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We have created an intelligent flexible chip (Mu tag) integrated within an easy-to-use app to keep your belongings safe.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Coppy about 14 hours ago

      I’d like a full refund please

    2. informu Creator 5 days ago

      @Lee We are very sorry to have given you this impression. Our biggest mistake is not realizing how long it would take to create this product, especially after running into complications with the hardware production. We have done our best to be as transparent as possible along this challenging journey. We are also doing our best to execute as quickly as possible.

      We wouldn't be a VC backed company if we were a scam. Please look into Quake Capital if you are skeptical ( and

    3. Lee Bohay on

      I have detected another pattern with this creator that I've seen with other projects. Either A) its a total scam and unfortunately, Kickstarter does not/will not help creators who have had their backing money essentially stolen so we all just have to move on B) the creators overpromised and will either under deliver or take their sweet time delivering the product. WARNING TO FUTURE BACKERS: Do not back this product until you see me or anyone else posting here that we have received what was promised. This appears to either be a scam or a drawn-out series of lies and either way you will be disappointed if you choose to back now without waiting to hear that the creator actually followed through. Stay away. Other than that have a nice day everyone!

    4. informu Creator on


      The Mu hub is still being developed and is not as challenging as the Mu tag. Our goal is to ship it out with the final batch of Mu tags in September.

    5. Missing avatar

      RO on

      Just a question: What happened to the hub? I can’t remembered if it was cancelled? If not- when will they ship? Thanks

    6. informu Creator on

      @Grant We are shipping 1000 Charcoal Mu tags towards the end of this month. All remaining Mu tags and colors are expected to ship out in September.

    7. Grant on

      So the new estimated delivery, does that include the original colours we selected??

    8. informu Creator on

      @Sebastian, we'll be releasing our update tomorrow :)

    9. Sebastian Moencke on

      Could you give an update please? Thanks

    10. informu Creator on

      @Kian Lai @Evan @ Lars Håland Risan

      Please see your private messages

    11. Missing avatar

      Lars Håland Risan on

      I’d like a refund! The wait has been to long.

    12. Adam McQuery

      The link to the survey doesn't work. It says I don't have permission to access and I need to contact the creator.

    13. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      I've never asked for a refund before on Kickstarter but this wait is getting a bit excessive ... are refunds an option at this point?

    14. Kian Lai

      I’d like a full refund please

    15. informu Creator on

      @Luis D.Acosta,
      Thank you for asking. We have not shipped the Mu tags yet. You can read it here:

    16. Luis D. Acosta on

      I have never received my Mu Tag . What’s good my on ?

    17. informu Creator on

      @Jorge Daher, sorry for the late update. You can check out the new update here: Thanks.

    18. informu Creator on

      @Angelo Brown, thank you for reaching out. We refunded you on 09/11/17. We will send a more detailed screenshot to you privately as it contains your personal information. Thanks.

      @Grant, Thank your for your patient. We are preparing the monthly update. :)

    19. Angelo Brown on


      I don't think I ever received my refund for the battery?

    20. Grant on

      How's it all going, will have another monthly update?

    21. informu Creator on

      @Sunny Lee

      You can change your address: Thanks.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sunny Lee on

      Hi I moved out of my old house and have a new address and I was wondering if I could change it?

    23. informu Creator on

      @Huseyin @Hyun II Kim
      Alex is correct. You can read this post:

      Hello Alex, thank you a lot. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Alex [T3N0R] on

      According to prior comments from the project creator, the shipment window is April-August. I don't think anything has shipped yet. I'm sure they'll let us know when things start shipping! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Hyun Il Kim on

      I still haven't received my item yet... So please tell me shipping information.

    26. Missing avatar


      I still haven't received my item yet... what's happening?

    27. informu Creator on

      @Ben Teasdale
      Thank you for reaching out. I messaged on the Kickstarter platform. Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ben Teasdale on

      As per my message to you - I would like a full refund please

    29. informu Creator on


      We still expect the product to arrive at your door between April and August as mentioned in the previous update. We are holding ourselves to the timeline, which was reached after much deliberation and identifying the risks involved. We cannot wait for you guys to use the Mu tags! Thanks for your support with the journey so far. We have been blessed to have a very active and helpful backer community.

      If you have more question, please see this Jan monthly update here:

    30. Missing avatar

      mike on

      These folks do not have a solid plan. Getting more leads at CES while leaving us out in the cold.

      KS does not provide any accountability. I have three unfulfilled pledges. No more. Looking forward to the day I can delete this App entirely. Can’t come too soon.

    31. Missing avatar

      Palas sasmal on

      When I can get it,please give the date

    32. Missing avatar

      李一洲 on

      I haven't received.Why?

    33. informu Creator on

      @Leslie Villalon,

      Thank you for reaching out. I messaged you privately. Thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Leslie villalon on

      Hi, still have not received mine.

    35. informu Creator on

      @all Sorry for the late reply. We were busy with CES and the follow-ups.

      @Faisal, @Danny Lee
      we messaged you privately on the Kickstarter platform. Thanks.

      Sorry to hear that. You may send to a wrong email address previously. We are here to help. This is the link to change your address: We also messaged you privately on KS.

      Yes. We confirmed.

    36. whatdapufferfish

      Hey guys, I've sent you a PM here on Kickstarter. Please reply. Thank you.

    37. Missing avatar

      Karol Strzelecki on

      Hi. I would like to change the delivery address - I have sent 2 emails and got till now no response. Thanks!

    38. Danny Le on

      Hello, the delivery date is far too long than i expected. Could you please help me how to process a refund. Thank you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Faisal on

      Hi , its a long time until delivery, its not like you promised us .
      I want refund please ...

    40. informu Creator on

      @Jenny Mak,
      We just messaged you through Kickstarter platform. Thanks.

      @Izzy Ali,
      Yes. You can change the address easily from here: If you can't find out how to change, we are here to help. We can change it for you. Happy new year.

    41. Missing avatar

      Izzy Ali on

      Would it be possible for you change the delivery address associated with the original backing order?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jenny Mak on

      You mean we only get it in Aug? That is too long. I would like a refund. Please message me how to proceed the refund. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Russ Brack on

      Meh! I kind of think youll be wishing us a happy new for 2019 before we get anything solid. Its just as well you went with the single form factor or we would be waiting a further 3 months more !!!!! And I really dont think you should be mentioning wages in the updates, I know alot of people that would be happy to be paid $2000 a month! Happy New Year............

    44. informu Creator on

      @all Sorry for the delay in the update. We are working on putting it together for you all, however, we are still waiting on our contracted manufacturer's answers on the lead times on our inventory. We will get it by tomorrow. It's already 11 pm MST on Jan 2nd. We will send out the update before this time tomorrow by January 3rd.
      We apologize for the delay. Thanks for your patience and support!

    45. informu Creator on


      Happy new year! We have issued you the full refund. Thanks.

    46. YONG on


      I would like a refund. Please assist. Sent a message already.

    47. informu Creator on

      @Nicole Langford
      @Palas Sasmal
      Hope you guys had a great holiday. We were away for few days. We will provide an update on Jan 2nd. This project is still moving forward with major progress. We had done our project replanning which we will update. Thanks.

      @Vivian Chou, please message us privately. Thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      Vivian Chou on

      Would love a refund

    49. Missing avatar

      Palas sasmal on

      What happen there is no update,when I can get my shipment

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