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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jason Lau on

      Have to say, the microSD card slot would be more appealing than just having color options. I think that stretch goal should be first, with the colors following after that.

    2. Missing avatar

      s on

      I would love to see some DropBox integration with your game library in the future, streaming to your GameStick, just like putting your old console into a backpack with a few games and going over to your friends house.

      I can also see a two way streaming solution with capable handsets where the controller links with your phone/tablet and allows the GameStick to act as a audio/video receiver, would be interesting to see in the future.

      Glad to see the color choices, I know some people don't see it as very important, but it does allow you to differentiate which controller belongs to who, like Player 1 Player 2, without impacting the development and refinement of the hardware itself :D

      Engraving would be a nice touch for those of us that are giving these as a gift or to personalize our hardware for easy identification.

      Wish everyone on this project, and backers, all the best!

      p.s. I'm copyrighting/trademarking everything I just said, this project gets free license to use it.

    3. Andreas Rossi on

      I'd suspect that upping the memory to 16Gb like current smartphones have isn't an impossible feat if you reach 500k $ from backers. Even if this sets you back on delivery schedule somewhat. Do a poll for your current backers and see what people think is the most important.

      For me performance is of the utmost importance considering that gaming is your nr 1 sales point. And advanced games often require substantial amounts of space =)

    4. DerSkuggan on

      @GameStick: Yes, you cannot pledge twiche, but there is always the option to upgrade the pledge and do an survy at the end of the KS to see who wants what. You may take a look at other KS to see how it works. A very good (and for me extreme expensive) example for those optionial items is the Kingdom Death Monster Kickstarter. He offers many optional items you can "buy" by increasing the pledge. The fine thing is that it count towards the strechgoals. BTW: The case is a nice feature, the SD slot is awesome and the colors are ok. :-)

    5. daniel faulkner on

      A little disappointed on the stretch goals. I think when most people asked about stretch goals, they were thinking of the stretch goals you've already reached. That aside, color would be my last thought. SD card support would definitely be my first choice, as with only 8GB of internal storage we would always be swapping games. One of my favorite android racing games takes up 3GB by itself.... And the thought of having to download a different game every time I want to play is kinda disappointing.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher Meier on

      Are the stretch goal items ordered by popularity of request?
      Or could the SD card support become the first stretch goal, bumping the others?
      I'd go for the functionality before a color choice.

    7. Missing avatar

      Francisco S. Rocha, Jr. on

      Hi GameStick creators!

      I'm really looking forward to your product getting off the ground!

      The only thing I can think of as far as a feature request is if you could you try and add Dropbox connectivity, to allow accessing of photos and other possible cool ideas.

      Just adding my two cents.

      Take care,

    8. MarcG on

      @Spyke. Thanks. That is exactly what I meant.

      Plenty of projects have managed to do it. It does mean a little extra admin at the end contacting people to find what exactly they wanted with the extra money. But in this case it would be fairly obvious if add-ons were just case and/or controllers.

    9. Carl Brien on

      The case is a good idea, I just changed my pledge to the $89 level.
      I hope we reach the $560k level because I would really like the SD option.

    10. John on

      I second what Pi Supply and Michael have said. I would be more than happy to add additional money to my original (EARLYBIRD) pledge level if it meant I could receive a second controller.

      If full PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers go for between $30-50, it seems reasonable that adding around $30 to my pledge could purchase another controller. As others have mentioned, many projects do standalone items like this.

    11. Joseph Shivak on

      i guess i have ot change mine from 79 to 89 to get a case

    12. Joseph Shivak on

      i'd probably like a red one. a Microsd slot? LETS HIT 560K!

    13. Michael Lionel Smith on

      I pledged from day 1 with $69 earlybird i believe it would be wrong if we couldnt increase our pledge to enable us to receive a carry case as this would punish those who have pledged in project when it started. I dont think gamestick would do especially if each 250 early birds pledged additional $5-$10 they would make another $1250-$2500 on top of what project.

    14. Pi Supply on

      Do the additional controllers have holes in them where the gamestick should go? And yes I agree there should be an option to add $10 to any pledge for a case, add $36 to any pledge for an additional controller, add $79 to any pledge for an additional gamestick bundle. This way even people on the $69 early bird pledge do not lose out on a case or an additional controller. It also means some people might even buy more than one of the gamestick complete packages.

      A lot of projects do this on Kickstarter for sure.

      Really excited for the SD card will hit that for sure.

      Next in the pipeline - USB input I hope, or some other great stretch goals.

      Keep up the good work!

    15. Spyke Alexander

      @GameStick: If you look at most of the Projects that I have backed you will see that they have what they call "add ons". These are non-pledge related options (many not even available in a pledge) that you can add to any existing pledge simply by increasing your pledged dollar amount via the "Manage Your Pledge" option.

      This would allow, for example, you to put the cases out there as a $10 add-on option so that people wouldn't have to change their pledge tier, just their pledge value.

      As it stands you've now screwed each of your early bird pledges by not allowing this.

      This is what Marc is asking, not if he can select two pledge tiers.

      Please reconsider this.

    16. Jordan on

      Also in the future I wouldn't suggest doing these colour stretch goals as it won't change people's perception of the product and make them want to pledge more. Personally I'll still probably go with a white controller.

    17. Jordan on

      You could let the early bird backers add on $10 on top of the current pledge (pledge $79 while keeping the $69 level selected) and figure it out after the campaign is finished

    18. John on

      For those of us who are EARLYBIRD backers for $69, will we have any opportunity to buy a case or an additional controller? I feel that those of us on board from the beginning should be given the opportunity to get these additional accessories.

      If not from the Kickstarter campaign, do you have plans to sell the cases and controllers separately in the future?

    19. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Marc, unfortunately KS does not support more than a single pledge per person. Sorry!

    20. MarcG on

      Can you do a $10 add on of a case, so we can get a many as we want (or so $69 backers can get a case)?

    21. GameStick Creator on

      Hello everyone. Thanks for your comments! I wanted to take a moment to address the points raised around the higher target for the memory upgrade slot. By far and away, this has been the biggest request since our launch just a few days ago which is why we have done all that we can to work with our engineering teams to specify this feature.

      As you may appreciate, any change to design has a significant knock on effect in terms of the upfront cost and eventual pricing, (even if the individual component cost seems small), particularly as we are so close to launch. Couple that with our very aggressive pricing policy and hope you will understand that in order to support changes, we need volume..

      We are very hopeful that we will reach this goal and count on your continued and valued support in helping us to get there!

      Team GameStick

    22. KN

      Unfortunately, I too am underwhelmed by the color stretch goals, considering how much we've already obliterated the initial goal of 100k. :-( The MicroSD stretch goal is great, look forward to that one :-)

    23. Dacian Herbei on

      another way to boost investment is to offer t-shirts, badges, posters, collectables in genneral... making off video or book (my preferance) would be cool plus inspirational...

    24. Adam Dachis on

      I think the option of a black controller at $320k is reasonable since it does cost a little more to offer color choices and they're so close anyway. But I do wish microSD was at a lower amount. If I could change one thing about the GameStick it would be the storage capacity, and that would do the trick. I think they'll make it to $560k though. With 22 days to go that shouldn't be too hard.

    25. Craig Dunn

      Do the pledge tiers of $300 and above automatically include the appropriate cases since each of those rewards includes at least one GameStick bundle (console + controller + additional controller)? Or, if not, is there an option to add to the pledge to include such?

      I must agree that having such large funding jumps just for color choices is not the best incentive to boost pledges....perhaps if you interleaved some of the more desirable upgrades (SD support) amongst the various color additions, it would be more enticing. I think you can do one color stretch goal, then the SD, then more color stretch goals after that. I don't know what your costs are for executing the SD design change and if a lower amount would allow you to get there, but I personally don't really have much interest in a plethora of color choices before something more functionally enticing.

    26. pclabtech on

      I have to agree with the rest here. Even before I read the comment field here, I read the "Stretch Goals" and I was excited... then I read... "you can choose between black and white..." and I was disenchanted. Then I read... "And if we reach our next goal, we will offer a new color..." and I said to myself... "really? is that all."

      Then it was "Micro SD Slot" and my eyes opened up... so I am guessing that you the creator want 560K of pledges so putting the best for last is your solution. Understandably so, but I would rather see that bumped up a notch closer to stretch goal 2 maybe. I don't care what color it is if it will be able to hold more data, that to me is worth more than a pretty color.

    27. Randy Graham

      Really, I think we can all see that the "if" conditionals above can all be turned in to "when" declaratives. This kickstarter will clear a million pretty easily, I'm betting. So the real question is what stretch goals will we see after we earn the MicroSD slot? :-) Really excited about this project, BTW.

    28. David Harrison on

      Will the $69 backers be included in the carry case or have the option to add it to their pledge?

    29. George Schlossnagle on

      I have to agree with Christian. Certainly the 320 and 450k stretch goals are deeply underwhelming. MicroSD Card slot is a good stretch goal.

    30. Christian Lind on

      That seems to be pretty underwhelming :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Rescla on

      Can $69 backers opt for a carry case as well?