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Acceptance through inclusive storytelling.
Acceptance through inclusive storytelling.
Acceptance through inclusive storytelling.
757 backers pledged NZ$ 44,006 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Meghann Jaquette on

      Just a heads up, If you don't live in New Zealand you might need to call your card company before the payment goes through. It failed for me since I live in the USA. I got it all cleared up though. Looking forward to the book!

    2. Adam Reynolds 2-time creator on

      @Tim YAY! We are all beyond happy! Thank you for your support :)

      @Meghann Yes we do have the 'Twin Ships' reward which includes a paperback version of both books (and will help save on a bit of shipping rather than if you were to purchase both separately). Otherwise if you change your mind at a later date the first book is currently for sale on our website

    3. Meghann Jaquette on

      I see the other pledge with both books as paperback..... hmmmmm. I'll have to think on it.

    4. Meghann Jaquette on

      Just found out about this last night, and just backed the Buried Treasure one so we can get a paperback. I'm in Texas, USA. I also bought Santa's Husband on Amazon this month. I'm trying to find more books like this to add to my 16 month old daughter's library. I want her growing up with all the stories. Is there anyway to get the other one you made in either paperback or hardback? I have a tablet, but I like owning "real" copies too.

      Thanks and keep up the good work!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      There you Go!
      Congratulations... You made it!!!

    6. Adam Reynolds 2-time creator on

      @Tonia Thank you Tonia!

      @Sadie SO EXCITING! :D

    7. Sadie Ellis on

      So close guys! Only need $200 more! So exciting! You got this :)

    8. Adam Reynolds 2-time creator on

      @Carissa Thank you so much for the support Carissa! That's the best way to help at this point. Yell from the rooftops, or should we say, crow's nest? :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Tonia on

      I've just bought the e-book versions (using a different account). Great idea. No postage to pay.

    10. Carissa Marie

      We're so close! I've been sharing on Facebook. Any other recommendations to help get that last little bit?

    11. Adam Reynolds 2-time creator on

      @Kasha Thank you for the grand ideas! We've added some new eBook bundle rewards incase you wish to gift copies of the eBook to family and friends :)

      @Carissa What a fantastic goal! We are extremely glad to be hopefully a small part of a BIG collection :D

    12. Carissa Marie

      My goal is to have a large collection of diverse and inclusive children's books to fill my home and office. I'm happy to add your books to my collection!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kasha Kröger on

      Considering that shipping is such an issue, would there still be a chance to add tiers of pure electronic rewards? Maybe vouchers for e-book versions to gift to friends as well? Or even a special make-your-own-translation version of the PDF (I don't see a Finnish or Dutch translation coming anytime soon...)? I love your project and I'd love to see it funded, but the shipping costs are really discouraging when I'd love to see every piece o' eight go to the artists!

    14. Sadie Ellis on

      Oh wow! That's really exciting, you all have my interest peaked!

    15. Adam Reynolds 2-time creator on

      @Sadie Ellis Hi Sadie,
      What we’re hoping to do is provide a story with a transgender lead in our third book! We believe in providing lead protagonist representation and working with authors of those identities to ensure they are authentic. The more funding we raise, the more of these stories we will be able to tell :)

    16. Sadie Ellis on

      I really hope you all include transgender folk in your books! I love the art style!

    17. Adam Reynolds 2-time creator on

      @David Chamberlain Hi David, we feel your pain!

      With our first book Promised Land we decided to upgrade the books to a hardcover then absorbed the cost of additional shipping to thank our backers for supporting the first book. However, the cost of shipping the Hardcover books was significantly higher than paperbacks and we found it caused new customers to not to buy it.

      We may look into offering an upgrade option to a Hardcover edition if we raise enough funds during the campaign and if enough people indicate they would be interested. We certainly agree and would like to have them match too!

    18. David Chamberlain

      So why no hardback version of Maiden Voyage to match Promised Land? Would certainly like to match!