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What are your brain numbers? ;) Support DIYNeuroscience and get an Arduino based EEG kit.

We think the brain is simultaneously the most interesting and least understood piece of the human body. We'd like to spark interest and help people see the science of the brain,from a different angle. A more artistic, user friendly angle.

We put together an EEG kit for a workshop we held on the 25th "teaching people to integrate EEGs into Art". We were pretty amazed at peoples response in actually being able to see their brainwaves. We'd like to share that amazement with as many people as we can. While I think I'm a pretty swell teacher, I realize that physically we can't hold a workshop for everyone. And so the next best thing would be to offer the EEG as an affordable Kit.
TL;DR: We'd like to use this kickstarter to spread our love for EEGs and more generally Neuroscience, in the form of an easily put together kit.




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    How to Buld an EEG Manual (PDF format)

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    How to Build an EEG Manual.(nicely bound and illustrated)

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    EEG Components + Instruction manual

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