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NOW AVAILABLE!Mecha Zone is an exciting art book that collects the creative and larger-than-life robot designs of illustrator David White.
Created by

David A White

77 backers pledged $5,572 to help bring this project to life.

Books are in stock! (finally)

Great news! The books just arrived about 30 minutes ago. 2000 pounds of mecha book goodness! I'll start packing and shipping ASAP. basic orders will go out first for expedience, and then I'll work on orders that need sketches.

I still need one address from backer DS99. If you read this, please send me your address!

Thanks to all of you and Kickstarter, most of the printing costs were covered. I still need to sell about 100 books at full price to break even. For comparison, I still need to sell about 40 copies of Mecha Zone 2 to break even and that book has been selling for about a year.

You can help by sharing this link to my online store

Here are a few photos to get your oil pumping!

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    1. Creator Squigglysquid on September 16, 2011

      I don't know about oil pumping, but I did just involuntarily drool all over my iPod... O.o :D