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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by GameStick (Creator)

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Update - Feedback.

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello Backers, 

Fulfilment is now in full swing with most of the units having been delivered or with various mail / courier services. Our Asia backers will have units sent out over the next two days. We apologize sincerely for the delay here to those affected, particularly as the plan was to send these out first but we ran into distribution issues which had an unintended knock on effect. They will be with you soon. 

We recently had a fantastic 3 days at the Gadget Show Exhibition Live at Earls Court, London. After so many industry events, it was amazing to see people interacting with GameStick.

Many thanks to all for your feedback to date - both on the good and the bad. It’s vital for us to know of any issues as they happen. We are in the process of bringing up 24 hour support so that we can act on these issues in real time – in the meantime, please bear with us as we work hard to iron out any teething issues. 

There have been a few general topics of discussion around reported issues so in addition to answering issues on the message boards, we though we would collate the major ones into a general update so that everyone gets them. 

If you continue to have issues, in addition to posting on the boards, please do log them via our support tab on our website as they can be properly logged and distributed internally. 

Inability / difficulty in connecting to Wifi / WiFi dropping / no internet 

A few users are experiencing issues with their WiFi connection. GameStick uses a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module served by a single chip antenna. In certain situations this unit can experience interference when in close proximity to other devices or networks running Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth. To remedy the situation please try the following: 

  • Reboot your router.
  • Ensure that GameStick is connected to the Internet and that the Wi-Fi signal strength (shown in the settings menu) is at least 3 bars.
  • Remove other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices from immediate proximity.
  • Use the HDMI extender cable supplied with GameStick. This may allow GameStick to pick up a stronger Wi-Fi signal and so reduce the risk of the Internet connection being dropped.

If these steps fail, please reboot GameStick by turning mains power off and then on again. 

In the background we are working on a permanent fix to this issue so please bear with us. We will update as soon as we can. 

UI Sticks on ‘Searching For Updates’ 

We have identified the reason for this issue and have now posted a fix. 

Reports of GameStick running hot

GameStick has been designed & tested to operate across a wide thermal range. Similar to mobile phones or laptops, higher temperatures will be experienced when downloading and / or playing games. 

Under normal use, the average external temperature of GameStick will be between 40°c and 56°c. This will feel warm and at times hot to the touch. 

Registered Users unable to complete online stick activation. 

Some users reported issues with being unable to complete the online stick activation process. This issue has now been identified and resolved.

If you were affected, please return to to complete this process.

Box Seals Open 

A number of users have reported that box seals were open on arrival. This has been put down to the seals simply not being strong enough regardless of having been tested previously on smaller shipments. 

Delivery Date for Docks 

Per our previous notice, delivery on the Docks has been delayed. These will be shipping out from China mid November.

Please do continue to give us your feedback - we read every single post and every single support query and our doing our best to answer your questions. Hopefully this round-up will help.

Many thanks,


Shipping update.

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello backers,

All GameSticks are individually packed, stamped, bagged and are ready to go but we have held off from shipping them until we receive a software fix from China for a WiFi issue that was reported in field tests earlier this week.

This should be with us in the next 72 hours.

As you can see, things are all set - a similar picture holds true for US units now customs-cleared and in warehouses in LA and Texas and and ROW units in Hong Kong:

Some of you may have spotted reviews starting to appear in the media which have been mostly positive - here are some of them:

We appreciate you want your unit now  - we want you to have it now - its killing us too! We're very sorry for the last minute hold up.


Delivery Update

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello backers,

The process of re-packing in Hong Kong has taken a little longer than expected but we have now completed that exercise and all rewards are picked, packed and addressed in individual packages. These are currently being re-palletized in bulk (with exception of those destined for Asia) and shipped to our US and UK forward shipping points.

This is the updated schedule:

US & Canadian Orders: Goods will ship to the US in bulk on Monday where, once they have cleared customs, will be broken down into their individual packages and then shipped out via UPS. Tracking numbers should be available soon after and we will do our best to get those to you as quickly as possible. Canadian backers fear not – we got the message loud and clear and have arranged for your orders to ship USPS to avoid those brokerage fees (with tracking, we’re promised).

UK, Europe, South America: Goods will ship to the UK in bulk on Monday where, (once they have cleared customs), they will be broken down into individual packages and then shipped out via Royal Mail. Again, we hope to provide tracking numbers as soon as possible after dispatch but due to the large numbers of individual shipments this may take a couple of days to organize, by which time hopefully you’ll have your GameStick in your hands!

Asia and ROW: These will ship direct from Hong Kong DHL / FEDEX mid next week and tracking numbers will be made available as soon as possible.

We wish you a fantastic weekend!

Love GameStick.

We're Shipping!

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello backers,

We’re really excited to confirm that the Kickstarter units left the factory near Shenzhen yesterday, arriving in Hong Kong this morning. While this seems like a short distance, symbolically it is huge as product is now out the gate and on the move.

This is the first truck load arriving in Hong Kong in the early hours of this morning:

This shipment includes 5,446 GameSticks bundled with:

  • 777 white controllers
  • 711 black controllers
  • 321 red controllers
  • 3,637 in the KS colors
  • plus 1,272 additional controllers, the majority also in the special edition colors.

The factory deliver these items to us individually boxed up by product type (or SKU). We have 20 SKUs made up of 16 main bundle variations, and 4 controller variations. As mentioned in our last update, we will be shipping the dock separately later this month.

Due to customs regulations in China, we have to export these SKUs individually – they are all checked for weight and contents and so can’t be mixed up before they leave the country.

With the product now in Hong Kong, the next step is to match each customer's order to their reward preferences, giving them the right combination of controller colors, adapters & cases - some have one main unit, some have two, some people ordered extra units and some have extra controllers - each in their own color preference etc. This process will start on Wednesday, as it’s a national holiday in Hong Kong on The 1st October.

We are breaking down our 5,268 backers in 71 countries to the following regions:

  • 3,270 in USA and Canada
  • 1,531 in UK & Mainland Europe
  • 467 in the Asia region including Australia.

Once picked and packed with address labels applied in HK, the units will be shipped in bulk to:

  • Texas for final fulfillment to US and Canadian backers via UPS
  • London for final fulfillment across the EU by courier and postal service
  • Backers in Asia will ship DHL direct from HK.

We will aim to time deliveries to each region so that everyone receives theirs globally within a 2 week window, starting next week, but some countries can expect theirs to take a little longer.

We expect US backers to receive theirs some time around the weekend of 12th October onwards. EU backers can expect the same. Asia backers may be the first to receive theirs, a little earlier, as their orders don't have so far to travel and are being sent direct.

Thanks to Simon who has been away from family for two weeks co-ordinating the process!

Happy days!

Love GameStick.