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We have created an intelligent flexible chip (Mu tag) integrated within an easy-to-use app to keep your belongings safe.
We are on Indiegogo now!
We are on Indiegogo now!
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    1. informu Creator 2 days ago

      @jordan Your transition is good to go. I sent the link to you through a private message because the link contains your address information. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Can you please let me know if my transaction is good to go? Also a link to see my order+ add ons would be awesome if possible.

    3. informu Creator 5 days ago

      @Alexander G. @Jan Nadamoto

      Everyone will be notified if the extra credit is being issued. We will send out an update regarding the decisions from all backers. Thank you for asking.

    4. Alexander G. 6 days ago

      @informu I'm totally fine with the 5/10$ credit! How would that work though? Will it be store credit?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan Nadamoto 6 days ago

      Ok. so we should keep an eye out for the $5 credit for the extra battery purchased in the backers kit? Will we be informed of this? Thx!

    6. informu Creator on September 12


      We talked with the Backerkit team regarding the bank transition.

      The refund was initiated but things can generally take several days to process with your banks (this is entirely contingent on your financial institution). You can read about this here:

      Thank you for understanding that.

    7. informu Creator on September 12

      @Vin Tan
      Thank you for asking. I checked our Slack channel. It indicates that you are still in the channel with you Kickstarter email. You can use the same email to log in.

      I just message you on Slack as well. Please let me know if you still have any question.

    8. informu Creator on September 12

      @Wayne Griffiths
      Please kindly read this update.

      For the extra battery charge, we have resolved the issue with the Backerkit team. We have fully refunded the Mu battery money for all the backers who have paid for the extra battery during add-ons/pre-order and which you shouldn't be charged.

      You may see a refund followed by a charge on your account. This is due to the Stripe payment system which does not allow us to refund one item individually. It refunds the order (including the extra battery) and recharges the amount on your account (excluding the battery).

      Thank you for your understanding.

    9. informu Creator on September 12

      @Russ Brack
      Thank you for your encouragement. We really appreciate it.

    10. informu Creator on September 12

      @Alexandar G. @whatdapufferfish

      For backers who got the free battery as a stretch goal:
      We would also offer $5 credit for all the backers who received a free battery as a stretch goal. This credit can be applied on any future purchase of Mu tag and/or accesories. If you have two free batteries, you get $10 credit.

      We have not made a final decision regarding the free battery replacement yet, but this is what we came up with from your survey responses and also which would be reasonable for us to do without killing our project! Please feel free to reach us on our Slack channel to tell us if you have other suggestions as well.

      Please read this update "Final Design" section.

    11. whatdapufferfish
      on September 12

      @informu thanks for the update. But how about the free battery that was part of the stretch goal? What will backers be getting in replacement?

    12. Vin Tan
      on September 12

      Thank you for refunding the battery charge.Now I realised I am kicked out of the slack chat for my tag.Did I type anything that warrants that?

    13. Wayne Griffiths
      on September 12

      Why have you charged my credit card again ?

    14. Missing avatar

      Russ Brack on September 12

      Thanks for the update, greatly appreciated. I can't say Im happy with the plans for the one piece design but understand your decisions. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity for input on the design change, again dissapointed with the outcome of the survey but now fully back your decision to go with the majority. Thanks again for the communication levels.

    15. Alexander G. on September 12

      Thanks @informu! What about the extra BackerCLUB battery where you decided on a 5$ refund? Will that refund also be handled by Backerkit?

    16. informu Creator on September 12

      For the extra battery charge, we have resolved the issue with the Backerkit team. We have fully refunded the Mu battery money for all the backers who have paid for the extra battery during add-ons/pre-order and which you shouldn't be charged.

    17. informu Creator on September 11

      @wayne and @vin
      We would refund anyone who has paid for the extra batteries.
      We have already talked with Backetkit on intruding that process. We will keep you guys updated.

    18. Vin Tan
      on September 11

      Would you be refunding the battery cost now that the plans has changed to be a one piece mu tag?

    19. Vin Tan
      on September 11

      Thank you for the clarification.i thought it was charged earlier.its been a few months.

    20. Wayne Griffiths
      on September 11

      What are you going to do about the backers who purchased extra batteries and have been charged for them?

    21. Goh Chee Yong on September 10

      I've just received an email saying there is a additional charge of $0.99? What was that for?

    22. Missing avatar

      Chirag Kc on September 9

      You guys are doing a good job of communicating and responding to people's concerns. Thank you for being receptive and approachable.

      As for the single vs split design decision, I'm eagerly waiting for your update tomorrow to see what was decided.

      I think I'm with the minority here expecting the single design without any delays since I know how many challenges a hardware company can face while completing their campaign.
      That said, I think you definitely shouldn't try to bite off more than you can chew.

      Anyway, this is just a random comment of encouragement for you folks. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next update.

    23. whatdapufferfish
      on September 9

      A heads up (update) before locking down the backerkit survey would have been nice.

    24. informu Creator on September 9

      @Russ Brack:
      Thank you for asking. We are preparing the monthly update and working at the weekend. We will send out the update tomorrow.
      @Chris Semments:
      Your credit card will only be charged for what selected to buy. We locked down the survey through the Backerkit system. For the extra battery, there was an error on Backerkit system. We are talking with their customer support regarding this issue. We will refund the battery money which you shouldn't be charged. Thank you for your understanding. We will make sure that Backerkit people do it as soon as possible.
      @Vin Tan:
      Thank you for asking. You should not be charged if you didn't buy any add-ons through Backerkit survey but the Backerkit system indicates that you pledged 6 additional items 06/22/2017. Kindly check it on the project backerkit to verify yourself. Thanks.

    25. Vin Tan
      on September 9

      Why did u just charge my card for?

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Semmens on September 9

      Why has my credit card just been charged for the extras I opted for in the backerkit, including an extra battery which is clearly not going to be supplied now that you have changed the design? That's very poor business ethics changing the product after people have paid for it. I want out and want a refund.

    27. Missing avatar

      Russ Brack on September 9

      Any chance of an update please? Thanks

    28. informu Creator on August 29

      @whatdapufferfish :
      We apologize for the delayed response. This month has been a lot of work with mechanical and electrical development, and we regret not being able to spend the same amount of time on interacting with you guys as in months past. Please do note that we would be far quicker to respond on the Informu Slack channel since it is a part of our daily workflow. If you guys have any concerns that need to be resolved quickly, please try to message us on Slack. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!

    29. informu Creator on August 29

      @James Freedman:
      We have replied to your message on the Update but we will post the same reply here as well - it is useful for other backers with a similar concern.
      We are really sorry to hear you feel that way. This was not our intention at all. If we had wished to pull a PR move, we would have done so prior to releasing Update #24.
      It is an important decision for the team to make, and a hard one as well, so we regressed a bit to bring in outside opinions. We wanted to do what we have always done during the campaign as well - ask everyone what our backers want. Our team really believes that we are building this together with our backers.
      A three month delay for a hardware startup like us does not just mean a delay for the product being delivered, as it could also spell disaster for the entire company. We are working hard to make sure the best product gets delivered in time, so we can make our backers happy and avoid other unpredictable delays which may eventually kill the company.
      We are still receiving survey responses, and will release them with the monthly update.
      Our team genuinely hopes that you can appreciate our dilemma as well as our commitment to making our backers happy. We’d also like to thank you for being an active and vocal backer - with out individuals like you we would have no bearing on what our customer want.

    30. informu Creator on August 29

      We are still receiving survey responses. We will release the results with the Monthly update in 3 days. Thanks for you patience!

    31. informu Creator on August 29

      @Brian Y.
      We understand your concern, and hope that you can read our previous reply to @James to understand why we’ve considered moving to a one piece design. It was a hard choice for us as well. We are not changing the product itself; it is still rechargeable and remains the smallest tracking solution on the market along with waterproofing and a list of other features.
      We would definitely make it up to our backers with something instead of a free Mu battery. Soon, our team will run a survey to let our backers decided what we replace this offer with. As a Kickstarter backer, you realize that any project needs supporters that play the rolls of both critics and supporters.

    32. informu Creator on August 29

      @Jason Bierz:
      Yes, the one piece design can incorporate a bigger battery as the center connector is removed which frees up extra space. Since there would not be any space in the middle where liquid can seep through we can make the Mu Tag waterproof.
      You are correct about the cons, but the original design has a similar magnetic connector in the middle as well. A separate cradle is something we have also considered but that makes it substantially bigger which negates perhaps our largest advantage - size. The one piece design would retain the core benefits of Mu tag with minimal changes and a far more viable manufacturing and fulfillment timeline.

    33. whatdapufferfish
      on August 26

      The lack of communication from the creators is extremely disappointing.

      @creator seriously guys, what on earth is going on with this project right now???

    34. Missing avatar

      James Freedman on August 26

      You wrote in Update #25: "we are considering switching to a one piece design". However, BEFORE that in Update #24 you wrote: "We have decided to reiterate the Mu tag as a single module." So the survey is only a PR exercise.

      This feels like the old 'bait & switch' con. A one piece design is simply NOT what I backed and if you can't deliver it, I'd like my money back please. I don't care about a three month delay; anything worth having takes time.

      I feel conned.

    35. Grant on August 17

      So what's the verdict on the survey results??

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian Y. on August 16

      I'm not that happy with the new one-piece design, either. The replaceable battery was one of the key items that convinced me to back this. So, since this is gone, what happens to that "free" battery that we were supposed to receive?

    37. Jason Bierz
      on August 8

      I like the one piece design, bigger battery & waterproof?? Yea that's worth it. I do agree with some of the others as far as no longer having the modularity with removable batteries though. Is there anyway you could look at attachment options, possibly? Like a strong built-in magnet. Or an attachable cradle that would stay stuck on something. I feel we'll have to attach and reattach these more often now, rather than just popping off the battery.

    38. informu Creator on August 7

      @Franklin @Kevin @Alok
      We understand your concerns, and are happy to clarify on those topics.

      Waterproofing: The original two piece design had not been certified as waterproof, and likely would not have been in the time we had to finish development. The best we could have hoped for was splash resistant. With the purposed single piece design, we could get certified for full waterproof (the specific rating for depth is yet to be seen). Our pogo pin charging system will not be an issue for waterproofing.
      Battery Life: We were already facing trouble fitting our battery unit into the two piece design. The need for a removable connector between the battery and PCB unit added a lot of space. With that gone, we would potentially have room to incorporate a slightly larger battery.
      Size: That is yet to be seen. However, switching to a one piece design would remove any constraints in meeting our current form factor and could potentially allow us to go even smaller with the final iteration.
      Charging: The Mu hub and Mu charger will remain largely unchanged, and will function as advertised. There will only be slight modifications to the molding to accommodate the pogo pin charging system.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hobbs
      on August 7

      Thank you Franklin, that pretty much sums up exactly what I was thinking as well.

      I would also like the tags to stay in the two-piece form as originally presented. Most of those that truly understand KS will accept the delay knowing that you've presented the issues in a timely manner and are working towards a resolution. Keep us informed along the way and we accept that problems like this arise in a new product.

      You have a unique product as it stands, and is one of the reasons I went with you, instead of other solutions on the market. Keep the original design, tweak it a bit to perhaps add some of the "improvements" from the new design and I think you'll have a great product.

    40. Franklin Barrientos
      on August 6

      @Creator, I feel this is an 180-degree flip from what you pitched as an idea. The whole point was the modularity, I liked this idea a lot as I'm sure the rest of us did too. Mount the tracker, charge and swap the battery as needed, it's brilliant.

      I have to question your pros... keep in mind that I'm not a product engineer, so I'm purely stating out curiousity and not criticizing.
      Better waterproofing: By adding that tidbit, you're admitting that the original design had been designed with waterproofing in mind. So what is "better" waterproofing? I'm assuming a one-piece will need to have an open charging port area on the exterior otherwise, how can we charge it? Induction charging base? A two-piece design connects in the middle with no open areas anywhere on the exterior. So unless you're purposely dropping a tracker into the water. Why is this a pro for the new design?

      Longer battery life: If you can squeeze longer battery life into an even smaller scale, could you not implement that into the current design?

      Smaller form factor: How much smaller are you planning on making Mu tag? The original design is smaller than all the other current trackers out on the market. Seemed like a perfect size.

      As for your cons: Delay production by 3 months or having to wait for the one-piece to charge... how does this actually compare as cons? The original design still requires us to wait for the battery to charge, it's just more efficient having extra batteries on hand to keep the tracker going and in use vs waiting for the one-piece and not in use.

      For those of us that backed the charging hub, what is the plan for that?

    41. Missing avatar

      on August 5

      @Creator, would be helpful to understand what does longer battery life mean in numbers - I think that info is critical for me to make a vote. I like the idea of one piece design, meaning I no longer have to worry about losing a battery or storing the battery safely etc - the modular design is what drew me to this project, however I am not opposed to change, if it's improving the overall product!

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthias Straus on August 5

      I the new design espacially the improved water resistance.
      Unfortunately I can't fill out the survey as I don't have a Google account ...

    43. Dat Huynh on August 4

      Just one question, so if this new design comes in place. Do we have to order extra battery for the tag that we ordered? How exactly do we going to charge the tag with this new design (as for the charging hub)? Thanks.

    44. informu Creator on August 4

      @whatdapufferfish @christian
      To clarify, the Mu tag would still be entirely rechargeable and would actually have an even longer battery life if we made the switch to a one piece design. It would also still be available in all of the colors offered. We haven't committed to the change, and will make the final call after collecting feedback from our backers through a survey going out in an update later today.

    45. informu Creator on August 4

      Our product is still vastly different than what Tile and other tracker offer. With the use of software learning and Bluetooth Beacon, our product keeps you from ever losing your belongings in the first place, where as all other trackers, including Tile, only help you once your belongings are lost. The proposed change would only effect the battery unit - it would still be entirely rechargeable (which no other competitor is doing) and would have a longer battery life that the leading competitors. We encourage you to review the update coming out later today and to provide your feedback in the included survey!

    46. informu Creator on August 4

      With the proposed one piece design, the battery unit would no longer be replaceable. However, the Mu tag would still be entirely rechargeable, and would have a noticeably longer battery life.

    47. informu Creator on August 4

      We have not committed to this change yet, and will be sending out an update and survey this afternoon to collect feedback and opinions about the pros and cons of both designs. From that we will move forward with whatever you, our backers, think is best. We look forward to hearing from you!

    48. Christian Harrison on August 4

      One of the main reasons I backed this project was because of the removable, swappable batteries. As far as I know this made the product unique. Please, if possible, keep the removable, colourful batteries. It's better for the environment as well.

    49. whatdapufferfish
      on August 4

      Can't help but be disappointed at the direction this project is heading to after the latest update. I share the same concerns as the other backers - the rechargeable and replaceable battery is probably the biggest factor for backing the mu tag.

      Likewise for the 100k stretch goal, what will backers be getting now that the replaceable battery is scrapped?

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