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Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.
Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.
Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.
766 backers pledged $31,560 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Congratulations Mike!

    2. Sounion Hong on

      YAY!!!!!!!!! ^___^

    3. Roni Lagin on


    4. Anders Sandell on


    5. Julie Pinzur on

      SO CLOSE!!!! Just added $100 to my $200 for the WONDERING AROUND WANDERING works so far, so put me on the list for that one too, it's mine!!! You're gonna make it!!!!! <3 Julie

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Boylan on

      Best of luck buddy.

    7. Maura Cluthe on

      wooohooo!!! yeah! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!! :D

    8. abe on

      Ditto on whether or not we can pledge multiple times? Do tell. Almost there!

    9. Ana on

      I would love to add 90$ and the set of your 3 books but it just let me choose one reward, and I don´t want to lose the other (like clockwork). How can I do this?

    10. s. bole on

      Hi Mike! I'm wondering.... if I can add the $20 gift (Lost )and $50 (you draw anything) to the $75 gift I selected to equal my total pledge...? annoying?
      sincerely, susan (big sue)

    11. Maura McGovern on

      second pledge made
      posted to facebook
      and tumblr
      good luck
      my goodness you're almost there!

    12. Adam Shenkman & Nicole Daddona on

      Mr. Perry!

      I admire your work so much. As an illustrator just starting out, you are an inspiration to me! I will definitely be stopping by your studio to check it out. I'm just a hop, skip and train ride away from Brooklyn.

      You're awesome.
      Nicole Daddona

    13. Dan Castro on

      Hi Mike,

      We'd love to help you out.


      D&AD #gradacad

    14. Kelsey Kleiman on

      If I am a jerk for asking this, please forgive me but for the $50 you will draw something pledge, what if I wanted to to write/draw something for our business. Would you let me use it?
      ( Hope that's not a crazy question but, hey, we're bootstrapping and I am a huge fan so I figured I would try!

    15. Anders Sandell on

      Fellow backers,

      if we all up our pledge by 34 dollars, this Kickstarter will be funded. I just upped my pledge by that amount. Can we kick it? Yes we can!

    16. Anders Sandell on

      I wish I had seen the sketch marathon, I looks amazing Mike from all the tweets abound in the Twitter Sphere. Hang in there more than a third of my funds came in the last four days.

    17. Julie Pinzur on

      You're basically the coolest person on Earth, no big deal. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    18. Kirsten Zache on

      Having a space like this would be awesome for designers. Great idea....and hope it becomes a reality. Will have to fly over from Minneapolis if this takes off

    19. Anders Sandell on

      Hi Mike

      I've been a fan of yours for a long time. I already have 3 of your books and will most likely get your latest book as well. I have no doubt that you're going to make your funding goal. But it would be nice if you could put out couple of updates about the project. Here are some topics for the updates that I think would be interesting: hearing more about your own process as an Illustrator, what inspires you, how you got started, etc. Another angle to take is to have updates about the workshops themselves, yet a third angle could be about Brooklyn and the other creatives that will be partaking in the workshops. I'll do my best to help spread the word.

    20. Mike Perry Creator on

      If you want more of the rewards and donate more just let me know and we can make sure you get what you want.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      You are backing the project, not the rewards <3

    22. Page Remmers on

      I would like to how to back more than one item for this project also. Thanks.

    23. Olivia Rohan

      How can I back more than 1 item? I would really like to, so any info would be helpful.