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Weapon M is a Java client for the classic game TradeWars 2002.
Weapon M is a Java client for the classic game TradeWars 2002.
34 backers pledged $1,010 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Permanent project home

This project has a permanent home at There's a wiki and a bug tracker, and the source is available on Sourceforge. The latest version 1.1 snapshot seems to be working pretty well on OS X.

Post-completion update

Since I'm not sure how many of you are following my blog, I thought I'd link one more update on here:

Next update

I wanted to send out another update this weekend, but I'm still trying to iron out some bugs I introduced with the new features.  You can expect it in the next few days.

The map controls are all working on their own.  What I'm working on now is making the data parser trigger map updates.

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Backer Survey Results

Backer survey results are on the project blog.

Three Week Update

We're three weeks into milestone 1, and I'm not quite finished with the data capture.  I'm estimating one more week.  The good news is that all the data I'm capturing is already exposed to scripts, which is half the work I planned to do in milestone 2.  So, with the exception of pushing back the (now rather arbitrary) distinction between phases 1 and 2, the project is right on schedule.  The script API is actually almost finished; I just need to create the parameters dialog and fix a couple bugs I'm aware of.  I expect to complete milestone 2 and open the testing to the $25 backers during the first week of October.

As the project will eventually be hosted on SourceForge, I decided there would be little point in temporarily hosting it somewhere else.  I've created a SF project and will begin entering development goals and bugs into the ticket system there.  I'll continue to publish development versions via email.