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80's cartoon inspired RPG with robots, babes, war, cat girls, zombies and more! Join the fight to save Sarahelm from the robo baddies!

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me through email and I will confirm what you guys get in a specific donation.

Hello human beings, robots, dinosaurs, and zombies!

I'm Karl Crawford (AudioMew), and I am an army of one! Everything
so far I have created by myself (solo ya'll), art, pixels, etc. I'm just a guy who wants to see his creation available to everybody. I'm an artist first and a Game Designer second. The beauty about Game Design is you can bring together so many wonderful talents and creative skills to make one unique experience!

Much of my inspiration comes from classic retro gaming from the 16bit era. I am blessed that I was able to experience this beautiful age of gaming, and I wish to pass on what I've experienced to other people who missed out. The graphical style is highly inspired by my childhood, and 80s cartoons were a crucial part in this. I want to take the essence of 80s cartoons and classic gaming and weave them together into a retro RPG experience for people to enjoy! Please note, that RN:Libra is still in the prototype stages.

The Rainbow Nightmare universe is divided into various short stories. Take on the role of Lady Libra as she goes above and beyond to help her friend find a cure for his disease. Along with her trusted friends they must sneak into the robotic Neon Empire. Unfortunately for them, it's not that simple.

Welcome to Neon Empire!

Greetings, visitor. Welcome to the future of Sarahelm, Neon Empire. If you're a machine returning from the front lines, please let our scanners fully process you, so you may return into the arms of our beloved and slightly large Machine King!

If your data has been removed previously from the Neon Empire authorities, you will be disassembled and destroyed immediately and returned to the junk heap where you belong. Traitors to the cause will not be tolerated.

If you're a human, the inferior to machines, you will need to show your ID clearance card to the Sebuta Security Police Force. Without your personalized card you will be eliminated on sight. We here at Neon Empire, despite crushing the human and demi-human resistance, know the value of select few humans who wish to explore their talents in the field of machinery and scientific progress for the sake of our industrious empire that will soon sweep across the continent and beyond.

If you have further concerns with security please contact Captain Marlwulf of the Sebuta Security Police Force.

If this is your first time inside the glorious Neon Empire and you are still getting yourself situated as a human, you must proceed to the Neon Capital and allow Lt. Corxx to confirm which sector you will be living in. Do not mind the death machinery being constructed that you pass on the way to the capital, they're being tested, designed, or approved by our highest scientific mind in Neon Empire, leader of the Science and Robotics division High Engineer Boss.

As a second class citizen human, we understand the value of having "off time" when you have worked your full day in our humid factories. It is required that you rejuvenate yourselves often to allow you to work at 100% capacity. We understand your endless human flaws. This is why the Development District was created. It is lined with the finest oil and cogs available on the continent, as well as human delights.

With your help the Neon Empire will rise high into the sky with many billboards of robo babes reaching to space. Welcome to the Neon Empire.

Shield, Buckle, and Recon ninja are some of the deadliest classes in Sarahelm.


  • Experience an RPG like no other. The game itself will focus on a small band of friends entering a robotroplis. Guide them through this dangerous and exciting robot world!
  • Class dancing based battle system allowing you to switch classes on the fly to utilize all of your special abilities and skills to formulate your own devastating strategies to crush all machinery standing in your way! 
  • Get your retro on with some of Neon Empires finest jams! 
  • Battle huge bosses!
  • Branching story lines allowing you to choose different characters with their own special stories, routes, bosses and much much more!
  • Traditional overhead RPG exploration teamed up with side view platforming scenarios!
  • Collect cards by defeated enemies, exploring, and solving puzzles. These special cards will allow you to boost stats and skills in battle or equip them onto your character for defensive purposes. These cards are scattered throughout the Neon Empire for you to find. You may even find cards that will summon allies in battle!

Battle system update and information:

You will encounter many undead babes, and creeps in your quest. Scary!


Soundtrack by Evan Pattison.

1.Post-World Problems.

Orbit Around Neptune.

Last Stop.



Class based battle system allows you to switch on the fly!

Travel through the Neon Empire in your trusted tank. Every girl needs one!

Fight giant bosses!

Concept Art

What will the money be used on?

I don't have a gimmick or some over-the-top video pleading for your well earned tasty dollar bills! I don't feel like that is required. If my game can't generate your interest with a trailer of physical game play and unique designs then it does not deserve a donation. 

I just think me in front of a webcam pleading and explaining the project takes away from the game itself. RN: Libra itself has a long way to go. I assure you all donations will be used for the game. Everything donated will be used to produce the best experience Rainbow Nightmare can offer. With the donations I'll be able to actually sit down, work on the game full time, and have a budget large enough to cover basic expenses while I work on it. If I can get financially covered for a year I can improve and release the project with all of the details I imagined.

Your donations will also be used to cover the finished soundtrack, to make it as jamtastic as possible! I would also like to hire a second pixel artist so I can relieve a little of the workload.  Ultimately this game will gradually improve in audio and graphical quality thanks to your support!

Example of some rockin' swag!

Stretch Goals!

  • 9k success! 
  • 15k additional content!
  • 20k support for Linux & Mac

If I am lucky enough to hit the 9k mark. stretch goals will be available. Amazon and KS take a % out of the total amount received. If I am blessed enough to reach 15k, RN: Libra will have a lot of additional content, dungeons, characters, story arcs and more music. 20k will allow me to introduce the game on Linux and Mac. Every dollar helps, and I greatly appreciate it, guys!


Lastly, while it's true even if you can't spare a few of da dinero you can still support the project by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Dropping a few links in the right places can be a powerful tool! If you want to follow the progress I urge you to follow my Tumblr page and even on Facebook. I update regularly! Let's become friends!

If you have absolutely any comments, questions, requests, or problems I will make it a priority to get back to each and everyone of you. My email and shoutbox are always open and available to everyone! Game on!

I just want you to know I greatly appreciate you viewing the page or even considering a donation. 
The people who donate to Indie projects are the core, the foundation of the art. 
I applaud the people who open their wallet and decide to donate a few dollars to the cause.  You're just as important as the project itself. So thank you bros/babes!

Many kinds of robots exist in Sarahelm. Some will help you and some will kill you. Mostly kill you.

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    A special thank you from the creator of Rainbow Nightmare: Libra! Game on, friends!

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