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Build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles. Escape planet Eniac and discover how computers work.
Build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles. Escape planet Eniac and discover how computers work.
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Turing Tumble Progress Update #16: Fulfillment is in Full Swing

Posted by Paul Boswell (Creator)

Hello friends!

I'm happy to report that we did NOT have any catastrophic maritime tragedies. The shipping boats did what they were supposed to do and 45 metric tons of Turing Tumble were carried to five fulfillment centers around the world.

There were some delays. The ship to the UK, for instance, was much slower than expected. Alyssa bit her nails to stubs while she watched its slow, torturous voyage. It seemed like that ship had to stop at every possible port along the way. Kind of like when we try to drive somewhere with our kids. The US shipment was also slowed by a rail line switch in Chicago. The shipping containers sat for several days waiting to be put on a train bound for Louisville.

But they all made it! Now they're all in fulfillment centers (or already in some of your hands). So here's the fulfillment update:

Fulfillment Update


Board Game Bliss did a remarkably good job of shipping everything out quickly and accurately. Almost everyone in Canada has their game.


Let's Play Games also did a wonderful job shipping out games. They've started arriving a peoples' houses now. :)


EasyPost is in the process of shipping out orders as I write. At their current pace, they should have them all shipped within a week or so. Some people even messaged me to say that they already got their game!

One little kink, here, is that I didn't realize our US fulfillment center doesn't send out emails with tracking numbers as they ship. Instead, they use webhooks that let you integrate with other systems that send out those emails. So I'm trying to set up something quickly that will email your tracking information, but just to warn you, I might not get it done before you get your package.


You probably already got an email from Spiral Galaxy Games verifying your mailing address one final time before they ship. They give a week for responses and then they'll begin the shipping process early next week.

Everywhere Else:

VFI has done an excellent job shipping out of China. They have a complicated system set up there. They bundle orders and sometimes ship to other fulfillment centers. Some of you have already gotten your order and some are still waiting. Rest assured, your package is on its way!

Some (thankfully small) issues

After putting together and testing about 40 games ourselves, and after feedback from backers that already received the game, we discovered a couple small flaws:

1. The back, bottom-left corner of the puzzle book might be bent.

We didn't see this problem in any of the production samples, probably because air shipping is gentler, but it appears to be fairly common in the main shipments. The bag that holds the gears and gear bits sits under the book. It turns out that the bag is a little too small, so it doesn't allow the parts to spread out flat in the tray. Instead, they push up on the book, making the book stick up out of its slot. Then, during shipping, the book slips out of its slot, bending the corner of the book in the process.

Sometimes the back, bottom corners of the puzzle book are a little bent.
Sometimes the back, bottom corners of the puzzle book are a little bent.

Most books that are bent are only slightly bent, but once in a while, the corner is bent more than that. If yours is one of those, send us an email at and we'll send you a new one.

2. One of the levers doesn't push down all the way when a ball lands on it.

This is a rare problem, but I ran across a couple games where the lever wouldn't push down all the way on its own. If you have this problem, take the long connector off the back and look in the holes on each end. My bet is that you'll find a little extra plastic in one of the holes.

What it looks like when a connector has some extra plastic in the hole. You can push a ball point pen in the hole to move it aside.
What it looks like when a connector has some extra plastic in the hole. You can push a ball point pen in the hole to move it aside.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix. You can either clear it out with a knife or shove a ball point pen in there and push the extra plastic aside.

The Business

I thought you might be interested in where things are now that orders are finally being fulfilled. We've learned an awful lot over the last year. I can't fit it all in here, but I thought I'd give you some highlights.

First off, besides being a shipping wizard, I discovered that Alyssa is shockingly good at business. She's sort of taken on the role of CEO. She's great at foreseeing how various choices will play out, she's strategic, and she's great at building relationships. She's done a wonderful job building the business in preparation for when we actually have the product in hand.

We've learned that there are many, many different ways you can try to sell toys/games. You can sell directly to customers, like we do on our website, but it's hard to drive traffic there. Instead, most companies try to take advantage of a range of sales channels where there are already customers. But which ones do you pursue? There are sales reps, distributors, Amazon, specialty toy stores, mass market stores, online re-sellers, snail mail catalogs, and a million other options. Each one has trade-offs to consider, and bad choices early on can have severe consequences. Other manufacturers have been generous to share their business advice with us, helping us steer clear of bad decisions.

Small companies often have limited options for sales channels, but we were lucky enough to have a successful Kickstarter behind us and the product turned out great. We were also fortunate enough to get a Parents' Choice Gold Award and more recently, a Dice Tower Seal of Excellence. Those opened some doors for us. At Toy Fair, Turing Tumble was also accepted into the The Good Toy Group's holiday catalog, which is a pretty big deal. We're also about to ship to Fat Brain Toys and the Museum of Modern Art, both of which will carry Turing Tumble. And a couple weeks ago, we attended the American Specialty Toy Retailer Association meeting in New Orleans where many brave toy store owners were the first to buy Turing Tumble to stock in their stores.

We've been thrilled to see schools getting Turing Tumble, too. And libraries! Several months ago, we started working with The Library Corporation as our distributor to libraries in the US. They've been everything you'd hope for in a distributor.

We're still putting together the puzzle of how to sell internationally. Let's Play Games, the folks who fulfilled our Kickstarter orders in Australia, have also become our distributor there. In Canada, Board Game Bliss will continue to sell Turing Tumble as well. The EU is still a bit of a question mark, though.

Anyway, things are going well. We can't wait for the rest of you to get your copy and to read what you think of it! If you have a moment, we'd LOVE it if you'd take a picture of you using it and email us or post it on social media.

Thanks again!

Paul and Alyssa


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    1. Nathan Herring on

      Here in Switzerland, I received my package a week or so ago, and I fetched it from the Post and it had a 31.15 CHF import duty on it:
      Verzollung Zone 2 (CHF 16.00 + 3.00% vom Warenwert) 19.85
      Einfuhrsteuer (gem. Veranlagungsverfügung MWST) 7.70% von MWST Wert 11.30
      Which was a bit of a surprise. :/ I'd have had it delivered to the US had I known it'd be 27% more expensive than list to receive it here.

    2. Missing avatar

      fahad alawam on

      didn't receive my package yet, what should I do?

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander S. on

      I still have not received mine (here in Switzerland) - VFI said it might take 90 days, I do not see why. My tracking number did not get an update since 5 weeks ago.

    4. Missing avatar

      AldebaranIV on

      Greetings from Spain. I just received my Turing Tumble and it has no blue balls. There are two bags with orange balls. Can you send me the bag with the blue balls?

    5. Missing avatar

      oze on


    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Anderson on

      Got my copy about a week and a half ago. Everything arrived fine although the packaging was just two cardboard boxes friction fit together around the game, not even taped together.

      If fitting the balls in the ramps is getting to your fingers, it was a lot easier to put the ball on the corner of the rule book and push the ramp down on to it than to push the ball into the ramp.

      I'm enjoying playing with it before I give it to my nephews. :D

    7. Missing avatar

      norm on

      Just got one in Japan this morning. Looking forward to discover the fun on the weekend! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Russell on

      Hey, gang! Got mine here in IL a couple of days ago, and I haven't eaten, slept, or showered yet. My dogs can cook now, and my kiddo is working on just how she's going to walk the 2 miles to school uphill in the snow (uphill both ways) instead of relying on me to drive her. Of course, first she'll have to stop working through puzzles with me. She's 6 and determined.

      A few little things:
      1) We've noticed that if a ball builds up some speed through 4-5 ramps in the same direction, it often skips off a crossover onto the floor. A washer behind the last ramp helps to hit the brakes.
      2) It's best to point the last ramp at the bottom toward the outside, so the ball goes uphill first.
      3) The balls are ferrous. Way easier to pick them out of the interceptors or even the bottom of the board with a small magnet.
      4) A small set of pliers can help save your fingers during initial assembly of the ramps.
      5) I've found it necessary to use the washers when 3 gear bits are connected.

    9. Missing avatar

      coreal on

      Just unpacked my version and everything was almost perfect... but the pin for the ball release in the upper right corner was sheared off at the level of the board. It didn't happen in shipping, as there was no plastic debris in the box. :(

    10. Matthew Kelling

      Just got my copy in Austin, TX. Can't wait to open it. Thanks for the amazing ride!

    11. Missing avatar

      Michel Bijnsdorp on

      I just received my copy in the Netherlands and I'm more than pleased by the way it looks and the great quality of the parts and of course the gaming book. I think that my daughter and me will have many hours of fun and learning opportunity with his game. With kind regards Michel

    12. Shawn Garbett on

      Got mine in Nashville, TN. Wow. Incredibly well packaged. Just the art on the box along is great. It will have huge shelf presence in stores.

    13. Matthew Jachimstal on

      My coworker just gave me the funniest look. I opened up an unexpected box that just came to my desk and upon seeing "Turing Tumble" exclaimed "Oh, Yeah!!!"

    14. Missing avatar

      Maarten Leo Daalder on

      It seems that my package (in the Netherlands/EU) is being shipped by Games Lore LTD, which appears affiliated with Spiral Galaxy Games.

    15. Chris Driol on

      My came in great condition. One thing I had an issue with was the connectors, it wasn't the extra plastic noted in the post. It was the way the connector bent slightly which blocked the pieces from doing a full rotation. I had to just rotate the connector around so the bend went away from. The board rather than towards it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Green on

      Thanks Paul and Alyssa, Your beautiful game arrived safely this week and we're all bursting to open it up tomorrow morning. Very keen to take it to the boys' school. As a Montessori school, I think they'll be very interested in adding it to the library of learning tools!

    17. Adam Fenerty

      Set up last night for my 6 and 2 year old, only got to the 1st set up before bed, but they loved it, missed the balls in the bottom gates, as the energy of the two youg ones distracted me on set up. but once we fixed that up, worked so well and can see lots of fun in the future

    18. Missing avatar

      Brandi Barens on

      My 12 yr old son was captured for hours by the story and playing it out. Quiet and learning?!?! What more could I possibly ask for! We are thrilled with the game and one of my friends is chomping at the bit to get his turn!

    19. Michael D. Hensley

      The updates on this entire project have been amazing! This is a model of how a Kickstarter should be run! Congratulations on this latest milestone, and best wishes for your continuing business in the future!

    20. Jake Good on

      You should to talk to the Robot Turtle folks... went from Kickstarter to Target shelves and it seems to be doing well!

    21. Kate Finch

      Ours arrived in Australia yesterday and I broke it out with our computer-crazy 9yo son and spent last night assembling and completing 5 puzzles. He's obsessed! He was so disappointed when I said we had to pack it up for dinner and bedtime :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Jessica Wagner on

      Just received mine today in Minnesota, US. Can't wait to start the adventure!

    23. Nicola Petty (Dr Nic from StatsLC) on

      My Turing Tumble arrived yesterday in New Zealand - and oh boy I love it. I can see so much great learning with it, and the balls falling are just hypnotic. My levers didn't work too well to start with, but turning over the connectors at the back got it right. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      James Belcher on

      Thanks for the update!

      What carrier is EasyPost using for USA fulfillment?