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We have created an intelligent flexible chip (Mu tag) integrated within an easy-to-use app to keep your belongings safe.
We are on Indiegogo now!
We are on Indiegogo now!
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1,360 backers pledged $106,730 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. citiboi
      on July 12

      Can you PLEASE reply to my private message to you??

    2. informu Creator on July 11

      The double pack does not include a charger - this would be an add-on item if you would like to include one in your order.

    3. informu Creator on July 11

      We are quickly moving towards having our first round of test units in hand and will have very frequent updates coming out as we begin beta testing and certifications for manufacturing!

    4. Mark Bollobas on July 10

      Question: I pledged for the double pack. Does it come with a charger for them? Or do I have to order that separately?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Rousseau on July 6

      Thanks informu. I would appreciate more news about progress of the development including some pictures, note only news about Indiegogo.

    6. citiboi
      on July 6


      Sent you a private message about being a BackerLand member. Can you please let me have your response.


    7. informu Creator on July 6

      @Alexander @Sylvain: We greatly appreciate your feedback, and understand your concern. We have taken many steps to insure that this isn't what happens to our project.

      Put simply, the additionally exposure and funds from Indiegogo will be instrumental in helping us negotiate more favorable manufacturing contracts and meeting minimum quantity requirements for said manufacturers. Our engineering team has a variety of experience on similar projects, and we have also hired a manufacturing and supply chain consultant to make sure that this process goes smoothly. Another benefit of our increased funding is the ability to accelerate our delivery timeline - we now plan to shave three months off of the original fulfillment deadline. To speak specifically to your concerns regarding hardware changes and new features, the addition of a LED indicator and soft-touch input are relatively simple and are proving easy to incorporate into our original design. In short, we are well on our way to delivering an improved device three months sooner than originally promised. We are all in on making this project an epic success!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Rousseau on July 5

      i'm worried too : (

    9. Alexander G. on July 4

      I'm a bit worried about all the publicity this project is generating and all the extra funds coming in from Indiegogo and changes to the hardware (i.e. RGB LEDs) that significantly change the board layout, component sourcing and firmware.

      @creator: How is your progress so far? Do you have experience with previous hardware products? Right now -- to me -- this project looks more and more like it's headed for an epic crash.

    10. informu Creator on June 28

      We would love to include it, but we do not want to make any false promises. We ensure you that our team has already begun work in learning how we can use it best to provide the best use of Bluetooth 5 with the Mu tag.

      Slack is like a forum but better, we will soon do a medium post on how to use it the best. It is a very strong and powerful tool.

    11. Grant on June 24

      I really think we should have BLE 5

    12. Grant on June 24

      I don't know about you but I can't work out how to use slack ?? Would a forum be better

    13. informu Creator on June 23

      @Dat Huynh:
      This is a great experience for us to be able to shape our idea with the Backers. We would do our best to incorporate the feedbacks and suggestions from our backers.

    14. Dat Huynh on June 23

      That's a great update guys! Thanks for hearing us out! ;)

    15. informu Creator on June 23

      Hi! We hope you are doing well. We have been on our feet on replying to personal messages on Kickstarter. The delay is often caused as Kickstarter does not give us a notification about the update. Please join the informu slack channel @ and message us directly. We will respond within 12 hours.

      Thanks for your support!

    16. informu Creator on June 11

      @Kai :
      No worries! Happy to help!

      @Mikkel :
      It is not a rule, but it is mentioned on our KS campaign page as follows :

      *Note: For all backers till we reach the stipulated amount. This is our way of saying thank you for all the early supporters of the campaigns. Early backers may be eligible for both the Stretch Reward.

      @paras : Thanks for the heads up, we have replied to you. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      parasbudhiraja on June 11

      Hello sir.
      Please see your inbox.

    18. Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen
      on June 8

      Is it a rule on KS that you have to back before a stretch goal to receive it or is it posted somewhere in the campaign?

    19. Kai
      on June 7

      Yes, thank you.
      I'll now add a charger to my rewards ;)

    20. Pawit Khid-arn on June 7

      Just wanted to let you guys know I greatly appreciate the amount of effort put in communicating with your backers. Wishing your team the best of luck in your venture, and can't wait for what's to come!

    21. informu Creator on June 6

      @Colette :
      We are glad that you figured it out! Thanks @Grant for having out back, while we were AFK! :)

    22. informu Creator on June 6

      @Kai :
      We have replied to your message, sorry for the delay. We will also reply here as well :)
      Any pledge does not contain the charger, it was clearly specified in the contents of the pledge. We beg to differ that without the charger it is an useless peice of electronics. The Mu Tag comes with affordable replaceable batteries. The Mu Tag is made modular so that it can be charged and then last longer than any other device. We obviously can make the charger avaiable with the tag as a bundle but that would increase the price. We gave the backers option of testing out the Mu Tag first before buying the charger if they'd like. I hope that answers your question.

    23. Kai
      on June 6

      I'm asking here because informu doesn't react to the text message I've sent them 7 days ago.

    24. Kai
      on June 6

      Do I have any charger device inside my "super early bird - four pack" pledge?
      Because if not, I have to pay extra for a charger as an addon to not get useless pieces of electronics?

    25. Colette
      on June 5

      Whoops, nevermind! I saw @Grant's post.

    26. Colette
      on June 5

      Hello! I'm filling out the backerkit survey but I don't see the survey colors in the campaign. For instance, I'd like to see the difference between Smoke and Charcoal. And what color is the Mu Color?

    27. informu Creator on June 5

      You Pledged on May 4th, when the campaign was way past the 50K goal. I think you are mistaken. All the backers before the 50k goal have the Key Fob added for free automatically by the system.

    28. BattJks on June 4

      I was a backer before the 50k goal and I don't see the free fob in my basket

    29. informu Creator on June 3

      @Astroj @Eugene:
      You do not have to pay for the KS Green Color, that color is only available to the KS Special Tier Pledges. They have already paid extra specifically for the color.
      The $4 extra is an option for other level pledges to get the limited edition color if they want. This was the only way we could set up the survey.
      I hope that answers your question.

      No, the design of Mu Tag and the Battery makes it very small for conventional charging options. You need the Mu Charger to Charge the Battery.

      1 Mu Fob is free for all backers who backed before we reached a 50k goal. Else you can add on for $5.

      @Dat Huynh :
      The Mu Tag comes with 1 Battery included. :)

      The link remains the same. The survey should be fixed by now. Please check and let us know :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Astroj on June 3

      Do we now have to pay for the kickstarter green color? In your update, it stated that it was limited to all discount pledges, but made no mention of an additional cost. $4 is a lot to pay just for a different color

    31. Missing avatar

      Lynn on June 2

      Hi . @creator . I'm still waiting for the response to my query on any other ways to charge the battery besides paying for the 12$ charger? Can it be charge using the micro USB ? Or the iPhone charger? Thanks

    32. BattJks on June 2

      Is a Mu fob include?

    33. Missing avatar

      Eugene Kim on June 2

      Damn kickstarter green is $4 extra? I'm not paying an extra third of what I'm already paying for a color

    34. Grant on June 1

      Check update 16 for colour list

    35. Dat Huynh on June 1

      @creator Can you confirm whether the battery comes with each Mu tag I ordered?

    36. Missing avatar

      Palas sasmal on June 1

      where is the new link for survey ,because old link till it showing old price for add on items

    37. informu Creator on June 1

      We hear you and understand the mix up has caused a lot of inconvenience and confusion.
      The survey has been fixed now, it should be working fine.
      We are in the process to put an update for the surveys to explain the specifics of it, so it is easier and clearer for everyone. Thank you all for the patience and support. We are learning with you guys and apologize again for the mix-up.

    38. Hajime Yoshioka
      on June 1


      Please show me the color sample. Otherwise I cannot complete the survey.
      What is the Charcoal, Sky, Scarlet, Smoke, Mu Color and Cloud?

      You show them at Blue, Red, Orange, Back and White in the campaign page. Why do use the different name?

      Thank you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark von der Insel on June 1

      It's working now, I just completed the survey, the charger is $12 again �

    40. Missing avatar

      Mark von der Insel on June 1

      @Denbigh Morris and all who ask about the colours: these are described and shown in update#16

      @informu : I know that this is your first venture, but communication with your backers and customers is vital, I hope you learned that at University! So, please issue a short update to tell everyone the state of play. There's no point in sending reminders to fill out the survey, when it's still full of errors! Thanks.

    41. Grant on June 1

      Why is backerkit NOT been fixed yet??

    42. Missing avatar

      David Munoz on May 31

      @Informu - In update #10, you mention all backers get a free MuFOB, but I don't see it listed in the contents. Just want to verify we are still getting it. :)

    43. Denbigh Morris on May 31

      Backerkit survey asks for colours like charcoal, sky, cloud etc. These aren't in the campaign (red, orange etc). Please may we have either images or descriptions of these colours?

    44. Missing avatar

      Kirk on May 31

      Early Bird pledges do not get a chance for the Kickstarter Green? Not very clear in the Campaign information. Most KS Campaigns offer the special colors to all supporters.

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven Ramirez
      on May 31

      So I'm a super early bird backer. I pledge $47. I have $20 for original tag and shipping. $15 for extra tag and $12 for charger. It says I have $8.02 left in credit. What am I missing? And the add-ons are priced more than what was promised for my tier. So are you still having problems or has it not been fixed yet?

    46. Missing avatar

      Edgard Soares Pinto Neto on May 31

      Hi, in the surveys the colors are different from the site, can you use simple names?
      Also I add 12$ for a charger but when I have to select add-ons the price is 13.99$.

    47. BattJks on May 31

      Plus during the campaign if I wanted to have extra Mu tag I had to add $15. Now I have to add pay $20 ?

    48. BattJks on May 31

      I add 12$ for a charger but when I have to select add-ons the price is 13.99$. Why ?

    49. informu Creator on May 31


      Hi, Everyone! There has been some miscommunication while setting up the surveys. We apologize for the confusion and miscommunication. But, please do not worry. We are in contact with BackerKit to resolve this and sending all those who added special offer add-ons during the campaign to answer the survey properly.
      We would inform you all to check the surveys again, please pause filling the service if you have any confusion or problem filling the survey.
      The surveys do not lock for a while, we would make sure the details are all correct and we would individually confirm with our backers if required.

      Thanks for your patience and support.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jose on May 31

      I backed the super early bird 4 pack. Am I still able to double it? Do I just have to double the amount I original pledge + add ons + $5 shipping for add ons?

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