have a idea witch games will be on the console at launch and later ?


    24. Simon Dick

      Just one comment about the dock, you have a front facing USB port, surely it would've made more sense to have the stick on the front too for easy removal?

    25. Jahquan Ingram on

      So I'm confused did only the earlybirds get the email stating to add $20 for the dock? I purchased the $79 plan do I also get to add $20 to get the dock?

    26. Achmad Fienan Rahardianto on

      oh I'm so tempted and I've just add my pledge to $183. :D
      Way to go GameStick!!!!

    27. raddyroro on

      I just upped my pledge. Was gonna buy shoes but instead now im getting the dock.

    28. Missing avatar

      jose martinez on

      If I pledge $199 and select the gamestick buddies bundle do I get the bundle plus two docks? If that's how it works I will up my pledge. Or if there is a lower amount I can pledge and get this minus the cases( I don't care for those)

    29. Jerason Banes

      @Derek - You're paying $500 to get your game* featured on the Gamestick store and to get access to prototype hardware. Not for extra features. Paying an extra $20 for a nicety is really not that bad.

      That being said, I do understand your underlying point. Each update is done without a great deal of pre-meditation about the various impacts on existing pledges. I'd actually be happy if Gamestick communicated what they were about to do, collected reactions and feedback for a day, then communicated availability.

      While it wouldn't speed up communication (it would, in fact, slow it down), it would provide *more* communication than we have today. And it would give a far less rushed feel to the process.

      Of course, hindsight is 20/20. I've decided to handle it on my end. I'm going to stay at my current pledge level for now and make a decision on extras toward the end of the campaign. That way everything will be sorted and I can figure out what I want/need. :-)

      * Super Battlecruiser 4000AD maybe? That'd be cool. ;-)

    30. Sion Coxall on

      Omg just got the email and logged straight in and updated my pledge it a must have for me

    31. Dan Kohlbeck on

      Totally upped my pledge to $109 (from $89) to get the dock. Nice to see the continual development and refinement of the system as the funding process continues!

      Quick question though. If you meet your third stretch goal and add the SD slot to the controller itself, do you anticipate any delay in development?

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Bishop

      No such thing as greedy. Everyone sells their product for what the market will bare. Don't like the market don't buy the product. The sense of entitlement in this country never ceases to amaze me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Upped my pledge! Great work to all behind this amazing project!

    34. Citizen Irene on

      It seems like you could probably wait to see what other changes they make considering we still have two weeks to go. With so many different options being added and updates being made based on suggestions, requests, etc, I imagine it takes time and trial and error to dial this all in. Calling GameStick greedy seems a little premature since they've been pretty flexible up to this point. To me, backing a Kickstarter project is a lot of fun because I get to feel like I'm part of the development process and I accept that that process is not always going to be perfect every step of the way.

    35. Derek Smart on

      ...which, now that I look at it, makes no sense whatsoever. After people pitch in $500+, asking for an additional $20 for a dock is lunacy - and greedy. So, I've canceled my pledge.

    36. Derek Smart on

      I just got an email send to Founding Content Partners asking to modify the pledge amount by adding $20 to it for each dock.

    37. Missing avatar

      Randall Gibbons on

      Yes - A simple method to add the Dock cost to a pledge would be most welcome.

      Ummm :) ... So we will have to wait till we're closer to the end date of GameStick funding to see if there's anymore Tech-Rabbits pulled out of the hat ? :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Sholl on

      Never mind, I just figured it out.

      Very cool addition witht he dock!!!

    39. Michael Lionel Smith on

      Hi gamestick i think the community needs some clarification on additional items could you possibly supply i a breakdown of each individual item that be added to to their pledge.

      With this information is would save each pledgers and gamesticks time aswell as resolving the issue regarding the confusion of the costs.

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Sholl on

      So I was previously a $79. I upped to $188 to get the basic game stick plus a second Stick&Dock. Is that going to work?

    41. Derek Smart on

      How do folks like us with the $500+ pledge get the dock (don't care about the case).

      This whole pledge has been handled sloppily and I'm considering canceling my pledge because they need to be clear and more streamlined than this.

    42. Missing avatar

      Graham Ball on

      This is a great idea and makes a lot of sense. Does the wireless charging use QI?

    43. Kunal Singh on

      hi GameStick,

      how much will the dock cost as a standalone?

    44. terry on

      will it all fit in the case now...whats going on here
      now the case has to be madee bigger,,are theses add on put to the workers first..
      look the case is to small for the dock and controler
      so what now a biggeer case,,and how much is that

    45. Missing avatar

      robert florio on

      i dont have wireless conection can i still play games thru my cable box and ethernet conection?

    46. Missing avatar

      Fred guilbert on

      is that the dock interet inclus for 159$??

    47. Clement Todd on

      @Robert: You should get it provided that you selected that reward in "Manage Pledge".

    48. Missing avatar

      robert florio on

      i changed my pledge to 109.00. do i get the gamestick dock?

    49. Missing avatar

      Fred guilbert on

      Passé au niveau supperieur 159$... continuez comme ca!! Love

    50. Rick Metzger on

      I'm at the $300 Beta level. Any chance I can add some more to my pledge amount to receive a case and a dock?