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NCM needs to finance cds and merchandise

Hi, my name is Pete Crotty from the band NCM. We just recently recorded a new album called Vampire Proof that was produced by Earl SlicK(David Bowies guitarist) at The CLubhouse in Rhinebeck. We are now looking for a little help to finance our new cd.. We only need to put out 100cds to get the ball rolling. We’re using 30 to shop to labels and the other 70 we are selling to our friends and fans Our goal is $1000 so we can acquire enough merchandise(cd’s, t-shirts, stickers, etc) to kickstart NCM.

If you donate $25 we will guarantee you one of our cd’s, $50 a cd and T-shirt, $5 a sticker and $1 we will send you our love...seriously … If you can’t financially do anything … send US some love... it's a win win for all! ... Also if we exceed our goal great... That means we can acquire more cd's and merchandise. SO please don't hesitate to continue donating...:) ...If you want to know more about NCM, check out the links provided.  We appreciate your help and thanx so much for taking the time to read this … see ya soon … be cool and stay in school

NCM would like to thank past donors Jen and Greg Deutsch and Denise Crotty... w/o them our last album would not of seen the light of day

BTW... I am wearing sunglasses in the video so you don't see my eyes move whilst I read the script...:)

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Well we are hoping that we can get a record label to finance and distribute or product once we acquire the money (through kickstart) to create the cd. If we can't then we may be back on Kickstart to finance for more cd's for another kickstart... or maybe not ... being in the music buis is risky PERIOD... but you have to be in it to win it...:)


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