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Weapon M is a Java client for the classic game TradeWars 2002.
Weapon M is a Java client for the classic game TradeWars 2002.
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    1. Kevin Krumwiede Creator on

      The back end relies heavily on a BSD-licensed DFA library called dk.brics.automaton. I think porting that library from J2SE would mostly be a matter of replacing all the* stuff with NIO. I used NIO for my terminal API. I tried to keep everything compartmentalized (that was part of the code review I did this weekend) so that it would be easy to refactor if I ever had to replace a library for an Android port.

      The UI on Android would likely be radically different, and you could do some really cool things with a touch screen. But yeah... one thing at a time. :D

    2. Steve Rodda on

      I am a Android developer and would be willing to help. Perhaps if you pulled out some of the back end stuff and put it in a library project I would be able to build the front end.

      One thing at a time though! Let's get the stand alone Java client built because it looks awesome!

    3. Kevin Krumwiede Creator on

      Thanks for your support!

      A client for a mobile OS would certainly interest a lot of potential players. I've thought about what it would take to port Weapon M to Android. Android's Java is a somewhat limited subset of J2SE - and that's about the extent of my knowledge of it. I'm sure it would be possible, but it may require major changes to the open-source libraries I'm using. I know there are a few JPA ORM solutions for Android, but I haven't evaluated any of them.

    4. Missing avatar

      jsprada on

      Oh hell yes, I was thinking of building an iPhone client (which is necessary, I believe) And have been in contact with MR. Pritchet, who was actually starting his own client (maybe a full release) using GarageGames Torque, but I'm not sure it's ever materialized. I don't really have much time to play anymore, but you know I'm contributing to you, to help keep this classic alive!

      And by the way, Beware the jaws that bite!!