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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. pclabtech on

      Stretch Goals??

    2. Pranesh on

      First project that I've ever backed, really looking forward to this!

    3. Missing avatar

      Walter Cecchini on

      So pumped for this - so much potential here. Here's to gaming anywhere and everywhere!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben H on

      I backed this for the same reason I backed ouya. Open consoles are in demand as is true indie development. Can't wait for the SDK!

    5. Claire Rhodes on

      Well done! Pleased you've hit your target and I've contributed a few dollars.
      Here's to a year of success for Playjam and many hours spent playing games!
      Claire x

    6. Isaac W. Koss on

      This is my first time backing a project on kick starter. I hope this type of gaming system grows in the market place. I hope to be playing Mario Bros on this come summer. Don't disappoint us please.

    7. Peter Jacob on

      Anything to help kick those big publishers right in the market share. Have to drag Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo off their thrones and remind them we are customers, not victims. Good luck guys, keep fighting the good fight.

    8. Missing avatar

      Urian Lee on

      Very stoked to see this idea come into fruition!!!

    9. Andy Stout on

      I've backed several projects, I'm most excited about this one!!! I was about to buy an MK808, now I won't :)

    10. Jason on

      Congrats guys good luck!! Is it just me or are the first two pictures not working? I'm seeing two question marks.

    11. gareth kennerley on

      You have an amazing product.The quality, knowledge and the passion just shines through in the video. Congratulations

    12. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      It's great to see another open console coming to market! Will the stick will come pre-loaded with an SDK like the Ouya? I'm really looking forward to it either way.

    13. Jamie Lowes on

      Amazing! Well done! Such a cool idea, can't wait to get mine! Can't wait to get my game on it!! :D

    14. dazbobaby on


    15. GameStick Creator on

      Thanks guys!

    16. Missing avatar

      John Adeleke on

      I hope this all works out. I'm glad you've hit target so consoles for the many not the few or the one..Cool!

    17. Missing avatar

      Joe Taco on

      I have a feeling this is going to be amazing. Congratulations.

    18. Michael Lionel Smith on

      Well done gamestick team lets hope finished product is awesome and content is deplayed innovatively

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Troy Fouts on

      Good show guys! I am really eager to see what this excellent idea blossoms into and how far it goes. I am glad for sites such as kickstarter because i was able to learn about this new gaming system that I am sure will be a household name in years to come along with the console "giants."

    20. Maggie Evans on

      Well done. I am glad that you reached your goal so quickly.

    21. Geran Smith on

      Stretch goals! Also, I am super excited for this. It looks awesome!

    22. Chris Cahill on

      Yeahhhh Buddy! :>