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An ultra-contemporary carbon fiber lounge chair. Join two emerging designers as they produce the bridge chair for one of design's largest events

Hey everybody,

We are really excited about this project!!! Its gained a lot of momentum in a very short period of time, when its all said and done there is going to have a really amazing piece of contemporary furniture to show for it. Here's a little more about it...

the bridge chair.

the bridge chair is an ultra-contemporary lounge chair. It is going to be made of carbon fiber composites. We are manufacturing the carbon fiber parts ourselves using a wet lay up process. This means that as a backer of this project you will be able to follow step-by-step through the manufacturing process and learn along with us. It promises to be exciting. We're doing the labor, but we need your support so that we can purchase the materials needed to make an incredible working prototype of the bridge chair.

An Amazing Opportunity.

We have been invited to exhibit the bridge chair at the Furniture Revolution Gallery at Neocon 2010 at Chicago's Merchandise Mart June 14-16, 2010. The stated goal of the gallery is to "reestablish the prominence of American furniture design." Neocon is a HUGE event for the design industry and we are really excited to be invited. We don't want to horde this opportunity. The more of us that can share this experience the more fun it will be.

Another Amazing Opportunity.

We just did an interview with Architectural Products about the bridge chair. Early signs are that bridge chair has a REALLY good future ahead of it. Just imagine when its actually built!!!

This is Going to be Fun.

Who knew designing a chair could be so fun? Over the past four years we have worked on some really fun projects. We enjoyed the camaraderie around our last project Gasp! for DIFFA's Dining by Design. With the bridge chair we are definitely pushing some limits. Its going to be really cool to watch the bridge chair come together and go out into the world in such a big way.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure, we appreciate your support.

Kevin Scott and Tomas Alvarez.

To see some of our past work go to

**Kevin Scott and Tomas Alvarez are not directly affiliated with Neocon or the Merchandise Mart and do not purport to represent Merchandise Mart Properties International in any way.


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    a MEGA thank you. + Access to lots of updates, with great videos and pictures explaining and documenting the construction of the carbon fiber bridge chair (believe me as the deadline gets closer this will be really entertaining).

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    The Bridge Chair Monograph in a pdf format. A digital copy of a magazine documenting the bridge chair project from start to finish. Includes sketches, articles, renderings, and pictures.

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    The Bridge Chair Monograph. A beautiful glossy magazine documenting the Bridge Chair project from start to finish. Will include articles, sketches, renderings, and photographs from the Bridge Chair project.

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    MY FAVORITE> The Bridge Chair Monograph + your name in the Bridge Chair monograph + signed by the designers. Plus a copy of my self published book 'Lil' Phil and the Big Show' an illustrated children's book about the exhibition that forever changed architecture in the United States.

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    A limited edition "Bridge" accessory inspired by the Bridge Chair concept. + the Bridge Chair Monograph + your name in the Bridge Chair Monograph + signed by the designers.

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    A 36" x 48" limited edition framed schematic of the Bridge Chair hand drafted, inked, and signed by the designers on vellum. + the Bridge Chair Monograph + your name in the Bridge Chair monograph + signed by the designers.

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    Unofficial Architectural Tour. Spend a day with us this summer touring the best of Chicago's architecture. We can take in the sites and converse about the future and history of design in this great city. + the Bridge Chair Monograph + your name in the Bridge Chair monograph + signed by the designers.

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    You’ll become our favorite person. Party with us during the event, and be the first person to officially sit in the finished Bridge chair (after being deemed safe by the testers). + You will get the original basswood model of the Bridge Chair. Only 1 available.

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