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A wearable light that works with your wardrobe.
A wearable light that works with your wardrobe.
367 backers pledged CA$ 33,987 to help bring this project to life.

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Wearing, Resetting, and Hacking the Edge!

Posted by Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman (Creator)

Hello backers!

Happy 2015! You haven’t heard from us in a while but we’ve been busy, busy building upon the momentum of our successful campaign. Your feedback continues to pour in, helping us further develop the Edge and prepare it to be made more widely available. We hope you’ve all been enjoying them. We love hearing about how and where you use your Edges all over the world. Do you have any pictures? Please send them to us! Do you know of any stores in your city that you think should carry the Edge? Let us know!

Here’s a photo of Angella in Gothenburg adapting the Edge to her new-mom lifestyle:

Angella and Lo lighting up the night.
Angella and Lo lighting up the night.

 A few important announcements:


We’ve learned that some Edges have crashed, going into a state where they don’t respond to button pushes. Has this happened to you? We haven’t yet figured out why some of the Edges are doing this, but we do have a temporary solution for reviving your Edge:

If you do experience this odd behaviour, we would appreciate it if you contacted us at so we know how many Edges have been affected. Also, tell us how you’ve been using it, and what you remember doing before it crashed. This will help us prevent the problem for future Edges.


We’re excited to announce that the Hacking the Edge page is up on the Vega website here:

We hope you enjoy making your own light patterns!

-The Vega Edge Team

Your Vega Edge has arrived!

Posted by Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman (Creator)

Hello Backers!

As many of you already know, some of the Edges have already shipped! The last of the North American mailing was completed last week, and the rest will be shipped by the end of this week. We are so happy to have met our shipping deadline - with some backers even receiving their Edges earlier than planned. 

Along the way, we've had our obstacles (for example, did we mention that two of our key team members, Angella and Erin, gave birth on the same day? In different countries?). We've nonetheless tried to meet each challenge professionally and gracefully – resulting in a even better version of the Edge that's now rechargeable and even brighter than our prototypes. Way to go team! We're very pleased with the results. 

A few notes about your new, rechargeable Edge:

Charging cable - The Edge uses a microB USB cable, an incredibly common type that you can buy anywhere USB cables are found, and the standard for many mobile phones. If you are unsure about what cable to buy, here are two trusted resources, and lovely companies, where you can buy it online:

We really wanted to provide the charging cable with the Edge, but unfortunately weren't able to. All of our buffer money in the budget was eaten up by unforeseen manufacturing and shipping costs associated with the new rechargeable option, and we simply couldn't make it happen. We hope we've made it easy and straight forward on how to access a cable for your Edge (and perhaps some of you already have one.)

"Help! My Edge (maybe) doesn't work!"

The Double-Click! Have you tried double-clicking it to turn it on? Early in our user testing we noticed that the Edge would accidentally turn on in pockets and purses, resulting in quietly draining batteries. The double-click helps prevent accidentally turning it on.

Battery drained in transit! Even though all of the Edges were tested (twice!) before shipping, it's still possible that the button got nudged in the perfect timing to turn it on in transit. Charge it with a USB cable and then test it out.

If you DO have any issues with your Edge, please contact us! 

Taking care of your Edge: Remember to visit for care instructions to make your Edge stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

Hacking the Edge: If you'd like to make your own light patterns, visit This page currently has basic information but will be more thoroughly updated in the coming weeks (our chief nerd is currently spending most of his free time rocking a newborn to sleep!).

Thanks again to all our amazing backers and supporters. We've received a lot of positive feedback so far from those who have received their Edges. Getting comments and personal messages about how much you're enjoying your Edge makes it all worthwhile! We've had backers already tell us about their experiences using it walking, cycling, running – even speedskating! Send us any pictures and videos of your Edge in action! We want to know where you take it and how creative your get with it.

We'll continue to send you Kickstarter updates about the progress and successes of the product, so you're not rid of us yet! Next up - we'll share details of our laser-cutting process with the fantastic Hot Pop Factory in Toronto. Also, the home base of the Edge will be moving to You can contact us any time at our official email - 

More to come in the bright and shining future!

The Vega Edge Team

Production in Progress

Posted by Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman (Creator)

Hey backers!

Thanks to those of you who filled out your surveys. The information has been critical for getting our production under way.

We’ve been busy at work. Here’s our mega update:

A box of 2600 of our custom magnets arrived. It’s amazing what they look like in that quantity. These magnets have two slight differences from the original samples we had made. First - we made them a bit thinner so that the thickness of the Edge overall would be reduced. Second we slightly increased the size of the lip so as to be extra sure that the magnet will sit securely behind the leather. We’re really happy with how they’ve come out!

The magnets are here!
The magnets are here!

In the electronics realm we have a big and unexpected announcement. All of the Edges that we ship for the Kickstarter campaign will have rechargeable batteries! We have switched the design from using a disposable CR2032 battery to a rechargeable LIR2450. The major difference between the new rechargeable board and the previous model is the user experience of the battery. Instead of going to the store to replace your battery after 20 hours of use, you'll be able to charge it from a USB charger or computer after around 6 hours. The battery length is shorter than the nonrechargeable but comparable to most rechargeable bike lights. This will save money, time, and ultimately lessen the environmental impact of the Edges. Finally the most significant benefit of the rechargeable batteries is that your Edges will be far brighter! Like really REALLY bright.

We’re quite excited about this development and hope that you are too. We put a lot of thought into this decision as it was bit of a stretch for us. As you backers know we did not reach the stretch goal we had set for the developments of the rechargeable board. But as we headed into production we realized that it really meant a lot to us to share a version of the Vega Edge with you that was the brightest and the most environmentally friendly that we could make it at this stage. Ultimately we were able to pull it off thanks to cutting some corners and the superb dedication of our team (thanks team!).

Our electronics production is currently in progress at ECI Technology Group here in Toronto. The circuit boards have been printed and now being populated with components. Erin was able to visit the factory after the first few boards were assembled to make sure that everything was going according to plan. Our order of 1000 LIR2450 batteries has arrived and are ready to be added to the boards when everything else is complete.

Early test of the new case design for the rechargeable board. At the time the magnets had not yet arrived, so we 3D printed the magnet design to test the sizing.
Early test of the new case design for the rechargeable board. At the time the magnets had not yet arrived, so we 3D printed the magnet design to test the sizing.

 The lasercut files have been updated by Hillary and Angella to accommodate the new battery and updates to the board design. Back in May, Hillary and Kate went leather shopping in Toronto and bought hides for the leather cases. The leather has since been cut down and sent to HotPop Factory on Spadina for lasercutting, which is nearly complete. The cut leather pieces are now being cleaned and prepped for stitching.

Hillary cutting down the leather. We needed to cut the hides into pieces that were small enough to fit on the lasercutter bed!
Hillary cutting down the leather. We needed to cut the hides into pieces that were small enough to fit on the lasercutter bed!

As you can see there’s lots in the works. We’ll let you know what happens next!

Best, The Vega Edge Team 

PS: If you haven’t filled out your survey please do it today! We need your shipping address to calculate our final shipping costs.

Vega Edge Options - please complete your survey by Monday, April 21st!

Posted by Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman (Creator)
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Posted by Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman (Creator)

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