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We are building a flight certified space suit for the burgeoning commercial space industry!
Since our campaign, FFD space suits have flown in multiple aircraft over 15,000ft, undergone 100hrs+ of pressurization, been tested by over 30 private individuals, NASA trainers & astronauts, and most recently helped train aspiring civilian astronauts!
Since our campaign, FFD space suits have flown in multiple aircraft over 15,000ft, undergone 100hrs+ of pressurization, been tested by over 30 private individuals, NASA trainers & astronauts, and most recently helped train aspiring civilian astronauts!
386 backers pledged $27,632 to help bring this project to life.

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FFD December News


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So without further ado, the latest in FFD happenings:

Final Frontier Design Invites You to Join its Commercial Spacesuit Test Team
Final Frontier Design (FFD) is proud to announce our most recent partnership with Teachers in Space, Inc. (TIS), Zero Gravity Corporation, and the Space Angels Network (SAN) to conduct zero-gravity flight training with FFD’s 3G Mark III space suit. And we’re inviting the general public to participate. Continue Reading...

Spacesuits Re-categorized Opening the Space Suit Experience to All Just this past month recent government regulation changes went into effect resulting in the re-categorization of spacesuits from ITAR to EAR. We’ll spare you the fine print, but as of this November, FFD’s Space Suit Experience is no longer restricted to "U.S. Persons" and is now open to all!Reserve your experience now.

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Vote for Final Frontier Design! 2014 News and Updates

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Brienna Henwood, Dir. of Space Training & Research at NASTAR, demonstrates her hero pose at FFD's unveiling of the Space Suit Experience.
Brienna Henwood, Dir. of Space Training & Research at NASTAR, demonstrates her hero pose at FFD's unveiling of the Space Suit Experience.

To our loyal Kickstarter supporters:

It has been far too long since we last reached out, and we'd like to do better. Going forward, we're planning on keeping you up to date and involved with all the latest happenings and exciting progress we've been making here at Final Frontier Design.

First up, we’ve applied for a Mission Main Street Grant to support small businesses, but in order to qualify, we need at least 250 votes. We only need 14 more votes! Can you help us out once more? It takes just seconds to cast your vote here

As you know, nearly two years ago, we solicited your help in funding our third-generation space suit, the 3G Mark I, featured here on Vice TV.  We refer to this suit as "Marcus" in honor of the Kickstarter supporter who purchased him 2 years ago!  In mid 2013 we brought that suit to the nation's capitol as NASA's small business representative for the Tech Day on the Hill. Also in 2013, we were awarded 2 NASA SBIR contracts for our space suit development. 

We have since built two more 3G space suits, the Mark II and Mark III, and in December 2013, we shipped the 3G Mark II to Spain where it is currently undergoing pre-flight certification for high-altitude balloon flight aboard our partner Zero2Infinity's Bloon capsule. 

That same year, we partnered with Miguel Iturmendi, a high-altitude glider pilot, flight instructor and DOD test pilot and flight test engineer, with over 9,000 flight hours and 10 PIC type ratings in jets and heavy turbo-props. An experienced member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, Miguel's our eyes in the sky, designing and conducting simulated and live-flight testing on the 3G Mark III, including live in-flight pressurization, simulated emergency decompression and egress, medically-supervised slow decompression and emergency response in a hypobaric chamber; each important steps towards experimental flight approval and eventual certification.

Speaking of flight testing, we also formalized a partnership with Starfighters Aerospace, a high-speed, high-altitude research and development platform headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center in the Shuttle Landing Facility, flying F-104 Starfighters at speeds of up to Mach 2.

Equally unique, we also recently unveiled the Space Suit Experience, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to visit our studio, try on a space suit, perform astronaut-oriented tasks, and pilot your own craft on the Moon while pressurized in our flight simulator!

Ready to take your training to the next level? We've partnered with Waypoint 2 Space, a commercial astronaut training facility at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, providing fully comprehensive and immersive space training programs. Check out their ongoing Kickstarter campaign, offering spacewalking simulation in FFD suits at exclusive supporter pricing. 

And hey! Remember all that merch we offered in 2012? We've had two years to make it even cooler. If you haven't already, check out our website for the latest products, news, and developments. 

Until our next update, THANK YOU for your feedback, support, and enthusiasm. 
– Final Frontier Design

PS- Our next update may be very soon, as we have some good news coming from NASA this month!

New Vice/Motherboard Video!

Hey Ya'll,

Our profile on Motherboard was just uploaded today.  Pretty great video, if you ask us!

3G Suit

Hello backers, 

I am writing to update you all on our progress here at Final Frontier Design.  It's been a busy January in Brooklyn, with a lot of progress on our first 3G suit.  You can see Nik here modeling the new suit, which at this point is approximately 90% complete!  We are really excited about all the new features of this suit, it is living up to all our hopes and expectations: light weight, strong, robust and comfortable, with all original and in house design features.  The helmet is still the hardest part, but we have made some good progress on the hinge and latch mechanisms, in cooperation with our neighbor and affiliate, Brower Propulsion Lab.

We plan on having the first 3G suit ready for pressurized testing before the end of February.  We have plans to create at least 4 suits by May 2013.

We are happy to have made some valuable contacts at NASA JSC in January, who seem ready to assist us in materials certification for the suit, one of the toughest parts of flight certification.  

Also, check out some new press we are featured in, on The Verge, about space projects on Kickstarter.  The video at the top ("Launch Party") is worth a watch:

Finally, for you space visionaries in the crowd, the National Space Society has an active Kickstarter campaign going on now to create a video, worth checking out:

Thanks for your support and we will keep you posted as we progress to completion of our first 3G suit!!!


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Final Frontier Design News

Happy New Year, everybody!

Nik and I are bullish on 2013 here at FFD, because of the state of our first "3G" suit: we have finished construction of the LTA (Lower Torso Assembly or Legs/Waist), including our first ever carbon fiber waist ring- see photo below. Overall weight savings from the waist ring alone = 1 KG!!!  Plus it's plenty strong, and comparatively inexpensive for us to produce (our last waist ring was steel).

We have also constructed the gloves, elbows, shoulders, and torso/restraint for this 3G #1 - pretty much everything except for the closures and the helmet.  This month we hope to construct our first ever pressure tight visor hinge and latch mechanism for testing, and build it into our 3G suit #1 for integrated testing!   Right away we see it will be lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than our previous models.  So thanks again for helping us make it happen.

We wanted to pass along a press release for a show we will be participating in at UC Riverside: "The Art of Citizen Space Exploration", opening January 19 2013 in southern California, and running through May this year:

Check it out if you can, there are some great people in the show.

Best wishes for 2013


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