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A long-awaited reprint of a modern classic on Dutch type design.
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A meaningful update: Your books are being sent!

Posted by Jan Middendorp (Creator)

Dear backers & supporters,

We’ve done it! It was interesting, exciting, and not a constant bed of roses. No project is ever as smooth as you imagine it. Assisted by a few friends I worked as much as was needed to safely sail the Dutch Type vessel into your harbours. After painstaking correction of the files, Ramiro** (who revived the original layout* together with Paula**) and I visited Die Keure printers to supervise the printing of the interior, which sparkles even more than the first printing, and the first round of printing of the cover. The cover wasn’t 100% successful: when back home, the printers let me know that the silvery title, silkscreened like before on the laminated grey background, did not really stand out. The new silver ink was more environmentally friendly than in 2004, but not as powerful. A new method was needed. I went back to Bruges twice to supervise the more delicate new method: the silver was now silkscreened on white. Tricky but… satisfying.
Then: the Kickstarter list. Some addresses missing, some changing or uncertain until the last moment. Michael***, who was the admin on all of this, went through the list a few dozen times, and started preparing the many varieties of the receipts (sent separately; couldn’t do it sooner). So, suddenly in a different kind of business, and all of his to bring you Dutch Type, well-printed and safely sent.

*original design by Bart de Haas and Peter Verheul. Big thanks once more!

** Thanks again to Ramiro Espinoza and Paula Mastrangelo in greater The Hague for helping me revive Dutch Type.

*** And thanks to Michael Pieracci, who spent many hours at my home office, and his, on smoothly preparing the fulfillment by the Hexspoor company. They’ve received the book from Die Keure just before the weekend and have started packaging and sending the books on the 1st of October, as promised to all of you.

Printing the interior
Printing the interior
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Printing the cover, second round. This time, the silver will be silkscreened on knockout (=white) text. 

Boxed. Sneak preview at the Antwerp ATypI conference.
Boxed. Sneak preview at the Antwerp ATypI conference.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Marston on

      Cancel that last comment – it's just arrived!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Marston on

      Looking forward to it.

    3. Missing avatar

      mónica garrié faget on

      Oh, I can´t wait more!

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Glaab on

      I'm really looking forward to the book. I can hardly wait.

    5. Eric Eng on

      Congrats, can’t wait to see the amazing work of everyone! Truly excited! Cheers

    6. Missing avatar

      Les O'Neill on

      Fantastic news Jan, well done & can't wait