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Help us gain the funds we need to film an exciting new web series based on our exploits entering the Redbull Soapbox Race

We are the Sci-Fi Janitors!!  

Bob and Carl first started as a short form puppet piece for a show at Dad's Garage Theater here in Atlanta.   That same year it was decided that Bob and Carl should film a few short episodes with their unique brand of humor/commentary on geek life for the attendees of Dragon*Con, the largest fandom convention in the world.  The Sci-Fi Janitors were an instant success and the boys in yellow decided to keep making episodes in the form of a weekly web series.   When the next Dragon*Con rolled along not only did Bob and Carl return in all their video series glory they performed AND hosted the first ever Late Night Puppet Slam at Dragon*Con having to turn away hundreds at the door due to being over capacity!   Because of this Dragon*Con in 2012 will have their own programming track dedicated to puppetry in celebration of that art form!  

The Janitors entered, and were accepted into the Redbull Soapbox Race taking place in Atlanta on June 9th.  The three judging categories are track time, design, and overall presentation.   The great folks at Penny Dreadful Productions are helping us to design and build our car.  It will involve a lot of labor and carving a custom foam shell.  We will be incorporating a very "Sci-Fi" theme along with our own "Janitors" style of humor and showmanship!    

Why do we need money?

The plan is to film all the exploits and shennanigans of building and racing a soapbox racer.  All from the point of view of our two favorite puppet heroes, Bob and Carl.  This is a completely different style of shoot for us.  Normally we film in a small green screen studio, but now we are going to be filming on location with a combination of puppets and real people as the cast.   This makes production a lot more complex and expensive.  If we raise the money we need we will release an entire new set of videos to the web based on the story of building and racing the car.  If we get enough footage we want to make a short film and try to release that film at Dragon*Con but in the very least there will be a brand new web series released through our website and other online channels.   Help us get our new web series starring Bob and Carl off the ground with this great opportunity! 

And Secondly, and This is Important

Any funding we recieve over the amount we need for the Redbull filming will go directly to the production of our first ever DVD!   I know our fans have been asking us for a DVD of our collected works and behind the scenes footage and outtakes forever!  Nows the chance to help make that happen!  If we get enough to make the DVDs on top of filming we will make it available to all the donors at a special price!

A VERY special thanks to Penny Dreadful Productions for helping build and construct our car.  Check them out here!

Follow our weekly web series at the Sci-Fi Janitors website and Facebook!

Also check out our Youtube Channel!

Also a VERY special thanks to Suechan for providing the original fan art that inspired us try a different take and storyline with the boys!!  


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    Our Eternal Gratitude! AND your name put onto a special page on our website thanking all the donors!

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    All of the above. And your name in the credits of an upcoming episode of "Bob and Carl: Sci-Fi Janitors"

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    All of the above. And your name on display on a poster board in our pit row space so everyone at the race that day can see how awesome you are! We will also be making a small poster that will be signed by the entire pit crew including Bob and Carl!

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    All of the above PLUS a super rare Sci-Fi Janitors Pit Crew t-shirt that will only be given to the pit crew and the super donors! If we reach our goal and make it to the final race we will also throw and after party to which you will be invited!

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    You get everything listed above... plus... Bob and Carl will personally hold a front row seat for you at their next late night puppet slam at DragonCon! (this is NOT an entrance ticket to DragonCon, you still have to buy your ticket for that!)

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    You get your name on our website, in an episode, the mini-poster, the shirt, a front row seat at the Late Night Puppet Slam at DC AND... it took us a while to convince him... Bob will sing a song about you for an upcoming episode of Bob and Carl: <your name here> Janitors.

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