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The Story of My Mother's video poster

I am an a Senior Film Student at the Rhode Island School of Design working of my year-long Degree Thesis Project. Read more

South Salem, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on November 17, 2010.

I am an a Senior Film Student at the Rhode Island School of Design working of my year-long Degree Thesis Project.

South Salem, NY Shorts
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Most of the funds that are raised will be going towards Film Stock, Film Development, Equiptment Checkout, Food, Transportation, Actors, and Props. Filming will take place between January-February 2011, and editing will be completed by the end of May 2011. Screenings will take place at Rhode Island School of Design in Spring 2011.

The Short Film will revolve around the life of a young woman, about 22 years of age, living her day-to-day life in a rural town. She is a lonely person, who has no one that she can confide in. Her mother is a paranoid alcoholic with a gambling problem, her father is a stoic man who hardly comes home, and she lives next to a neighbor woman who seems to take extreme interest in her. There is only one place she finds peace within her life, and that is the town's forgotten lake. 
One day after a trip down to the lake, the young woman finds a basket left on her doorstep; within it, there is a baby. As the mystery of the abandoned baby unravels itself, the young woman finds herself understanding her mother and questioning the morals of relationships and family. Having little no understanding of what it means to care for another, the young woman is left with a choice; live for oneself or for the sake of family,

Korean Young Woman (18 to early 20’s)
She is a quiet girl who usually keeps her opinions to herself. She is taller than most, which contradicts her silent demeanor. She actually likes to have control of all situations, and when problems arise, she usually tries to fix them herself without the help of anyone else. She is used to taking care of her parents, and she feels that they are incapable of anything productive. Though she seems mature beyond her years, she is still very naïve in her perceptions of relationships. She doesn’t want to be like her mother, paranoid and untrusting. But as time progresses on, she finds it harder to trust people and starts to understand why her mother is the way she is. She desperately wants to leave the life she is living.

Korean Mother (Mid 40’s to 50’s)
She is a simple-minded woman who has a short temper, and is quick to judge. She is short in height compared to her daughter, and is not the type of woman to care about her appearance. She has become an avid smoker and an alcoholic due to her inability to handle her own life. She also likes to gamble and has been calling friends over for many years.
She suspects that her husband had been cheating on her for a couple of years, but tries to kill her conscious suspicions with alcohol. The only person that she feels she can trust is her daughter, but her paranoia puts a wedge in their relationship. Being unable to fulfill her role as a mother, she leaves her daughter to take care of the home-life instead.

Korean Father (Mid 40’s to 50’s)
He is a gaunt, stoic man who is rarely at home. He is not much for conversation, and when he is engaged to talk, her tries to cut it short by giving ambiguous answers. He does not like things of excess, and that is seen in his daily attire and meals. He has been having an affair with a neighbor woman for the past 10 years, which has made him distant and reclusive from his wife and daughter.

Korean Neighbor Woman (Mid 40’s to 50’s)
She is a slightly plump woman, who is well composed and takes care of her looks. The woman is polite and mild mannered, always trying to make polite conversation with everyone. She rarely gets mad or flustered, and does well in taking care of herself. She is not flashy in appearance, but it is apparent that she has lived a financially stable life. She has no children of her own and does not smoke or drink. She has been living alone, across the street from the family, for many years after her husband had died. She has been a family acquaintance ever since then. She is always invited over to the Mother’s gambling parties, though she does not drink or gamble herself. She has recently taken a strange interest in the Young Woman, and is constantly watching her, and being aware of her daily activities.


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