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Revelation: The world's first UFO simulation! BE the alien and save humanity.

Revelation: The world's first UFO simulation! BE the alien and save humanity. Read More
pledged of $450,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 30, 2013.

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New Exclusive Q & A about Revelation

     Review Fix Exclusive: Q & A with 'Revelation' Developer Don Goddard


We want to hear from you! Email us your interest in Revelation and what we can do to improve or show you what you want to see. Interact with us!

Quick Rundown:

We are making a UFO simulation which has never been done before with any level of realism and detail. You are a Grey alien flying a variety of saucer craft interacting with humanity and other alien forces; primarily Reptilians

Humans. As of December 21, 2012 the quarantine on humanity has ended and humans have no alien protection. The humans are now publicly becoming aware of alien species and nervously and rapidly adjusting forces and alliances with other countries around the world. The humans are nervous, trigger happy, militant and point blame at anyone but themselves.

Reptilians. The Reptilians have lived underground for years amassing great resources and established deep underground facilities. There are already alliances with Reptilians and secret government human organizations. They have the ability to subsume or mentally puppet and control humans and Reptilians are subverting humanities greatest leaders.

The time period is from 2012 to 2034 and you perform missions of a very wide variety, but you specialize in ones you prefer and are naturally skilled at. More importantly, you determine how you interact with humanity which you have monitored for thousands of years and how you interact with Reptilians who are your creators.

What gameplay will I experience?:

There will be a large variety of missions taking place in the high atmosphere to low space orbit, over cities and natural land formations, and low to the ground in and around structures of all types. Mission types include:

  • Aerial Dogfighting with alien and human craft and hybrid vehicles
  • Stealth Infiltration moving in and among the city to gather information, people or resources.
  • Ground Chases riding magnetic fields in and around cities, canyons and other structural landforms chasing or evading cars, aircraft, missiles, and more.
  • Precision Disarmament and Tracking against military bases, airplanes, ships at sea, missiles in air, and huge motherships.
  • Scan, Drop and Collect missions where you scan structures, setup entry points, release aliens and where to recover them.
  • Other - Recon, Intercept, Escort, Rescue, Recover, Destroy, Tag, Sample, Relocate, Subsume, Distraction, Secure, Disable, Delivery

What's important here is that completing ALL missions is NOT the goal, and missions are selected by the player at will based on his skill and natural ability. The player will then specialize in select types of missions, thus you gain stats and experience ranking in different areas. The players stats and mission accomplishments will determine what type of pilot they are (warrior, surgeon, racer, trapper...). 

Ultimately, pilots will be specialists in different areas such that when we integrate multiplayer you will group up with specialists of different mission types to have a UFO fleet with greater force with multiple high-skilled abilities.

News for Revelation:

OMG! We just saw a real UFO at 3:33am on 4/1/13! Check it out!:

   Look for us in the Sunday paper, March 31th, Baltimore Sun Sunday edition.

   Online game magazines:

   BIGIndiePR Official Press Release mentions:

The Dream:

Revelation is a 20 year old dream that will turn to reality only with your help.  We've always wanted to fly a UFO! Since the dawn of video games there have been, thousands of games about humans fighting alien invaders, having epic space battles and humanity overcoming any foreign threat; yet there have been none like Revelation. In this unique UFO flight simulation YOU are an alien pilot in direct contact with humanity. You control alien spacecraft and technology that makes human weapons look like puny toys. However, those humans have a lot of toys to throw up against you. Not only that, but they will absorb your alien technology to adapt and improve their own each time you fail. If that weren’t enough, you’re not the only aliens on Earth. Your rival, embedded deep below Earth, have made the move to subsume humanity by taking over mans greatest source of power, its leaders.

Trailer #2 - Abduction! - released March 30th

Trailer #1 - Sighting - released March 28th


  • You are the alien! An alien of the Greys interacting directly with human and Reptilian entities, and their governments and military.
  • UFO Simulation where you pilot a variety of alien craft and use alien technology
  • Story and technology based off of the modern mythology of UFOs and aliens including ancient prophecies and history
  • UFO Physics based on electrogravitics as hypothesized by Nikola Tesla
  • Realistic electrostatic and electromagnetic weapons and effects
  • Modern and future military weapons, vehicles and structures
  • Evolutionary gameplay as humans adapt your alien technology and use it against you
  • New sub-genre of flight simulation using far more versatile and intense aerial dogfighting tactics
  • Stealth based gameplay from a vehicle with surgical, precision based interactions and infiltration
  • For PC and Mac 

  • Wide variety of craft from Greys, Reptilians, and modern and alien modified human vehicles of all configurations
  • Unique alien technology based on real cases of abductees and witnesses. Everything from implants and biotechnology to weapons and spacecraft.

Gameplay and background:

Immense action and epic story. As the lead alien pilot for the surviving Grey race you are put in control of elite planetary spacecraft (a.k.a. UFO’s, flying saucers, spaceships) over Earth. You interact directly with mankind under the guise of stealth missions to gather key human targets or government data, infiltrating their most sensitive vaults, and military and research facilities. When push comes to shove you take them on as necessary with legendary aerial dogfights over vast terrain and in the high atmosphere against every weapon man has at his disposal. If humanity were the only other intelligent species man would not be so difficult to control. You could remain physically hidden, keeping the peace, as your species has done in the past. Unfortunately, you have found that your alien rival, the Reptillians, have begun to execute their master plan. As of December 21, 2012, the human quarantine on man ended and they must stand to fight their own battles with no more protection or oversight by any alien race. As the great Draco of the Reptilians say, “Humanity is mature and his will is his own”. Now, this triangle of fate between the Greys, Humans, and the Reptilians has finally come to a conflict of immense proportions. It will be you that determines whether to side with humanity against the Reptilians, who created the Greys, or against humanity whom you've taken care of for thousands of years.

Decisions and Open World play

Can you maintain peace with humanity or will you sacrifice them? With less than a million of your race, will you survive against your heavily outnumbered counterparts? Will you be able to extract their plans, abduct key figures and alter their missions in your favor? This is not a secret war, this is a surgical war; a war of advanced technology, extracting critical and delicate information, and performing superior execution with the fate of all species on the line. Erect all your defenses and power up your great engines, then focus all of your sensors and senses to take on the greatest confrontation mankind has ever known. It is up to you, your ability and your wits, to save or sacrifice all. Be it good or evil, Revelation is here and now. Deliver us the Four Horsemen and Armageddon is upon us. May YOUR will be done!

Not Just another Action Game!

Revelation is going to be a high quality, deep gameplay title that is easy to learn and hard to master. This isn't just a casual physics game for iOS or Android, or some cute character running around fantasy worlds. Our game rides the crest of a Grand Theft Auto experience with roaming open world freedom, direct consequences to your actions, and realistic confrontations between aliens and humans. 

Revelation has a story that is incredibly rich and emotionally intense. It is truly one that is hard to rival as it is based on historical accuracies and prophecies of the last several thousand years. The ending alone is worth the price of admission and will leave you with hyper-aware knowledge of what could be awaiting future humanity. It's one thing to hear a prophetic story and quite another to live through it.

Flying a UFO might be straight forward and simple but being able to pull off ariel stunts in 3D space, and perform unique moves that aren't possible in planes or helicopters is going to take time to comprehend. As with any game simulation precision and reflexes are the keys to success. With funding to support multiplayer you will truly have a chance to put your intellectual and physical skills to the test against your friends in the co-operative story mode, and, if desired, direct confrontation against each other in head-to-head challenges. 

Any great pilot must face many hazards and situations they don't want to see happen in real life so there will be many achievements solo and with your friends to see who can get the most valuable badges and honors. Awards are given to those with the best skill and, more importantly, those who make the best decisions at the most difficult times. Share your Wall of Honor with others and see how you rank on Revelations, Elite Pilots of Earth, online ranking awards hall.

Stretch Goals Revelations Soon...

We do have a series of stretch goals planned as all the money we make in this campaign will be used to make this the best game possible. But, before we do we would like to see what our backers find most valuable so those get put on the list as early as possible. We have some stellar ones, but we think you do too. Contact us privately at, or better still, publicly comment on our Revelations page on our UFOStudios site and on Facebook, and Google+ and Twitter!

UFO Studios was born out of a need to do games with higher quality and a deeper long-lasting impact through original and creative gameplay, and highly realistic universes. Don Goddard, CEO / CTO, is an exceptional technical innovator and designer having worked on games professionally for over 20 years, and he’s a subject matter expert on the paranormal having done ghost hunting since 1995 and studied the paranormal for 35 years. The average number of years of development experiences of everyone on Revelation is over 15 years.

Companies we've made games for.
Companies we've made games for.
Games our team has developed across all genres and platforms
Games our team has developed across all genres and platforms

UFO Studios, Inc. develops original IP and interactive content for PC & Mac, Web, iOS, and Android devices, and can provide further information or inquiries at

Kickstarter is wonderful for unique and niche products that are innovative and do not fit traditional subjects and marketing. It's for the enthusiasts and true believers. Those who've been dying to get their hands on something old or something new, something different that they can have a personal investment in. Better yet, as a backer on Kickstarter, they become a part of the development team and get to experience all of the ups and downs of game development, which is quite fun for a volatile industry such as games and simulations. Right, but why Kickstarter for UFO Studios? Because we can make a very edgy game without restriction or divestment of funding going to non-game resources. We can set a minimal budget that we'd be willing to cut our teeth on to have the opportunity to develop the game we need to make.

Backer only exclusive T-shirt: This isn't your cheap little brothers knockoff Mario game shirt. This is all-over-printing! Every thread on this shirt has rich color and depth to hypnotize people into the alien visions you may have after playing Revelation
Backer only exclusive T-shirt: This isn't your cheap little brothers knockoff Mario game shirt. This is all-over-printing! Every thread on this shirt has rich color and depth to hypnotize people into the alien visions you may have after playing Revelation
Game Box - If you're going to get a boxed copy of the game we know you want more than just a disc! Let us fill it with a T-Shirt, stickers, and a foam UFO you can throw at people who tell you they don't exist and can't fly!
Game Box - If you're going to get a boxed copy of the game we know you want more than just a disc! Let us fill it with a T-Shirt, stickers, and a foam UFO you can throw at people who tell you they don't exist and can't fly!
Alien Bust in progress - These busts will be hand made, numbered and signed, and then cast in beautiful bronze on a Revelation base. This will go perfect with a bust of Beethoven or Einstein!
Alien Bust in progress - These busts will be hand made, numbered and signed, and then cast in beautiful bronze on a Revelation base. This will go perfect with a bust of Beethoven or Einstein!

Risks and challenges

Thank you for seriously looking into Revelation! If you made it down this far then you are certainly interested in a UFO game and the concept of alien interaction with humans. But, the most important aspect of any Kickstarter game is receiving what you expected and being able to enjoy a full and complete game experience. The biggest risks to any game done through any funding source is time, money, and quality.

In a typical commercial game venture funded normally by a publisher such as EA, Activision, or Atari they have severe limitations with risky results. Their priority is time first, then money, then quality. Time is never flexible, money is often unavailable or trickled out, and quality is continually sacrificed at the expense of all else. With UFO Studios, we put quality first, then money, then time.

Quality risks. By putting quality first we can deliver a complete product that is rich and balanced, but to do this we must sacrifice time and money.

Monetary risks. By contracting only who we need with minimal support staff we keep expenses and overhead very low. We keep tight to our budgets and only spend money as needed. We also have allocated one-hundred thousand to cover any costs necessary to complete the game or perform bug fixes and updates after the game is complete.

Time risks. Time is very important to be flexible. While we set key target dates for release and milestones, we don't force hard dates because game development needs to be flexible to adapt to changes. As we hit each target date we review all content and take the best ideas and feedback. Then we alter the game for the best possible results. After all, we're making games here which are the most interactive creations possible! Would you want a schedule that is as hard and fragile as a sheet of glass or flexible, strong and made of superior materials like the skin of an alien spacecraft? Seriously, we will change time to allow for changes in design to keep superior quality and a full gameplay experience.

Public Relations. Our biggest challenge is getting heard and being seen. We will do an extensive amount of PR to really test this game concept and make sure it has a strong following before pursuing full development. Watch our updates, new rewards, public interviews and videos where we are presenting everything about Revelation. Share it, tell people about it and join us!

UFO Studios has a highly experienced team that has all the knowledge to produce this game. We have the drive, passion, and vision to back up the experience to produce the best game possible. The level of quality is up to you. The more backing we have the better game we can make.

Just like getting full disclosure from the US government about UFOs it's not going to happen unless there is a mass appeal from the people to demand it. Demand Revelation, and demand it now!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We can neither confirm nor deny that Will Smith exists! If you happen to see a character in the game that appears to be him it is by pure coincidence only and it will be up to you how he survives as well as your personal responsibility for any actions this character may take against you and planet Earth.

    (to show our dedication we will contact his agent next week just to find out his interest, if any, and cost to you, the backers!)

    Last updated:
  • Yes, yes, and yes!

    Revelation was designed with Oculus Rift in mind as it is the perfect use of that device. Since you stand on a ship and direct it's movement while also needed to see around you in 360 degrees it is an ideal solution. We will not only support this, but do so as soon as we are able to.

    The Leap is also a fantastic input device that is perfectly suited to controlling a craft in 3D space with ease and to utilize weapons and scientific tools.

    Other devices are already in the works such as using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to control and fly a UFO ideally suited to the abilities of that device. Using the accelerometers and touch screen is a brilliant solution for UFO control. Look for a future demonstration showing this ability.

    Last updated:
  • PC and Mac to start. If we get enough funding we will add platforms as part of our stretch goals. First would be Linux, then XBox720 and PS4. These will be revealed as stretch goals in the coming days.

    Last updated:

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    UFO Supporter - Your name in lights! You just want to support the project to help get the UFOs off the ground. We will list you by name AND with a personal comment (censored by UFO Studios) with all of the other wonderful backers in a special section of the game for all to see. Make a statement by donating and, literally, giving us a personal statement!

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    True Believer - You've always known there was something 'out there' and you'll be first to see if the aliens come in peace. Early adopters get in on the lowest price and are first to receive the game. One license to the game on release. Digital download only.

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    UFO Contactee - Free Beta access for the first 25 backers only! - Limited to one license per Amazon account. One license to the game on release and early Beta access. Digital download only. Get to play before the public knows it exists!

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    I Want to Believe - Still waiting for aliens to land in your back yard? Well, this should prepare you if they ever let you aboard their craft. One license to the game. Digital download only.

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    Tangible Evidence - One license for a box copy of the game. Includes disc, stickers, a stress ball foam UFO, and the exclusive backer only NOT HUMAN all-over-printed T-shirt. (physical rewards)

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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    Easter Egg! - A hidden feature, image or text triggered by a specific event. This must not affect the statistics or ability to cheat, be illegal, or take advantage of the game and must be fully agreed upon by UFO Studios and the Backer. (NO digital or physical rewards.)

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Test Pilot - Alpha, Beta, and GAMMA! No, it's not radiation, it's prototypes as they are released where you get to test and give feedback on craft, flight physics and weapon behavior. It's a risky job testing dangerous craft, but the reward is worth it! (and you get to play the game a year ahead of release). You get one license to the game on release. Digital download only. Join the elite crew of 6. Gamma prototypes will be available to play on or before THIS September!

    Additionally, you get credit in the game and a physical plaque will be given to each test pilot and hang on the walls of UFO Studios. (physical reward)

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    Clan Founder - You game only where you can leave your mark. Get SIX digital licenses to the game and SIX custom shirts designed by UFO Studios with your clan logo, colors and tagline. Custom in game skinned vehicle, character uniform and flag with your chosen image / symbology (content must be reasonable and will be censored exclusively by UFO Studios with your consent or you GET YOUR MONEY BACK!).

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    Artisan Grey Alien - includes Tangible Evidence package, special credit in the game, and exclusive, hand numbered and signed 8" Grey Elder Alien Bust. (physical reward)

    Custom hand made by artist at UFO Studios! Certificate of Authenticity included. (see photo and description in main page for more details)

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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Funding period

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