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A wearable light designed to work with your wardrobe.
A wearable light that works with your wardrobe.
A wearable light that works with your wardrobe.
367 backers pledged CA$ 33,987 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman Creator on

      Thanks Michael! This is really excellent. Our top Nerd is particularly excited to try out the code!

    2. Michael Cramer on

      I've been using an AVR Programmer (~$20 from to right new blink modes for the Vega Edge. Enjoy:

    3. Missing avatar

      Tracy Larrabee on

      So my battery is dead (or so I assume--no light). It doesn't seem possible to change the battery. Am I wrong?

    4. Missing avatar

      Quentin COUILLARD on

      My Vega Edge is arrived and I love it.

    5. Carolyn Polson on

      Vega Edge received today. Awesome, can't wait to wear it outside (it's raining...), I've been wearing it on my coat around the house. Good luck with the business.

    6. Claire Darling on

      Got mine as well - they are lovely! Thank you and I can't wait to see them in stores, as I know my friends will be asking where they can get some :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Tiska on

      Do you have any ETA of the standard Edge for your backers in europe?

      Can't wait to hold it in my hand :-)

    8. Kate Savaria on

      Wooo!! Just got an email saying my Vega Edge is in the mail... can't wait to get it and put it to good use! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      chris on

      Hi Angella and Kate, great to hear that they're coming along well. I'm interested in the charging circuit for the lithium battery; is there a dedicated charging chip on board to look after the battery? A MAX1551 or something? Just wondering from my own experience with bricking lithium cells.


    10. Kate Savaria on

      Any update on production? Thanks in advance!

    11. Lawrence Wong on

      Any idea if we can hack the LED to have multi-colors ?
      It would be cool to be able to select the color or to cycle them...
      Like using this LED chip or similar?

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Tu on

      Congratulations! So glad you guys made it!

    13. BorisKourt on

      Woo! You made it with lots of time to spare! :)

    14. Carolyn Polson on

      Congratulation! Looking forward to seeing your lights on the market :-)

    15. June Shin on

      I have met Angella Mackey in Gothenburg Sweden. She is a creative and great leader and entrepreneur. That's why I funded this project. I am sure this will succeed.

    16. Kate Savaria on

      Really hoping to see this project get funded! As of right now, if all 286 of us backers increased our pledges by $20.23, it would be 100% funded. Who's with me?!

    17. Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman Creator on

      Hi! Since the Edge is made from leather we recommend that customers protect the Edge like they would their shoes - by applying a coating of leather protector, mink oil or polish. More on that in the FAQ section. The LEDs we use are very bright! As for the exact number of lumens, measurements of this are planned for future development. We did our best to describe the brightness of the LEDs also in the FAQ section and included the LED model and manufacturer.

    18. Missing avatar

      Melissa Rosales on

      Is it waterproof/resistant? How many lumens is each led?

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Stewart on

      Great Idea! Go Guys!

    20. Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman Creator on

      Yes! It depends on material and thickness, but the Edge is usually very good at clipping onto straps.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nina Winter on

      Is there a way to adapt this for use on a dog collar?

    22. Carolyn Polson on

      Looks great! Can't wait to try it.

    23. Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman Creator on

      Yes, definitely! The Vega Edge uses an ATtiny85 microchip running Arduino code. For those who are interested, we will be providing open source code for the light patterns as well as instructions on how to reprogram the board!

    24. Motiph Robotics on

      Love the project. Can you tell me a bit about the circuit design? Does it use a microcontroller, and if so which one? Is it possible to reprogram?

    25. Angella Mackey + Kate Hartman Creator on

      Hi! Yes, the batteries can be replaced. The Edge takes one standard coin cell battery (CR2032) - typically found at most places batteries are sold (including most department stores, grocery stores and bicycle shops).

    26. Missing avatar

      P. Lorraine Doyle on

      Seems like an attractive, simple safety device. Can the batteries be replaced?