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Update #5

The Game Plan

Hi guys! We want to let everyone know where we stand and the future of GUTS. 

KickStarter has been a wild ride! With less than 3 days left and 15% funding there is little chance that we will reach our funding goal. Despite not reaching our goal, this has been a great experience. We have gotten a lot of support and feedback from some amazing folks and we want to let you guys know that we appreciate it. Thank you!

We started working on GUTS in February with the goal of making a fun proof of concept demo. The idea was that we would do what few others had done and have something playable that would excite people and encourage them to support us. 

This proved to be excruciatingly difficult as we had to balance developing the game with the myriad of tasks associated with managing a KickStarter campaign. In retrospect, we wish we would have devoted more time to promotional material and selling people on the idea of the game instead. 

GUTS is a game that is centered around a gameplay experience rather than a single mechanic or idea. It proved impossible to create a polished playable slice of the game big enough to really show people what that experience is going to be. Given the circumstances, we are proud of how close we got and what we have accomplished so far. 

We plan to continue development over the course of the next couple years. Without KickStarter funding, we won’t be able to dedicate 100% of our time developing GUTS as we will have to seek alternate means of financing both our living expenses and the game. Make no mistake, we will finish GUTS!

Our immediate goal is to begin mocking the entire game from start to finish with more temporary assets to create the whole play-through experience. From there, we will begin iterating over ideas and mechanics and polish what’s great while throwing away everything else. 

The long term strategy is to have something amazing ready for PAX and IGF next year. We want to really show people what GUTS is about. 

Our dream is that when we release GUTS you guys can look back and claim with pride that you saw its potential and supported us. 

Please continue to follow us on our website, forums, twitter, and facebook to find out what we are working on and how the game is coming along. 

Once again, thank you for all your support and we hope that you will continue to be a part of this amazing experience.


Chris Haga and Steve Turner

Update #4

Public Build Update! 9/17

Howdy!  We've worked insanely hard this week to push out a new playable for everyone.  We didn't quite fit random levels in, so I redid all the environment art and rebalanced the game.  Enjoy!

  • All new environment art!  This will be randomized in the near future along with monster distribution!
  • Mana Gem mechanics overhaul.  They're now called "Energy Gems", restoring two action points, 10% health and 20% mana!
  • Balance pass!  I tuned some of the encounters to be a little easier by removing excess monsters.  Give it a whirl if you've got the time.
  • Optimized the game some - should run better on lower end machines.

This week I'm working on the final two hero concepts and a new trailer which will hopefully net us some traction.  Steve is going to continue working on random levels & monsters and Michael is polishing up the theme song.  We have one last ace up our sleeve which might get some more eyeballs on the project.

The last seven days are going to be big for us.  We'll have a new trailer up and a big, final marketing push.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far.

Play the latest build (make sure your flush your browser cache):

Update #3

New Public Build!


Patch Notes

  • Added a way to drop excess items on the ground.  We chose this over a "salvage button" since we'll be adding vendors in the future, and dropping items works better with co-op.
  • Updated chest texture.
  • Reduced difficulty of Skeleton Champion encounter.
  • Added permanent stat boost items.
  • Made attacks feel more satisfying.
  • Camera tweaks so you always see more of the battlefield, and less of the non-gameplay areas.
  • Added a "Skip Turn" button.  It's next to the action points.
  • +20 move granted after all monsters on a level are dead.

We might do one more public update in the coming week(s) that has the random levels feature.

Update #2

Backers only Forums and new Reward Tier!


New Reward Tier

We've added a new reward tier for the project at $20.  Backing at this level or above will grant access to our continuously updated development builds and special forums!  Hopefully this will entice folks to pledge more.

New forums up!

Once you have an account, and you've donated more than $15, message me via Kickstarter with your forum account name, and we'll grant you access to the special Backer area.

Public Alpha Update

We're working hard this weekend on a new update for the public Alpha.  It should be live on Sunday/Monday, and here's what we're adding:

  • Salvage Item Button which will convert items to coins.  This will fix the "inventory full" issues until we get vendors in.
  • Skip Turn Button.
  • +20 move bonus after all monsters on the map are dead.
  • Stop Watch cursor icon when it's not the players turn.
  • A few new items :D
  • Various bug fixes.

New Trailer Coming

After we get the new Alpha build ready, I'm going to focus on cutting together a new trailer with a focus on showcasing game features.  The pressure is on; this new trailer needs to be amazing and I have a few ideas for it already.

Also, here's an updated concept of our new environments (this won't make it in the playable for a few weeks at least):

Update #1

Video Update & Info!

Video update:

To everyone who has backed us so far, thank you so much!

In the video we cover the vision for the game if we get funding.  It looks like reaching our goal is going to be an uphill battle for us; but we're not going to give up!  We're working on finding the "spark" that convinces thousands of people to donate/pre-order.

It may be that we need a more compelling pitch video.  We could spend our time making environments look better (eliminate the floating platform look).  I could do some more concept art in an attempt to get folks excited.  I'm going to be thinking about this today. 

Feel free to hit us up with any suggestions.

The next Alpha build:

The next build should be on Sunday/Monday.  We're going to add some more items and get that "inventory full" issue fixed.

Backer images:

We've had a few requests for backer images, your wish has been granted!  I can make more pretty easily.  Doesn't take much time.

  • Image-155917-full
  • Image-155918-full

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