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Mu tag: World's smallest loss prevention device. project video thumbnail
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$63,622 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By informu
$63,622 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo about 1 hour ago

      Hi, is the charger $11.99 or $12? I know it's only a cent difference but just want to get it right =). Also is it possible for me to get extra tags? I pledged a travel pack at $119.

    2. Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen
      about 14 hours ago

      Hi I was referring to the Honor 8 Light, it only has BT4.1, not BT4.2!
      How will different Bluetooth standards 4.0 - 4.2 in the phone affect power drain and use?

    3. informu Creator about 17 hours ago

      Hi All,

      First of all, we are sorry for getting back to you guys later than we usually do. We have been swamped with personal messages and are trying our best to reply to each backer's queries and feedbacks personally.

      @Long Nguyen,
      Thanks for the pledge and thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, the add-on tags deal was for our Super Early and Early Backers only. We are trying to work out an add-on deal for other pledge levels as well but it would not be at the Early Bird and Super Early Bird levels.

      The Travel Pack Plus is our most claimed Reward. We think that is an awesome deal, for 4 Mu Tags and the Mu hub. Please hit us a private message on Kickstarter if you have further questions.


      Thanks for the tip. We are running our first campaign and are still learning from our backers as of how to best serve them. We really appreciate your feedback.

      We are sorry we did not reply in time to assist you but we are glad some other helpful soul as guided you already!

      @Adi Soffer
      Thanks for having our back in these busy times. We really appreciate your effort. Lots of love from the team.

      @Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen
      We apologise for the delay in getting you the information you requested. your phone, Huawei Honor 8 has Bluetooth 4.2 which implies it supports Bluetooth Low Energy. It would support the Beacon mode as well, without degrading the performance.

      I hope we answered all the unanswered questions till now and if your question has gotten buried under the pile of comments and we have somehow missed it. Please feel to reach out. We would be happy to help you!

      Best the informu Team

    4. Long Nguyen about 23 hours ago

      Hi, I just chose the Travel Pack - Early bird pledge. Is there anyway to add extra Mu without having to choose the Travel Pack plus. That's a $45 extra which makes me quite hesitant. :S

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian, World Metagames
      1 day ago

      informu: RE "We would request you guys to just send us a private message instead. We would be keeping track of the additional pledges."
      You can use the post-funding survey to do this.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicole Keller 1 day ago

      @adi soffer: I found the link. Many thanks for your Auswertung. Many greetings Nic

    7. Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen
      2 days ago

      You never answered my question.

    8. Adi Soffer 2 days ago

      @Nicole Keller, Just click on the icon on the top left, next to the video.
      This will take you to a popup in which you can click "Contact me".

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicole Keller 2 days ago

      And what is the correct mail address? Thanks

    10. informu Creator 2 days ago

      Hi All :)

      Thanks for letting us know about your updated pledges.
      We would request you guys to just send us a private message instead.
      We would be keeping track of the additional pledges.

      The informu team

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicole Keller 2 days ago

      I added $12 for a Mu Charger. Many greetings Nic

    12. Missing avatar

      Nishant Sukhavasi 2 days ago

      Just added $12 to my pledge for a Mu charger

    13. Dat Huynh 2 days ago

      I added $27 (1 Mu tag and 1 charger)

    14. Johannes Holmgren 2 days ago

      Added 12$ for the charger!

    15. Adi Soffer 2 days ago

      Added 12$ for the charger :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Gautier 3 days ago

      I just added $12 to my pledge for a Mu charger :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Nathan Horsley 3 days ago

      I added $12 for a Charger

    18. Missing avatar

      Astroj 3 days ago

      Added $31 for an extra Mu tag and a charger. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Pamela Beckman 3 days ago

      Added $12 for my charger!

      Pamela Beckman

    20. Dat Huynh 3 days ago

      *Mu fob, I meant.

    21. Dat Huynh 3 days ago

      I have a question about the 1st goal stretch. So when you says all backers will receive the Mu keychain for free, do you mean per order or per Mu?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Rousseau 3 days ago

      Added 12$ for a Mu charger!

    23. Missing avatar

      Gary Lockwood 3 days ago

      I just added $12 to my pledge for a Mu charger.

      Gary Lockwood

    24. Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen
      3 days ago

      Will the ibeacon feature work on any newer android phones, can't see that my phone Huawei Honor 8 lite has this feature, and if not, will it degrease my battery time on my device?

    25. informu Creator 3 days ago

      Hi All :)

      As Backers like Ali, sokompheak and NeatWorlf and Wayne Griffiths and others! have voiced their recommendation, to have an option of adding more Mu tags to their existing pledge!

      We have listened to you, and the Mu tag can be now added to your existing pledge level.
      Please find more information in the Rewards section and Update#11

    26. Jason Bierz
      3 days ago

      Awesome. I love the kickstarter edition, now that's the kind of color I'm talking about. I'm in!! Love the add ons too, you guys are killing it.

    27. informu Creator 4 days ago

      Hi All :)
      Sorry for the delayed response.

      @Phillip: The Battery should last about 1-3 months. We are still working the kinks with this.

      @Jason: Haha. It is the way it looks on the screen. We assure you we do not want to give 'Pea Soup' to our backers. We will keep the Lime Green in mind. Thanks :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Philipp Kirchmeir 4 days ago

      How long will the battery last until it needs to be recharged?

    29. Jason Bierz
      5 days ago

      So for the color choices. Can the green be more like the lime green you have pictured in your hub? Looks less like pea soup than the jungle green we voted on. I'll be getting a green one either way. But I'm thinking the colors should be nice and vibrant all around.

    30. informu Creator 6 days ago

      @Richard :
      The Mu Tag does not house a speaker in its current state. It is due to the same problem, that the output sound will be low, due to the small design making it not useful enough. The Mu tag's purpose is to help you not lose things in the first place, so you never have to beep things.

      It also does not have a tactile switch to be able to ping your phone. But since you guys are asking for it, and we have decided if enough of our bakers like this feature we would put it in. It was omitted due to design choices, but we are working with our designers to make it possible. We will keep you posted.

    31. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Thanks for the answer. How loud is the speaker on this device ? Everyone one of these finder tags product I have bought suffers from low sound out of the speaker to the point where I can hardly hear the device beeping. Also, is there a reverse function where I can find my phone by pressing a button on this device ?

    32. Raghu Vamsy 6 days ago

      Dear Team,

      Will there be possibility of using Bluetooth 5.0 into Mu tags or at-least as stretch goal?

    33. informu Creator 6 days ago

      You have been an early advocate for this! We are learning how can we make this experience good for our backers! We will be soon giving out some good news!

      No, the safe zones can also be marked by WiFi, once you add the name (SSID) of your home or office WiFi network, the app will determine where you are as soon as you connect to your WiFi network.

    34. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Are the safe zone only marked by GPS location or can they be marked by the WIFI the user is connected to ? It's very rare that I have GPS turned on, so I'm more interested in the having the safe locations also determined by the Wi-Fi I'm connect to.

    35. Missing avatar

      Wayne Griffiths
      6 days ago

      I can find the cost of the Mu charger in the FAQ but there is no mention of the cost of the Mu hub. I would appreciate if you can let us know the cost.

    36. Ali
      on April 18

      ;) As sokompheak and NeatWorlf and Wayne Griffiths and others have voiced my early recommendation, you're likely to have more pledge increases if you just tell us backers that we may increase our existing pledge amounts by the same level that we already have offered, in order to get more units; and tell us how much we have to add for shipping if that's not already included in the pledge level.

    37. informu Creator on April 18


      Sorry for the delay in new rewards. We are working things out and will get them out soon!

      The informu team

    38. sokompheak
      on April 18

      Well, so would you have mu tag for add on?

    39. informu Creator on April 17


      No worries! We are here to answer your queries. Yes, the Mobile app will check for your location, and if it's a safe marked zone like Home, Office etc, the range will be more [So no unnecessary notification] else the range would reduce in an unknown [Not Safe] location. We want the users not to be worried about setting ranges, the app will automatically adjust the range based on your location.

      The typical estimated life of a LiPo battery is about two to three years or 300 - 400 charge cycles, whichever occurs first. So it would be in this range.

      @Wayne Griffiths
      You can get the Mu charger or Mu Hub as an add on after May 6. The questions about batteries and chargers have also been answered in the FAQ section. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions :)

      The informu Team

    40. Missing avatar

      Wayne Griffiths
      on April 17

      Do any of the Mu tags come with a means of charging the battery. I notice that you can purchase after the 6 May.

    41. Me on April 17

      thanks for the response! i'm still not clear on how you create the range. is it done in your app where there is a circle around you and your mu and you can pinch and zoom it so the ring or so called geofence around the mu is larger or smaller and that determines how frequent or how fast you get notified?

      as for the battery, right now you say it needs recharging after 1 - 3 months of usage. how much can the battery take of this recharging before it gets depleted for good and you need to buy a new battery?

    42. informu Creator on April 17


      Sorry for the delayed response:

      We are using a re-stickable surface gel, which is used by products like PopSockets, this adhesive gel holds very well to surfaces and can be reused. We are confident that it would not fall off until it is taken off specifically. We totally understand your concern, but it is not viable to replace the Mu Tag, rest assured we would be doing extensive testing in harsh conditions before we ship you the Mu Tag. We would be updating our Backers with the Test results, so they can be assured.

      It does depend upon the exit range, but the way the Technology works is it waits for about 30 sec timeout after the 'Tagged Item' leaves the range. It is to make sure it is not a false positive, which will end up giving you a lot of notifications, even when you have not lost your tagged item. So if the item remains out of range for around 30 seconds, it means something is not right and it would notify you. Again, if the range is small, you will see the response is faster.

      No other Tracker we tested had such a response time, it was usually north of a minute.

      Our battery is very small and tiny to incorporate the design choice we made, We realized that our customers required a small and modular design to make sure the Mu Tag is not limited to the items you can stick it too. Our Battery offers to things:
      1. Rechargeability: So you can virtually use it for longer than any other device.
      2. Replaceability: So you can customize your Mu Tag. We believe the Product should reflect what the Customer wants and they are not forced to stick to Colors they do not resonate with. That being said we are going to run a backer contest soon, to pick the best colors for the Mu tag. Also, we hope in the future we can offer Custom Colored/Designs for the batteries, making it truly yours.

      I hope we answered your query to your satisfaction.

      Thanks for reaching out! We are sorry you feel that way. We decided the reward package after considerable discussion and contacting suppliers. We really would thank people for the support and love we received. We did not anticipate it, due to which we cannot offer the newer Mu tag rewards at the same delivery, which might risk delaying it. Also, as the number of Mu Tags will increase so will the Shipping, Handling overheads would. With the 8 pack we offer, it at the almost Early Bird Price per Tag with shipping included anywhere in the world.

      Nonetheless, we are working tirelessly to make sure we can come up with rewards which our Backers would like better and which would be realistic for us to deliver. We do not believe in the policy of giving good deals just to get our backer's money and then not being able to deliver on it.

      I hope we answered your query, we will keep you updated with New Rewards coming in your way.

      Once again,
      Thanks for the support!

      The informu team.

    43. Me on April 17

      restickable adhesive somehow doesn't seem so secure. you guarantee it won't fall out? do you guarantee it and if we ever lose it because of your adhesive would you replace the mu?

    44. Me on April 17

      I read some of your responses and you say it notifies you within seconds but your video shows 30 seconds. that's long! is it depending on how far you set the lost radius from your phone?

      you also say your battery lasts the longest on the market. I have the nut. it's has replaceable battery and it's been going string for almost a year. yours states a battery life of 3 months. far from being the longest. but rechargeable. yes. the nut isnt

    45. sokompheak
      on April 17

      8 Pack Kickstarter special is not worth at all. Because most super early bird backers don't wanna lost their original pledge.

      Why don't you let any backers upgrade their pledge by increasing any amount for 1 Mu tag, or 2 mu tags?

      There are many projects allow the backer of super early bird or early bird to increase their amount to get more add on.

    46. informu Creator on April 15

      Hi All! :)
      We hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!
      We are posting the shortened link for the Customer Survey:

      Please feel free to reach us, we will respond to every message and comment that gets our way.

      the informu team

    47. informu Creator on April 14

      @Nathan Horsley

      The option of purchasing the additional batteries, Mu Charger and even the Mu Hub will be there for all backers after the campaign ends on May 6th.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nathan Horsley on April 14

      Will the option to purchase an additional battery be available if the stretch goal is not met.

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