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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
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BOSS#5 - Murasakiiro no kage - Oriental Stage

Posted by Sandro Tomasetti (Creator)

 Name: Murasakiiro no kage 

Mount Name: Dokuga

Stage: Oriental

Mount: Moth

Weapon of Choice: Fireworks

Height: 1,70m

Weight: 70kg

No one really knows the origin of this man… he was nicknamed “Marasakiiro no kage” or “The Purple Shadow”. He is a famous sword for hire with unbelievable feats attributed to him, such as: shaving the mustache of an enemy general in the midst of his encampment, stole an ancient katana directly from a samurai’s scabbard and finally, his greatest achievement, single-handedly claimed a castle for his clan without ever being seen. 

When the princess was kidnapped the king asked his counselor for the best in business… but what impressed the monarch the most was that Murasakiiro offered his services even before the counselor reached the outer gates of the palace! The man joined the party of heroes, fought bravely but never spoke a word… he only claimed one of the weapons as payment and vanished into the night!  

When our hero left his home to investigate the shadow in the horizon, he decided that he needed help. Quickly he requested a conference with the King, but to his dismay the King had been kidnapped. The only thing left on his throne was a letter signed by Murasakiiro asking for a big ransom in gold!   

Sir Oliver is now hunting the most elusive man in all the realms… he hides behind his clan of ninja warriors and magical beings, will he find this shadow and finally measure whose feats are mightier?


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      Rafael Morais on

      Hahaha, damn! this is pure awesome. Cant wait.