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A game of struggle, survival and the quest for glory amidst the hysteria of the Alaskan Gold Rush
1,479 backers pledged $96,120 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Pandasaurus Games on February 1

      Anyone who still doesn't have their copy of Tammany Hall please e-mail us at with a good current e-mail address (and please use your backer e-mail to e-mail us so we can confirm). We will send another round of packages next week to you.

      If you prefer a refund, please provide us with a good paypal address and we'll refund the portion of your pledge that was for Tammany.

      Sorry for the continued issues. We've learned that mailing internationally reliably is a huge headache when you are doing a lot of it. We are still getting packages returned to us from Great Fire of London and those were mailed nearly 18 months ago now.

    2. Creator Margarita & Moritz on January 26

      Still no Tammany Hall package arriving here in Germany too... Are you sure you sent it to everyone who is still waiting?

    3. Creator Joshua Woolley on January 24

      So...have you guys abandoned this project? Hoping that a refund or something might come our way if the games never arrive.

    4. Creator Skamandros on January 17

      Another two weeks have passed and no response here, not speaking of private message which are not answered by Pandasaurus in general.

    5. Creator Joshua Woolley on January 15

      Any tracking numbers on those Tammany Hall games? Seems to be taking an eternity.

    6. Creator Skamandros on January 2

      I still did not receive Tammany Hall - when is it expected to arrive?

    7. Creator Ryan Syfargo on December 11

      Any news for us who did not get the Horse and Canoe Meeples?

    8. Creator Pandasaurus Games on November 20

      Tammany Hall is going out (or just went out) this week. It took a while for our copies to get in, but for the handful of people waiting on an international copy, they are on the way!

    9. Creator Skamandros on November 8

      Has Tammany Hall been sent out? An update would indeed be nice.

    10. Creator Joshua Woolley on October 31

      So...Tammany Hall update by any chance?

    11. Creator Sebastian Geyer on October 15

      So you sent out the meeples I was asking about? Thanks for letting me know! ;)

    12. Creator Matthew King on September 24, 2014

      Thank you, that was very helpful.
      If you need any additional information or covering my shipping costs please let me know and I'll be happy to discuss.
      I've been enjoying the original game (and expansion!) immensely and recommended it to friends, all the best for the future as I believe it deserves to do well.

    13. Creator Pandasaurus Games on September 22, 2014


      The expansion was in the box for the base game for anyone not in the US.

      We are waiting on new copies of Tammany Hall for backers that didn't get their copy with Lost Valley. We paid for (and were charged) for shipping Tammany to everyone, but the fulfilment warehouse did a beyond poor job shipping that game. Once we have those (in the next week or two) we will be sending out copies of Tammany to the 4-5 international backers that pledged for both.

    14. Creator Matthew King on September 20, 2014

      Hi all,
      I'm in the UK and backed at the $110 dollar level so I am anticipating receiving Tammany Hall and the Yukon valley expansions. I've received the main game and have been enjoying it.

      I've read through the comments below but I'm not 100% clear and wondered if you could feedback on the following.
      Are Tammany Hall and the expansion still waiting to be shipped for backers in the UK/EU?
      Are there still plans to fulfill these items to the UK/EU backers?
      If so, what is the estimated date that the next wave will be dispatched?
      Is there a date you are aiming towards for all outstanding orders to have been fulfilled?

    15. Creator Pandasaurus Games on September 16, 2014


      There were several updates posted during production including artwork for the custom dice and an explanation of the gameplay. The horse and canoe meeples were intended to be included and replacements have been sent.

      Sorry that you feel that way about Pandasaurus, and we'll do what we can to change your mind moving forward.

    16. Creator Kessia Eve Braga Pinheiro Barboza on September 11, 2014

      Where is the communication to tell us that something has changed? But yes, I got these ugly dices.

      And where is the 70K reward? I didn't receive any horses or canoes. And you don't tell us, again, what is happening.

      And, I'll say it again, sincerely, I'll never be a backer of Pandasaurus again. Delays are admissible, but not the lack of communication through 1 year and a half!

    17. Creator Pandasaurus Games on September 4, 2014


      You didn't get any dice in your copy of the game? These were switched to plastic as the custom dice didn't work well with wood (loaded) during production so they don't look like the photos on the front page which were just mock-ups.

    18. Creator Kessia Eve Braga Pinheiro Barboza on September 3, 2014

      Waited too long for this game, it arrived today and the rewards from 50K, 60K, also horses and canoes was not inside the box! Never founding Pandassaus again.

    19. Creator Ryan Syfargo on September 2, 2014

      Hi Pandasaurus Games, I am missing the 2 horse and canoe meeples. Will you be able to send them to me?

    20. Creator Skamandros on August 28, 2014

      Thanks for the progress update.

    21. Creator Joshua Woolley on August 27, 2014

      @Pandasaurus Games - cheers. I'm glad it's you guys working out all the logistics. I was sold something on Ebay and it was messing.

    22. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 27, 2014


      For those that didn't get the Tammany copies we have a whole barge coming of new copies. I'm gonna try and snag some and get them out the door. I was charged to ship them but can't get tracking so we'll get these guys out the door in a few weeks once they are off the boat.

      Thanks for your patience!

    23. Creator Joshua Woolley on August 25, 2014

      @Ryan - Same. Actually, until I had read you comment, I had forgotten that we were supposed to recieve them. Any idea how we can get ahold of them?

    24. Creator Ryan Syfargo on August 22, 2014

      Hi! I am missing the 2 horse and canoe meeples. Any address i should email to let them know about this?

    25. Creator Joshua Woolley on August 18, 2014

      So does that mean that they weren't shipped together? If not, that's ok. Was just worried that it was forgotten somewhere along the way.

    26. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 18, 2014


      We are back in body if not in mind. I have an inquiry out to our shipper on these games from back then to get what tracking info they have. There aren't a lot of y'all who backed both, but we'll need to see about seeing how many copies we have in the warehouse or if we can get some from a distributor to get them out.

    27. Creator Joshua Woolley on August 18, 2014

      @Skamandros - Ok, that sucks. I'm an international backer and it definitely wasn't in the same box. I did send a message to them but haven't had a response. Then again, I think they have been away at GenCon.

    28. Creator Skamandros on August 17, 2014

      @Joshua I have the same problem and asked them when I would receive Tammany Hall - the answer was that they already shipped it over a year ago and I should have received it yet. However, for me as a EU backer the previous statement was that "For international backers we are going to send them out at the same time." I pointed this out in a message to them 3 weeks ago. I did not receive any response since then.

    29. Creator Joshua Woolley on August 17, 2014

      Hey, does anyone know how they were sending the bundle pledges? I recieved Lost Valley but not Tammany Hall.

    30. Creator T. Hirata on August 14, 2014

      I live in Brazil, and my copy arrived yesterday! Thanks

    31. Creator Mark Grace on August 14, 2014

      Thanks Nathan :)

    32. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 13, 2014

      And with that, I wanted to let everyone know our team is at GenCon right now, which means we will have super limited access to internet. We will try to check in, but if you don't hear from us, don't fret we'll be back mid-next week.

    33. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 13, 2014


      It comes in the main box unless you were a US backer, in which case it comes separately. We sent those out before the issue was caught and corrected.

    34. Creator Mark Grace on August 13, 2014

      Does the Expansion come in the Main box or separate??

    35. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 5, 2014


      Experiencing an event is a separate action from fishing. So you could only do one or the other on a single turn, but could spend a whiskey for a second action.

    36. Creator Phillip Vogel on August 4, 2014

      one more rule question. "the fishing hole- Place 2 event markers on the fishing hole. Player may also fish here." can you fish here and take an event marker in the same action?

    37. Creator Phillip Vogel on August 4, 2014

      cool thanks

    38. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 4, 2014


      Those were the misprinted tiles you are looking at that were corrected in the mini-expansion. If you are looking at two diamonds with exclamation points on them they should be removed and replaced with the corrected tiles.

    39. Creator Phillip Vogel on August 4, 2014

      yes but what do you to get them in the store they cost 1 gold but what do they cost on the two Diamond land titles. "Prospectors may spend 1 food or 1 timber to take an event maker." is the same cost for the treasure clue marker?

    40. Creator Pandasaurus Games on August 3, 2014


      You can only get treasure clues at special locations (general store, a few of the triangle tiles)

    41. Creator Phillip Vogel on August 1, 2014

      I have a question about the rules. in the wild what do you have to do to take a treasure map piece?

    42. Creator David Larson on July 30, 2014

      Temporary solution to wife not liking boxes taking over your house:
      (Not recommended for a long and loving marriage.) =]

    43. Creator David Larson on July 30, 2014

      Hong Kong checking in. I received tracking info. That's a good sign. I'll post when received.

    44. Creator Pandasaurus Games on July 28, 2014

      Looks like there will be a slight delay for our 3 Russian backers. USPS is requesting a few additional forms and to check the contents prior to shipping. The rest should hit the road tomorrow!

    45. Creator Aaron Bonk-Richards on July 26, 2014

      Finally got a chance the play. Loved it once o got my head around the rules.

    46. Creator Pandasaurus Games on July 26, 2014

      All international (non-EU) copies are scheduled for pick-up next week by the post office. I have put in e-mail addresses so you *should* get tracking data, but it's a bit hit or miss.

    47. Creator Alan Stephen on July 26, 2014

      Currently available from Amazon UK for less than 50% of the KS price. :-/

    48. Creator ClementXVII on July 26, 2014

      Got my 2 games while on vacation (was dropped with the neighbours). Thanks Pandasaurus Games.

    49. Creator laycelin on July 25, 2014

      I still receive nothing in Taiwan.
      But some store is already on stock before half month and sell cheaper than Kickstarter project.

    50. Creator Roxanne on July 25, 2014

      Any news about game arriving in Australia? I am still waiting for mine, but still no notification, etc =(

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