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A system to prep, store and serve from your fridge or on the go. Now you can bring the restaurant home! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 16, 2013.

A system to prep, store and serve from your fridge or on the go. Now you can bring the restaurant home!

About this project

Eating well, eating healthy, having more interesting choices, less expensive than dining out, this is a system that will help you meet all your needs.  

Prep and Serve - the better engineered Bento box
Prep and Serve - the better engineered Bento box

Who should buy Prep and Serve?

Prep and Serve is made to be used at home, and away too.  From refrigerator to table in seconds – you'll love it because it’s fast, affordable, and will save time and money. 

  • Dieters have food ready when hungry, and it can be pre-portioned
  • Moms choose what the kids snack on, and easy for cleanup
  • Teens like to bring food from home to the dorm fridge
  • Children love to create their meals, especially picky eaters
  • Gourmet cooks can prep ahead and cook with ease
  • Travelers find it fits well in the RV fridge or a boat cooler


While in line at at local Sub shop, I watched the way our sandwiches were being assembled, and wondered why we never prepare food like that at home.  Fast forward to a volunteer event where I needed multiple condiment items, but juggled a number of containers. I realized that there was NOT a container that would store multiple items, while sealing each item separately. A container that would allow me to store pre-cut veggies and other ingredients, so I would eat healthier.  It is from this thought that the idea came to be.

Restaurant Rail    Photo and video by
Restaurant Rail Photo and video by

As a former restaurant owner, I realized how much good food, delivered on time, starts with ingredients ready ahead of time – mise en place – everything in place!  This system was designed to take advantage of multiple ingredients, with the ability to change and refill easily. Really, it is just like the restaurant rail, only for your own fridge.

I use my prototype set every day and it has worked very very well to incorporate more veggies into my meals.  I definitely eat healthier and finally lost a lot of weight this past summer- not because of the box, but as a tool to measure and have ready for quick assembly of several meals each day.

On the video is a manufactured prototype, though the final version will be a higher quality design and materials depicted in the illustrations from the CAD files as shown here.

Where does the funding go?

I've already invested heavily in patents, CAD and prototyping. Now I'm looking for funding to finish the final CAD changes and possibly create a new prototype lid if necessary. It is hard to pitch a product that does not function as smooth as it should, and the lid is a huge piece of this. 

I have several prototype sets, previous production samples, all CAD files, and it is patented both here in the United States and also China. What I need help with now is to gain consumer awareness and the capital to finish the CAD file updates. If enough is raised, the lid will be remade if necessary. There is interest in licensing, and any current feedback will be useful with that effort.

Because the cost of molds is over $100,000, I can't guarantee that this will be funded & produced by end of this year, but this effort will help.


·       Ultra-convenient:  This original size fits most refrigerators, in an RV or boat fridge, in most coolers, or can stay cool on it’s own

·       Versatile: holds up to 12 cups of product, configure 100’s of ways

·       Stylish: eye-catching design, a beautiful box to use for many years and the cutting board lid acts as a base when using on a buffet

·       All pieces nest for easy storage, each can be used on its own

·       Inner containers will be BPA Free and dishwasher safe

This food prep system is designed as one large container that holds up to 12 smaller containers with one lid sealing all.  The design of the lid is made so that it is easily removable, seals each unit separately, with dual use as a cutting board.  Because of its unique design, this can also be used to store crafts, hardware, office supplies or other small items. Each individual container can also be used with a lid alone.

Testing manufactured lid pictured here
Testing manufactured lid pictured here

Where You Come In

We are looking for $500 to fund the final prototype changes.  In return for your support I hope that you will be one of the very first to own this system. As this is a very expensive molding process (multiple molds with a precise fit), I can't guarantee it will be produced, but do feel confident it will be licensed within the year. 

Thank you for your support on helping with this step. Most important: Please share with anyone you know who loves to cook, (OR NOT!), those short on time and trying to eat healthy, and those you know that love to boat and RV.  Every interested party that takes the time to fund even a couple bucks is a vote towards successful sales and licensing.  The more support, the faster we can get this into your hands.  If you have ever wished for a product like this, please fund and spread the word to your friends and family.  Once this is closed, you can find out more info or sign up over at  THANK YOU!

Risks and challenges

After receiving this funding, I'm not promising something we can't deliver. I WISH I could say, you fund now and you'll have a set in three months, but that won't happen! Molds and production are well over 150k, even overseas. I've had prototypes from both here and overseas, and designed and received products from China. There are cost savings, but also a myriad of things that can and do go wrong. And for that reason I've never been able to pull the trigger on venturing this alone. On manufactured samples the lid does not seal, and that is why I am choosing to have these files changed.

Your input will help to get this licensed. The biggest challenge to getting this to market has been funding the cost of the molds, (over $100,000 even if made overseas) and proof of concept when not yet manufactured. Please spread the word as the more who commit, the easier it is to interest a manufacturer that this is something truly different than other containers on the market right now.

One set will ideally include 16-20 pieces, 7 or more inner containers and lids, along with the outer box and lid that seals all! You don't need the inner lids when using the box, but very convenient to use on their own.

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    What's on your plate?
    Lets discuss your product! Skype or meet in person to go over details about something you are venturing, be it a business idea or product idea. I have good connections and many resources that may be of help to save you money, and can give you a fresh perspective. Menu & magnet included.

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    Dinner and discussion. Dinner out in the twin cities area and a vivid discussion about inventing, products, process and lots of great contacts, tips and info that I've learned along the way. You will also be first to know any details of progress updates.

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