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middle fork kitchen bar features New American cuisine with a global flare that is thoughtfully-sourced and handcrafted.
middle fork kitchen bar features New American cuisine with a global flare that is thoughtfully-sourced and handcrafted.
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Closer and closer...


Our new video web series starts here with this awesome collab’ with Patrick Drury, look for more behind the scenes shorts in the coming weeks.
And you can find picture updates on our Facebook and Tumblr pages…

Hey Backers,
Well, here ends another lapse in updates. The only thing I want more than keeping you filled in on the happenings at middle fork is simply to get the work done!
And it’s working!
The hood and ansul systems are being installed, the electric and plumbing packages are being finished, our carpentry is winding down as we brush on the final coats of lacquer, seating has arrived, and we just completed the floor finishing this weekend.
Now that the floor is ready, this week we: apply the toe kicks, install the bar’s foot rest & stool tops, layout and affix the benches, and get started on the stone pass.
We’d like to see the electricians finish with the outside lamps, the plumbers install our 3-comp, mop-, and hand-sinks, and the awning company start the process of covering our 2 entryways and 3 windows.
On top of that I’m designing and getting parts for our 8 outside tables to start off our spring patio season, searching for firewood suppliers, setting up our pos system, setting up our open table reservation system, and getting ready to receive our refrigeration.
Oh yeah, and the menus!
And that’s the to-do list just for the next couple days!
So here’s what you can do to help… Check your address information listed with Kickstarter as we’ll be mailing out vouchers and reward information in the coming days. You’ll probably want them mailed to the correct address, yes?
We plan to open in April and hope to have our backer reception in the coming weeks.
 We’re shooting for the time between finishing the buildout, and when we receive our fire-, building-, electric-, hvac-, health-, and liquor final inspections. We’ll keep you advised!

Baby steps, giant steps, baby steps, repeat...


Hey Backers,

Another privileged week of work on a project I still can't get enough of.  No matter the obstacles, I just feel like the luckiest guy in the world being at the helm of this project.

So, what's been happening this week?  Well, we're set up for an electrical inspection tomorrow morning.  And with that accomplished we'll be able to finish the build out of our interior walls.  The masonry will start for the wood grill. The front of both the bar and chef's counter will get going.  Speaking of which I visited a two local wood suppliers this week, one a Georgetown mill hewing beautiful boards from our local trees, and the second a fantastic reclaimed wood specialist who's curating an awesome collection of woods.  So much history.  We should be picking out all of our lumber this week and getting it over to the restaurant to acclimate a bit before it becomes our table tops and bar front.  Take a look at some of this:

 It's fantastic. I can't wait to work with it.

What's not so fantastic is my ventilation hood and ansul system. Apparently the two best guys in town are too busy right now to take on our job.  If you know of someone in this trade, let me know.  As fast as the front of house is moving along, we can't get much farther on the kitchen with out the hoods getting in soon.

More to come next week, cheers...

This week at middle fork


Hey Backers,

We put it into high gear this week. And although I feel like I'm on the phone or computer for the majority of my day lining up this trade or another I actually got to do a little carpentry too.  Take a look at this beauty.  We're making a 25' long hightop bench that will accommodate 4 tables and about 20+ seats.  It was a lot of fun getting the table saw out and making something so massive.  I think you are really going to like it.

The Tardis of framing, it goes on forever.
The Tardis of framing, it goes on forever.
Almost done, finished photos next week...
Almost done, finished photos next week...

 And along with our own work, this week we were really excited to see the very first business opening in our beloved distillery.  Our good friends and neighbors Ethereal Brewing are brewing greatness and literally filling up the tap room with happy people.  Cheers guys.

On tap!
On tap!
We're lighting it up!
We're lighting it up!

 Stay update in a week.

Happy December!



Hey Backers,
This week's update shows a bit of our painting process. And for me to give thanks to my partners in paint who helped me move everything along.
Thank you to Mike, Christian, Ella, Emma, Henry, Ben, Andrew, & Kaitlyne for busting out your brushes and laying down, what I think, is a set of great colors.
I would have loved to have kept the original masonry exposed on all 4 walls but with them showing so many patches and remodels from their past, I thought it was best to tie them together with a couple of nice warm colors like this "Brandywine" in the front of the house and "Backdrop" on our back kitchen wall.   We were able however to save the masonry making up the front windowed wall.  We've now sealed that giving it a great sheen (thank you Johnny).

Our sealed tile...
Our sealed tile...
A pre-paint wall
A pre-paint wall
And the after...
And the after...
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 Thank you everyone, and happy Thanksgiving.

An unexcused absence


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