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The Picosteady - Video Camera Stabilizer's video poster

A video camera stabilizer for iPhones, Smartphones, Point-and-Shoot cameras, and DSLRs. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 9, 2012.

A video camera stabilizer for iPhones, Smartphones, Point-and-Shoot cameras, and DSLRs.

About this project

Thank you to all our backers for the amazing support! If you missed out on the Picosteady Kickstarter campaign you can still order one at

Cult of Mac "who could argue with this tiny, cute steady-cam-a-like for smartphones?"

Trendhunter "The easy to store, hand-held stabilizer is going to revolutionize the way amateur filmmakers shoot video"

OhGizmo "it seems to do a fine job indeed"

Business Insider "the Picosteady wants to be your solution for shake-free video production."

Hand Held Hollywood "here’s a new one that looks quite promising. It’s small, versatile, and sports a moderate price tag."

iphoneography "this device really does look the business."

Ultralinx "This neat bit of equipment has been made to make video camera footage from devices like a phone, point-and-shoot, Micro Four Thirds and DSLR’s a lot more stable and smoother."

Bit Rebels "This is a great solution that deserves some recognition from both the industry as a whole as well as individual consumers."

If you have ever shot video before, you have probably thought: How do I get professional-looking footage that is smooth and stable? How do I get that gliding, floating camera look, and how do I stop shooting shaky amateur-looking footage that gives viewers a headache?

What do the pros do?

Pros use a camera stabilizer; a device that is very expensive and frustratingly hard to use. The pro stabilizers are bulky and heavy, and require training and lots of practice to master. They take forever to set up and balance. On top of that, they don't work with smaller/lighter cameras because they are designed for heavier/larger pro cameras.

This is where the Picosteady comes in

We set out to design a stabilizer that we could use to shoot professional-looking footage with a wide range of cameras : DSLR cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, GoPro cameras, iphones or any smartphone.

More on the Picosteady:

- You will start using it minutes after you take it out of the box. Just mount your camera, balance it with the simple counterweights and you are ready to shoot.

- It will work with almost any camera including: point-and-shoot cameras, GoPro cameras, the iPhone, and most smartphones. It also works great with DSLR's like the Canon T2i or Nikon D5100.

- The standard 1/4-20 thumbscrew will allow you to mount most cameras and the included universal smartphone holder will allow you to use the Picosteady with any smartphone or iPhone.

- Its ultra light weight (6.5 oz/180 g) and very compact size (5" x 6.5") means you'll actually carry it with you, greatly improving any footage you shoot, from home video to amateur film.

- It's affordable. It will retail at $179 (right now, it is available for kickstarters at a lower price of $139).

- It will last a very long time and handle the abuse thanks to its solid construction. We selected quality materials such as high grade aluminum and solid brass to ensure long-term durability. The balancer arm is laser cut and powdercoated.

- It is made and assembled here in the USA.

How do I use the Picosteady with an iPhone or smartphone?

The Picosteady comes standard with an universal iPhone/smartphone mount. If you only want to use your iPhone 4/4S, you can choose to upgrade to the Glif for an extra $15.

Why is the Picosteady on Kickstarter?

We have spent countless hours and a large chunk of money designing, making and testing lots of prototypes. After 10 months of evening and week-end work, we have completed the final design.

We now need funding to help us make the Picosteady a reality. We need to pay for the bulk purchases of materials and order a first production run of 100 units. This will make it possible to keep the price low and to have them manufactured here in the USA.

Manufacturing Process

The Picosteady is made of custom-made parts and off-the-shelf hardware. We have already purchased and received a large portion of the off-the-shelf hardware.

We have also been in touch with several machine shops for the manufacturing of the custom parts. We have quotes in hand, production schedules and contingency plans in case of delays. Karim has extensive experience with manufacturing and existing business relationships with 2 machine shops, which will ensure we are not put on the back-burner when the time comes to place our orders.

We have completed the design and prototyping. We will outsource production and finishing of the custom-made assembly components to machine shops. We will assemble the Picosteady ourselves.

By pledging today, you are pre-ordering a Picosteady from the first production run and making sure to be among the first people to own one. You are also locking in the lower Kickstarter price of $139. If you are among the first 25 people to pre-order a Picosteady, we will even ship yours for free (USA and Canada).

Thank you so much for being a part of this project!

Please share with your family, friends and fellow amateur film makers!


  • The Picosteady will work with cameras ranging in size from small smartphones and iPhones to DSLRs.

    (1) Smartphones and iPhones

    Any smartphone/iPhone that is between 1.8" x 2.4" (46mm x 58mm) and 2.4" x 6" (62mm x 152mm) will work with the included smartphone adapter.

    (2) Small cameras

    Any point-and- shoot cameras with a standard 1/4-20 thread will work with the Picosteady. Mirrorless cameras (microsystems) are also ideal to use with the Picosteady.

    (3) Mini video cameras / Sports cameras

    The GoPro cameras (with tripod adapter) and most DVRs with a standard 1/4-20 thread also work great.

    (4) DSLR

    For DSLRs, the entry-level and midrange cameras will work perfectly. This includes Canon's T1i, T2i, T3/T3i, etc. Nikon D3100/D3200, D5100 and their equivalent at Sony, Pentax and others.
    These cameras will work with the kit lenses (18-55mm) or relatively short prime lenses such as 35mm or 50mm. Longer prime lenses or large zoom lenses will not work properly.
    Larger DSLRs such as the Canon's 5D Mk2/3, 7D or the Nikon D7000 will not work with the Picosteady. Stay tuned for our next camera stabilizer aimed at larger DSLR's, coming soon.

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    THE PICOSTEADY! Receive one Picosteady unit at a great price. Add $15 to upgrade to the Glif instead of the universal smartphone mount. USA & Canada backers, add $15. International Backers, add $30.

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