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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
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New Gameplay trailer!

Posted by Sandro Tomasetti (Creator)

Hello wonderful backers!

It has been a long time since you heard from us, right? I'm sorry about that...

We've been super focused on finishing the game and will announce the release date soon. The game is doing great and we are working on the finishing touches. Meanwhile we wish to show you a new gameplay trailer... this one shows off a lot of features of the games and a lot of bosses! Hope you like it:


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    1. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Yeah, sound will be adjustable and in this video it hasn't been fully equalized yet. So far people on playtests haven't been annoyed by it, but we will look into it :)

    2. Rian Turner on

      The constant 'fwip' of the (cross)bow did seem a little loud most of the time - but, so long as you allow people to adjust the sound balance (effects vs music) themselves, it shouldn't be an issue.

    3. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Hello Elton, do you mean the crossbow...or the bow? If you mean the bow (around 0:44 of the video) don't worry.. it was an old sound that have been replaced already :D

    4. Elton Borges Mesquita on

      Sweet! But, I don't know, the sound of the bow, it was a "little in the way". for me. Maybe it's the rhythm of it.