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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
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BOSS#4 - Lorraine Learn - Sea Stage

Posted by Sandro Tomasetti (Creator)

Name: Lorraine Learn

Mount Name: Golden Lips

Stage: Sea

Mount: Shark

Weapon of Choice: Pistol, Cutlass and Trickery

Height: 1,72m

Weight: 63kg

A girl born among nobles, when she reached adulthood she was fed up with the bullshit of high society. Craving for adventure and acknowledgement she left her parent’s estate and turned to piracy. She became - Lorraine ‘Golden Lips’ Learn - a known criminal of the realm, she leads a fleet of ships to plunder and steal for personal use.

She won the nickname of Golden Lips, because all prisoners and mutineers who opposed her met the same fate. Once her enemy were captured she would often tell “It’s time to present you to my Golden Lips” then she would come close and give the poor soul a kiss, once she saw the confusion on her prisoner’s eyes she would explain “You know, I named my pet shark Golden Lips, good luck with him!” and tossed the screaming person to the sea, where Golden Lips eagerly waited.For years she eluded capture… but…

...when she heard about the princess kidnapping she saw the chance of a peaceful rich life. She offered her services as the guide for the company of heroes who attacked the dragon. Having no other choice the king withdrew all charges against her and used her abilities. After months of hunt and campaign she genuinely bonded with the group and finally when the Dragon was defeated promised to abandon her old ways and use her sailors to hunt for criminals.

But, of course, it was all a lie!! When Sir Oliver reached her fleet he was promptly attacked! Wicked scoundrel, she could never be trusted, or could she?


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