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We're building a game lounge for Seattle's legendary Capitol Hill and we'd like you to be a part of it.
446 backers pledged $38,302 to help bring this project to life.

$25K Stretch Goal unlocked!

$5K in only 3 days to unlock RAYGUN UNDERWEAR FOR THE PEOPLE. Clearly we are a community who values high quality pop culture underwear. And that’s what I love about the greater Capitol Hill gaming community, we represent a very unique cross section of lifestyles, interests and attitudes, and we all enjoy getting together at the table and playing games. I’m proud to be one of us.

Well, you all know what we’re up to now. The big one. Our $30K stretch goal is the full bar. Yes, we may throw in some bonus rewards at the last minute to help us get there, but this is really what we’re up to. We want a Gin & Tonic with our Dungeons & Dragons and we’re going to build a place to give us one. A place that we can all be proud to bring friends, family and significant others to. Yes, even the ones that aren’t that into gaming. Because the space is going to look good, be well lit, have great music, a great atmosphere and a great crowd. And you know you can trust us to build and maintain that space for you like no other store ever could because you’ve seen what we’ve done for the last three years, right in front of you.

So really now is the time. It’s time to let everyone you want to be there know. Give them their shot to get their names on the wall, to book the space for their wedding (yep, we’ve already got one of those coming up and a completely separate reception as well), to get a shirt or dice or a mug, and to be part of something that we’re all going to enjoy together for years to come. It’s history-making time, ladies and gentlemen. Let's do this thing.


    1. Creator Quazie on August 5, 2012

      Hot Damn - the number is larger than 30k!

    2. Creator Steven on August 5, 2012