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A long-awaited reprint of a modern classic on Dutch type design.
706 backers pledged €57,887 to help bring this project to life.

It’s been accomplished!

Posted by Jan Middendorp (Creator)

Last Saturday, June 23rd, my Dutch Type reprint campaign officially ended. With over 700 backers and a result that represents more than 250% of my modest minimum, it has been better than in my wildest dreams. I’m deeply grateful to all of you.

As those who follow me on social media may have seen, we’ve started serious work on the reprint. The minimum needed for production was reached as early as day 2, so my friends Ramiro Espinoza and Paula Mastrangelo in Voorburg, Netherlands, could make an early start on the resurrection of the 2004 Quark XPress files. Thorough as he is, Ramiro did not bring the files, provided by original designers Bart de Haas and Peter Verheul, into InDesign. Having fired up a recent version of QXP, he implemented my collected corrections into the document in its native environment.

And now the prints of that new PDF have landed on my desk:

Well. actually, this is my dinner table.
Well. actually, this is my dinner table.

I am re-reading the whole book and comparing it to a printed copy (they told me those copies are all identical – magic!) just to double-check if there are any glitches.

Meanwhile, we’re sending out the Kickstarted surveys. If you’re missing something or have other questions, feel free to mail me directly:

The production scheme is as follows (subject to any necessary changes):
• ± July 20: prepress production starts at Die Keure, Bruges (Belgium). 
• ± July 22: specially manufactured paper delivered at Die Keure. Printing can start.  
• ± August 20: delivery at fulfillment company Hexspoor in Boxtel (Netherlands).
• Late August, early-to-mid September: delivery of single copies and packages.
• Hopefully before holiday shopping craze starts: book available via regular international distribution, at a slightly higher price. 

You'll have time until early August to change your delivery address, following the link to the survey in the confirmation mail you received from Kickstarter.

I will take the liberty to use your email address once to inform you when Dutch Type gets, as I hope, a sequel in the book-shaped magazine (or series of) 21st century Dutch Type. Let me know in case you don’t want to know about that.

Finally, if you’re curious about my new, part-time, idealistic, international type organisation Fust & Friends (we even have a free font, Presto), have a look here

And more finally, you may want to take a peek at my near-40-year career in theatre, design, writing, translating, and more, visualised in this colourful infographic

Hope to see each of you sometime, someplace soon.

Jan Middendorp  

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