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Update #2

Paper Fortress has ONE DAY left, and GREAT reviews!


Dear Supporters of Paper Fortress,

Here are links to MORE articles about Paper Fortress, featuring beautiful photographs of the artworks:

We are SO close to reaching our goal, and we only have ONE DAY left to raise $150!

Please invite friends to look in to sponsoring this project, and you (and they) will be oh-so pleased to receive gorgeous handmade paper and/or prints.

Thank you for your support, your help, and for promoting the art of HAND PAPERMAKING!



Update #1

Paper Fortress review on Knight


Hello supporters of paper arts,

Thank you so much!  We are nearing our goal, and I wanted to share with you an early review of the exhibition Paper Fortress published on called Rethinking Paper.  You can see photos of some of work installed at Pterodactyl Philadelphia.

Thank you so much for your support!  It really means a lot to the artists and to the art of hand papermaking.

Best regards,

Nicole Donnelly


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    Every donation helps! You will receive copies of our glossy exhibition postcards with reproductions of two beautiful artworks.

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    You will receive up to 3 sheets of artist made paper, ranging in size from ~8 x 10 to 11 x 14. Papers are made from kozo, flax, cotton, abaca, some with decorative inclusions.

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    You will receive a special limited edition print from one of the artists, ~ 6 x 9"

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    Wow! Your support for the art of hand papermaking is so appreciated, you will receive 5 sheets of handmade paper AND a limited edition print. Thank you.

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