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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
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BOSS#6 - Asterion Hornedson - War Stage

Posted by Sandro Tomasetti (Creator)

Name: Asterion Hornedson

Mount Name: Gungnir

Stage: War

Mount: Rhino

Weapon of Choice: Joust Lance

Height: 1,97m

Weight: 110kg

Asterion is the leader of a barbarian Tribe neighbour to the Kingdom. When young he rejoiced in war and searched for it all the time. Until he lost a brother in the battlefield during a war he caused against his brother judgement. He is now an old man who is tired of war and searching for peace with his neighbours.

He then reaches the kingdom and asks for a peace pact. To prove his intentions were good he asked the king to be sent with the party of heroes to defeat the dragon and recover the princess. As they were successful, the king signed the peace pact and Asterion gladly and peacefully returned to his land.

But he grew restless again and a dark thought started growing in his mind… he should take all from their neighbours, after all, he is strong, he deserves it. After a year of corruption he changed form and turned into a war-hungry minotaur. Now, as a monstrous leader, he rallied his men and beasts of war and broke the peace pact with the kingdom and is marching to it’s northern borders.

Sir Oliver gathered knights from the kingdom and is preparing for war! The noble warrior had really turned into a monster? A doubt is born in Sir Oliver’s mind “Do I have any chance against this massive man-beast and his army”?


Hello Backers! This is our last boss reveal before we reach the 100% goal...there’s one boss in store if we reach the goal! So let’s keep pushing! Thanks to all who backed so guys are AWESOME!

We would also like to give a big “Thank You” to our friends from Behold Studios that gave us a shout and have been helping us out a lot! They are developing an amazing game... (you probably heard about it...but if you don’t here it is!)


Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio! Their Kickstarter is closed by now but you still can show your love and support! Visit their site and keep an eye on it...because it is AWESOME :D 

And about the campaigns that are still online you might be asking… We have two other great games to show you guys!


Jotun is an action-exploration game for PC, Mac and Linux that takes you on an epic journey through Viking purgatory. Vikings and epicness! This post seems to call for Jotun! They already reached their goal, but the game is so good we want to see those stretch goals! Help them out...they have only a few hours left!  


A game about badass man-bears! Also fitting with our boss...we are on a roll today :D They are not asking for much and the game shows lots of potential...take a look! 


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