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Uncle Tom's Cabin's video poster

In the black community, "Uncle Tom" is a derogatory term. This project aims to change that perception. Read more

Atlanta, GA Film & Video
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This project was successfully funded on July 17, 2011.

In the black community, "Uncle Tom" is a derogatory term. This project aims to change that perception.

Atlanta, GA Film & Video
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Richard Mays
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Richard Mays

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About this project

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the best selling novel of the 19th Century, "Uncle Tom's Cabin."  Next to the Bible, it was the best selling book in that century. She painted a picture of slavery with vivid portraits of many different characters, some kind, some evil, but most as human beings with their own strengths and weaknesses. Abraham Lincoln is said to have met her and given her credit for writing the book that started the Civil War.

After the war, several stage plays of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" were popularized.  Loosely based on the book, the plays recounted some memorable scenes from the book, such as Eliza crossing the ice clogged Ohio river. However, the plays were adapted for a paying, white audience, and the sensitivity to the horror of slavery was lost in an adaptation favoring melodrama. The leads were played by white actors, and dark skinned roles were played in black-face. Seventy years of staged plays created today's public perception of Uncle Tom as a sell-out to figures of authority. This is not the Uncle Tom painted by Stowe.

The movie was made as a silent film in the 1920s, which suffered from many of the sins of the stage play (such as white actors in the lead role). It was remade as an experimental film in Germany in the sixties, and again in 1987 as a made for TV movie. 

Our script is a strong one that bears so little resemblance to prior efforts as to be a completely different movie. Uncle Tom is portrayed as a strong man, with integrity, kindness, and intelligence.  This is not your grandmother's "Uncle Tom's Cabin," it is thrilling and passionately compelling story.

Our first project is to shoot the first ten minutes of our script, and put this new vision on display in order to gain interested supporters for our feature. Although we have made short films before with funding from our own pockets, we have wagons and horses to rent,  wardrobe to create, locations to secure, and many more actors to feed than our prior projects. We heard about kickstarter and thought it would be an excellent way to reach out to a larger community for help with this effort. 

You will be aiding our desire to transform the public perception of this masterpiece of literature. The $4,300 is sufficient to feed our actors, rent lighting & camera equipment, make/rent wardrobe, and allow us to make this short movie.   Everyone is working without pay on this short film, but we would like to raise additional funds (more than $4,300) to pay our actors and crew a modest per diem to at least cover travel to and from set.

$100+ supporters will be invited to the screening in Atlanta. After the screening of the short film, we will have a script reading of the entire feature film screenplay and a panel discussion of next steps to be taken to make the full length feature film.

If you want to see our work, our last project is listed at &

If you have any questions for us, we will be happy to answer them, just shoot us an email. 

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Roxzane Mims & Dick Mays


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