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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
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    1. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Hello John, it's a pity that you think the Dawid is distastful.

      As a matter of fact... Caio is a Jew and asked us to do the boss based on King David and we never tried to hide this reference. We chose not to explicitly call him King David and do a new backstory because he is a character on our world and not King David himself.

      But one thing I think you are missing... our bosses are not villains... they are heroes! If you read our story... all bosses are friends of Sir Oliver but are behaving strangely. So... in the end.. we agree with you, Dawid is a hero. But he needs Sir Oliver's help... just that.

      And on top of all that... We at Cyber Rhino Studios think that games (as comics or movies) are about human expression...and should be allowed to address any themes and subjects...

      We hope that you reconsider your feelings toward the character. We are not trying to offend anyone, we are just making a game that takes a lot of references from other civilizations such as Mayan, Vikings, Arabic and now Hebrews.

    2. John Wrot! on

      A little to Biblical and backwards for me. Strikes as distastful. Even the art looks like he's heroic and should be next to the Knight, not against him. Taking David, with a sling, putting him on a Lion (the symbol of Judah) and making him a villian is a terrible choice. Gonna upset any jews and remotely devout Christians. - And where it's an obvious attempt at pretending it's "not based on King David, look at the alternate backstory", it's an obvious attempt at pretending it's not based on King David. - Some things are sacred and you respect them. I'm sad to see Cyber Rhino let us down here, no matter how much Caio payed to design a boss. (On the list of reasons you don't make that pledge Tier in the first place).
      Sorry to hear of this one.