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The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen goes mobile. a map. wooden table. 20 strangers. in nature. hungry?

The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen Presents 'The Nomadic Chef'

Roots in The Community.

In 2009 Chef Stacey Givens established The Side Yard Farm, a small-scale urban farm located in the NE Cully Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The Side Yard is committed to organic farming while providing local restaurants with creative, seasonal produce. Stacey's inspiration for urban farming comes from a restaurant she cooked at, formerly known as Rocket (now Noble Rot). It was the first rooftop garden of its kind in Portland and took her out of the kitchen and into the dirt. It takes a village to run The Side Yard. Volunteers of all kinds come to the farm to work, to learn, to teach, and to gain experience in the seed-to-plate movement. The farm’s focus is simple. Local food is grown with care for the community — from the seeds sewn, animals raised, to the craft of organic farming.

The Kitchen.

The Side Yard naturally led Stacey back into the kitchen with seed-to-plate brunches and suppers at the farm and on select location. All menus are based on what is harvested at The Side Yard, grown by other local and urban farmers; and what is available from rancher friends. The honey may come from farm bees, eggs from farm chickens, and produce picked that morning from the soil.

Over the years, The Side Yard Farm has grown a family of collaborators from a sommelier, artisans, farmers, and ranchers to deepen the experience of seed to table. Quite literally, they have brought their expertise and craft to widen The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen offerings to include cooking classes, DIY homesteading workshops and kids’ day camp.

So, what’s next?

The Nomadic Chef.

Stacey is ready to take The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen’s urban seed-to-plate suppers on location ANYWHERE. Perhaps the forest, a cornfield, a beautiful hazelnut orchard, a city sidewalk…the possibilities are endless.

Picture a handcrafted, family-style wooden table filled with 20 folks in the middle of Portland's bounty. Enjoy a multi-course meal based around what is growing at the farm and foraged goods from the secret supper location. Oh yeah, did I mention you will have no idea where the heck you are going? You will buy a ticket to supper and you will be emailed a hand illustrated map of the specially chosen location in the surrounding Portland area.

Over the last three years, The Side Yard’s urban supper club has gained popularity. The meals are always intimate, accessible to the community, locally sourced and creative. It’s time to take it to the next level and hit the road! To make this happen, Stacey needs your support! 

She will need:
·  6ft by 10ft cargo trailer
· Materials and equipment to trick out the trailer, into a tiny catering kitchen with catering oven, portable burners, catering equipment
· Local handcrafted family-style tables and benches to pack into the trailer.

Plant it, grow it, tend it, cook it, share it, eat it. Stacey’s world revolves around the whole cycle of urban farming with quality food and hard-working people. Won’t you join her at the table?

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main challenge in completing The Nomadic Chef project is that some locations might be off limits. I have researched possible locations for the 2013 season and so far its a thumbs up. As a caterer, there are ways to get daily permits for a location to host an event. The good news is that the catering trailer can also be used for many other things, especially small scale catering, weddings and foodie events all over Portland. This will help The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen expand our business.

I'm sure you're also thinking, bathrooms!! If suppers are held in the middle of nowhere, then where are the facilities? No worries, porta potties to the rescue.


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