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$10,967 pledged of $60,000 goal
By Big Men Games
$10,967 pledged of $60,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on August 14, 2016

      Now that cellphones/tablets are more widely used as gaming devices I think this game would have great potential as a mobile game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Radnom on February 19, 2016

      I hope you still make this game one day! It was very cool.

    3. Alex Podgoredsky on March 31, 2013

      Too sad, if this project is dead.

    4. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on March 4, 2013

      Looks like they finally shut down the forums. Wish they would give us some kind of heads up as to what the future of this game is going to be. Though I assume the answer is "it's dead" I'm still keeping my GUTS icon... just in case.

    5. Ghosty Shrimp on February 9, 2013

      It's such a shame this didn't get funded. Still want to play this badly, so addictive.

    6. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on November 29, 2012

      So. i see that the forum has been hijacked. And there haven't been any updates in a while. Is this project scrapped?

    7. Paweł K. on October 11, 2012

      Let us know when it will be up :)

    8. Big Men Games Creator on October 8, 2012

      I'm hoping to have the new website up by the end of this week. Working on it now :D

    9. Lance Lamont on October 8, 2012

      Still interested in the game... Keep going! Any news on the newsletter or other contact path to track your progress?

    10. Big Men Games Creator on September 29, 2012

      Yes. I'm going to be redesigning the site next week and we should have some sweeter features. I like the idea of a newsletter.

    11. Paweł K. on September 29, 2012

      To bad it isn't funded.
      Is it possible that you set up a newsletter on your site that we can subscribe to?

    12. Syclonix on September 29, 2012

      I just want to say how awesome your game looks. I played the alpha yesterday and was very impressed by the art style and gameplay. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo and hope you guys are able to get more attention and funding the second time around.

      My only constructive critisicm is that I would love to see more story flushed out to really drive the game forward and want the player to keep playing each new level.

    13. Charles Stuard on September 26, 2012

      @Big Men Games - You guys don't really have to be sorry to us for the slow update, but it's probably really hurting your chances of finishing strong. Somehow Conclave managed to pull it together, but they didn't have as far to go and they were constantly giving updates and interviews to various press.

      Still wishing you guys a lot of luck, but I think some updates and positive press would help more.

    14. Big Men Games Creator on September 26, 2012

      Thanks Veav. Sorry the update is coming along so slowly. Should have it up by tonight.

    15. Veav on September 26, 2012

      It is ridiculous that this hasn't gathered more attention. Maybe there's not enough sense of the environment/setting/characters? You've got gameplay proof-of-concept down pat...

      Anyway, looking forward to the next update, and crossing fingers that investors reach out to you after the end (yours wouldn't be the first).

    16. Big Men Games Creator on September 24, 2012

      Our website (which I'm redesigning soon). We'll be posting updates there every few days.

    17. Lance Lamont on September 24, 2012

      Is there a good way to follow you guys outside of Kickstarter?

    18. Ghosty Shrimp on September 18, 2012

      I don't like the new life crystals. It takes away from the excitement of finding regen gear as you can just run around the map collecting crystals as they respawn. Definitely took some of the tactics out of it. I'm still a backer, but I really don't like the new crystals.

    19. Lance Lamont on September 18, 2012

      Love the game too. Played the Alpha too many times already. Great feel to it! Let's keep this one going! If we don't make funding, perhaps re-submit at an entry of $15 or so...

    20. Ryan Elwood on September 18, 2012

      This game looks awesome! I'm hopeful we can rally and meet this goal.

      The in game font was uh... I hope it's a temporary choice.

    21. Charles Stuard on September 17, 2012

      You guys should link to the Green Light here and link here from the Green Light... assuming both terms of service allow such things.

    22. D.M. - O.U.T. In Deep Space on September 16, 2012

      I just up voted you on Green Light, too.

    23. Missing avatar

      gregnoid on September 10, 2012

      Just play the Alpha demo, i like it !
      Just backed in !

    24. Veav on September 9, 2012

      Maybe switch it to knockback instead of a full attack? Or even adds knockback to the enemy attack (you're dodging backwards... get it?)

      The other thing I abused was the explosive area attack as a method of kiting enemies. I'm not sure if that's OP since it took skill and patience, and was the only way I could clear that fourth level.

    25. Big Men Games Creator on September 9, 2012

      Dang right it's OP. Well we might nerf counter-attack damage if it becomes problematic :D

    26. Veav on September 9, 2012

      Silk sash is OP!

    27. wiande on September 7, 2012

      Good Luck with it, guys, i hope you'll make it :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Christopher J Lee on September 7, 2012

      I am going to have to repeat what a lot of people have said about the value of this game. I pledge ten dollars even though the pledge requires only five for the reward. I would even pay up to $30 for an exclusive kickstarter version of the game.

      I am reluctant to pledge for anything physical because those things cost money and I'd rather have all of my money go to the game instead of a bit going back to me in the form of merchandise.

    29. Big Men Games Creator on September 7, 2012

      Thanks guys!

    30. Noctah on September 7, 2012

      I really enjoyed the sound design. I can't stress how important that is, looking at Dungeons of Dredmor, while the music is great, the sound effects are horrible and gets on your nerves rather quickly, while in GUTS so far, I can say that shooting Rats ( and occasionnaly frying them ) never sounded this good.

      About the game itself : Content is the name of the game, I want more of those delicious enchanted items with active abilities, you wouldn't believe how awesome it felt to "unbox" that Hammer and blast away a horde of Shadow Bats off of me. I personally wouldn't mind a lesser variety of gamemodes for more items and enemies. And the enemies, so far, are really interesting !

      I could go on for hours about how I appreciated your Prototype, but I think I've said enough already. Keep up the good work, it definitely has potential.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on September 6, 2012

      Alpha already has an addictive quality to it, can't wait to see where you'll take this. The IGOUGO system offers an interesting difference to one-tile-at-a-time movement of roguelikes. I like the targeting reticle for the area attack, reminds me of Shining Force. This game might be very fun (if slower) with a party of characters to control.

      One thing to improve is that it's bothersome to move one turn at a time when you've cleared the area of enemies, I'd just like to click where I want to go.

    32. Kevin Bender on September 6, 2012

      Steam release, please. I'd actually prefer that my digital copy be through Steam if at all possible. Awesome-looking game, by the way, and I like the fact that you used the comments of detractors in your trailer. A friend of mine who also happens to develop games was planning on taking the same approach. XD

    33. David Pettitt on September 6, 2012

      Demo kicked my ass twice in a row, yet this made me decide to pledge. I guess you're doing something right. Hopefully the rest of the enemies are more creative than the fantasy ultra-cliches of skeletons and rats. Really digging those samurai(?) with laser guns, more of that nonsense please.

    34. Haegemon on September 6, 2012

      Novelty Tier Upgrade idea: Add a 10 dollar level that will include the game burned on a bulk-purchase CD-R, packaged in a standard DVD case, with an ink-jet printed cover sleeve. Call it "The Brown Bag Box Copy"
      Then, around the 60-100 tiers, add another version where its "Box Copy: Now With Production Values" where it's the same, just legit printed discs and a nicer cover sleeve.

    35. Missing avatar

      OSD on September 6, 2012

      I agree with those who are encouraging you to revise your pledge levels and rewards to encourage higher level pledges. Your prototype is a lot of fun and I want you guys to succeed!

    36. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on September 5, 2012

      $5 doesn't seem like enough for a copy of the game. I know you have other reward tiers, which I chose, but seems like you'd need an awful lot of $5 to get this thing to work. Maybe there will be a big surge if you can get yourselves on a gaming website.

    37. Veav on September 5, 2012

      Classy trailer up on Kotaku, I'm in.

    38. Big Men Games Creator on September 4, 2012

      That's a cool idea. We're about to film our first video update.

    39. Haegemon on September 4, 2012

      Can the first update include a few thumbnails to use for Backer-images?
      Like a GUTS logo, hero-guys head portrait, and a BMG tag.

    40. Arcady Damashov on September 1, 2012

      You got my 15 bucks ,but as it was mentioned before, you guys, should make more rewards and reward tiers. I perhaps would give you even 30, if it was a poster or postcard or just anything like this.

      If I were you I would also port it on tablets(ios & android), the gameplay highly appeals to them.
      P.S. Prototype is awesome!

      Good luck! Hope you'll make it!

    41. miguelito on September 1, 2012

      Backed for outstanding concept art, sensible system reqs and playable demo.
      Even though I got destroyed horribly in the third fight...
      The game is wonderfully fast and fluid, and really snappy to play!

      Good luck!

    42. Big Men Games Creator on September 1, 2012

      We still have time left, and a few more tricks up our sleeves! We're trying hard to do this in a way that doesn't involve spamming people.

      I'm glad you liked our prototype and thanks for your support!

    43. Mark Bugno on August 31, 2012

      It's a pity this project isn't going to make its goal, as I played the Alpha and it was a lot of fun as a nostalgic distraction. I would suggest making the price higher, or at least offering more in-game bonus reward levels (i.e. pay $20 and get access to a limited weapon, like other games offer). It would also help you to market the project more or self-sponsor to fake project popularity, hence get it noticed.

    44. Zaven Haroutunian on August 30, 2012

      Best of luck dude! Can't wait! :D

    45. Peet on August 30, 2012

      BOOOM SON! GUTS FTW! First comment! This is going to be the best game of all time! :)