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As London Burns, do you protect your own property or will you stand as the hero of London? Save the city, or watch it burn.
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The Final Week Begins!


This last week has been an incredible one for Great Fire of London! All of the reviews are in and, thanks to y’all people are seeing them and responding with waves of support for this incredible game!

We just unlocked our first stretch goal, the upgraded draw bag and are really excited.  We’ve seen what this bag will look like with Tammany Hall and just love the feel of it.  The embroidered logo along with the velvet-like material are really top notch.

We are in our last week now and Nathan and I could not be more excited about GFoL. From the breathtaking art and impeccable quality components to the deep game play and “mind games and double bluffing,”.  We can't wait to share this game with all of you!

We know that the reason this game has so much momentum right now because of all of you. Each person that shared a review, told friends and family about this incredible game, or shared the kickstarter url to get others on board has been an integral part of GFoL’s unbelievable success! Thank you! You guys and gals are incredible!!

Keep up the incredible work. With less than a week to go and the way this momentum is building, I know we can reach the stretch goals! We are well on our way to the upgraded Hero of London token and then the custom meeples. 

Thanks again for all of your help and support for this game.  We’re in the home stretch now!

- Molly


    1. Creator marguerite cottrell on August 15, 2012

      congrats!! this will be too too fun!

    2. Creator Barry Kendall on August 14, 2012

      Great news! I think you're receiving very strong support for a game with such an usual topic. The great reviews are a plus as well. Congratulations!