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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shmup that mixes elements from classic shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles.
480 backers pledged $19,801 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Qaantar

      By the way, love how all the swag turned out.... knight + gryphon crocheted plushie is super awesome...!!

    2. Missing avatar

      MrH on

      The latest download through Humble Bundle isn't working for me. The Windows .zip file is corrupt. I tried two machines, direct and Torrent. The md5 hash is good, so the original .zip must be bad. Mac and Linux zips are fine. I'd rather not use Steam if I can avoid it.

    3. Bruno Polonijo on

      not sure if creator will see this however iam having problems with getting my key from humble bundle. Sorry for posting this this late hovewer kickstarter notifications got buried in my mail.

    4. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Oh yeah! Thank you Gabriel! It means a lot to us to see that people are enjoying the game!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Accioly on

      Would just like to say, this game is amazing!

      Went for a test last night and couldn't stop playing. Congrats!!!

    6. RocK_M on

      Cool beans! Thanks guys :D

    7. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Just checked with the manufacturer... we can do XXL :D already noted on your profile here Rock_M. Pls awser with XL on the survey. Thanks!

    8. RocK_M on

      Thanks... yeah will definitely need an XXL for me xD

    9. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Ops..forgot to say...the measures are in cm.

    10. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Hello Rock_M,

      The dimensions for XL are: 77 Long and 61 Wide. We can ask the manufacturer if there's a possibility of doing XXL or XXXL if the XL doesn't fit


    11. RocK_M on

      Quick question can we get the dimensions of the "Extra Large" T-shirt? xD

      I usually end up needing XXL or XXXlL xD

    12. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Once again...THANKS a lot for the congratulations! We are looking forward for the development too!

      We did a paypal page on our site anyone interested can visit :) -

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas Newton on

      Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who supported Gryphon Knight Epic!

      Cyber Rhino Studios, looking forward to helping out with the Beta and the design discussions! It would be great to hear what our next steps are from here. I know a number of Kickstarters have allowed further contributions and preorders through PayPal after being funded. I think that's a good idea because as development continues more people might be interested in preordering the game.

      Here's hoping development on Gryphon Knight Epic goes well!

    14. Andy Ravenna on

      Awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to see the development and crank this baby out :)

    15. iqSoup on

      Congratulations! Excited to play Gryphon Knight Epic! I know it'll be amazing!

    16. Ohnorobo on

      Awesome! Congrats on being funded! Looking forward to Gryphon Knight Epic!

    17. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Thanks to Gabriel, Virginia and Thomas!

      And Thomas...about choosing to put all into the same stretch goal... it's basically because we want to keep a pattern on stages... all have one sub-boss and one mounted boss and each mounted boss uses a weapon. If we divided this would create an odd stage...

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Newton on

      Cyber Rhino Studios, thanks for keeping backers updated on the campaign's status. Shame to hear contributions are slowing down, but hopefully they'll pick up in the last 24 hours! It would be great if we could hit the stretch goals now that those milestones are closer. The Zombie Bat looks very cool!

      If it's okay to ask, why the decision to put a stage, 2 bosses and a new weapon all in one stretch goal, instead of each one being their own stretch goal?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Accioly on

      awesome, congrats on funding!

      lets see some stretch goals now!

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas Newton on

      Awesome to see Gryphon Knight Epic make its initial goal! Here's hoping we can reach some stretch goals to get all that extra content!

    21. Virginia Langhammer on

      Congratulations on this great project! You guys rock!

    22. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Guillaume: Thanks for the back!

      Thomas: Thanks for the compliments, we will try to adress to our backers as often as possible :) Note taken on the Stretch goals, will fix it once we hit our goal :D

    23. Guillaume Viveiros on

      This looks really cool. Backed!

    24. Missing avatar

      Thomas Newton on

      Congratulations on passing the $16K mark with over a week left! Looking forward to seeing how many stretch goals we can reach. If you're able to update the Stretch Goals image, it might be worth clarifying for the first two goals that an extra stage includes two bosses and a new weapon. I didn't realize that until I read the text below! People might be more encouraged to try and reach the goal if they know it will be more rewarding.

      Also, great to see the Cyber Rhino Studios doing a good job responding to the comments here. Good communication is usually a sign of a quality development team. Here's hoping other potential backers will see that and know you guys do a good job communicating with your backers.

    25. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Gabriel: Yeah!! Fingers crossed... we are hoping to get a feature on Destructoid and/or Rock Paper Shotgun to boost the campaign again :D

      Thomas: We are looking forward to it too, it will be our first time and we are very excited to hear people ideas! About pacing... yeah..we aimed more at Gradius and R-Type... we will have fewer bullets on screen tho....because our characeter is very big we had to compensate. We were not thinking about changing the speed of the gameplay... but if we feel it is needed on beta testing...we probably will :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas Newton on

      Sandro, thanks for responding to the comments here! I'm looking forward to working with the team and other backers.

      I was talking about Gryphon Knight Epic on another forum, and someone mentioned they thought the gameplay looked to slow. Judging from the gameplay video I thought you guys were doing a good job pacing it along the lines of a classic Gradius game. What kind of game pace are you shooting for? Is it possible we'd see options to change the game speed?

    27. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Accioly on

      yeah, i'm confident too. I think we may even hit some stretch goals

    28. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Gabriel and John: yeah! We got a great boost...two massive backers and lots of new people :D Now we are very confident we can reach our goal :D

      Thomas: Thanks a lot for the compliments. About involving the backers: We will choose some key design meetings of the team (Specific boss battle or specific new game mechanics for example) and we plan to host a private live stream during these meetings, we will have one of the member constantly monitoring the chat and grabbing all the ideas from the backers :D also, we will have a beta forum for general discussions.

    29. John Wrot! on

      Uh, did somebody drop $7000 on this?

    30. Missing avatar

      Thomas Newton on

      Glad Gryphon Knight Epic got a Kickstarter Staff Pick, because it looks creative and fun plus the presentation was well done. It's good to see a game like this that has a good core concept and seems like it's being executed well. I like the tweaks on the typical shmup gameplay, like being able to change direction. Also you named a character Treestache and that is just great!

      Found this game thanks to Chroma Squad's update about it. I'm tokusatsufan on those forums and I feel like Behold Studios has worked with myself and other backers to make some genuinely valuable contributions to their game. Can I ask for more information about how Cyber Rhino Studios plans to involve backers who pledge at a tier to take part in design meetings?

    31. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Accioly on

      seems the project got a nice boost, almost there

    32. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Hello people!

      Alexander...we tried adding inertia... but it takes too much control out of players hand... we are probably sticking with the flight as it is :)

      HyderGames... Thanks a lot! We hope you guys go well!!

      Ryley.... yeah...we are a bit slow but we are confident as ever!! If you want to up your pledge we would be very thankful! (You or anyone out there heheh)

    33. Ryley Ongarato on

      Really hope this gets funded :D looks so awesome. I was really hoping the stretch goal of dynamic environments would be hit but, sadly funding seems to be slow now :( Might have to up my pledge!

    34. HyderGames on

      Hi Sandro! Nice work. Now already shared on my Facebook page. We´re working on our first game here. It´s a lot of fun work...

      Good luck!

    35. Alexander R on

      Backed, this reminded me of the old Commodore 645 Tony Crowther game, Gryphon. Gameplay question - in the videos there doesn't appear to be inertia around the Gryphon's flight, will that be added later. Also I know many may cringe at this but how about "make the wings flap" control mode option / expert mode. This would add to the challenge.

    36. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Thanks Brandon for you upgrade!! And John for the compliments...we will consider using Gryifphoin on our game main screen!! But chances are dim ... sorry hehehe...

    37. John Wrot! on

      Uh, it's got a dude on a Gryphon. I'm in. No matter how you spell it. (Gryphon, Griffon, Griffin, Gryfon, Gryifphoin.) ...ok, i totally made up that last one.

    38. Brandon Lieu

      The inclusion of shovel knight and the fact it's a schmup has caused my wallet to become lighter, oh dear.

    39. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Thanks to all compliments, Cinemaware, Murilo and GUTS! And Gabriel...thanks for the tip...we will look into it :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Accioly on

      do you guys know thunderclap? I've seen other projects using it to help divulgate

    41. Cinemaware on

      Looking great, good luck from Cinemaware! :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Murilo on

      Holy crap! That shows a lot of love put into it so far! I like it how it's a "beatiful, advanced auto side scroller" or something :)

    43. GUTS Department on

      Congrats from the Aegis Defenders team! The game looks AWESOME! We'll be sure to Tweet it out!

    44. Sandro Tomasetti Creator on

      Thanks Gabriel! Your support is very important!


    45. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Accioly on

      Good luck with the campaing, hope you guys make it!

      Parabéns pelo projeto!