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Multicolor LED lamp,remote controlled interface and natural materials, a tribute to nature in a eco-friendly design.

The concept

Lightree stems from the idea of ​​doing a tribute to the beauty of nature and the changing seasons, bringing it to your desk.

What is Lightree?

Lightree is a 16" lamp that can be controlled by remote control and display 16 different colors on 3 levels of intensity. Can be a lamp for your bedroom, living room, office or anywhere!

Why is eco-friendly?

It is made of wood and cotton recycled paper, and by using LED technology it has a low watt consumption. You control the intensity level, so you don't spend energy unnecessarily.

You can custom your Lightree by choosing between Caoba or Chocolate finishes. 

How it works?

Easy as is, there is no complex electronics involved, everything we need is in the bulb.

What is Little Sprout?

Little Sprout is the small version of Lightree. 5'' tall, LED powered by batteries, automatic color change, no remote control.

Why support S.E. Projects?

We are a startup company with a lot of new projects ready to develop! We have the knowledge, the energy and the willing to push new products through innovation to reach a  eco-friendly, happy, and smart new world! But we need your help raising funds to buy tools and materials in order to experiment and create more interesting, smart and fun products.

The Team:

Cesar Villagran - Graphic Design

Alberto Soto - Industrial Design

Alfredo Soto - Business Management

Luis Sanchez - Sales Expert

The Plan

We already have a full working prototype and all the blueprints to get the production done in our workshop at Orange CA. As soon as he reach the goal we are gonna buy the materials (all our raw material suppliers are companies recognized with years in the business) and also we are going to get three new machines to wood work, which allow us to develop new projects an also to manufacture at high volume. 


Thanks for your support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Some of us worked on stock management and product development for other companies, we know how to keep the project running.
Supply Chain Risks - We can have some delays if there is material scarcity.
Production risk - We can have some delays if we have thousands of orders.
Delivery risk - We trust our national mail service.


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