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The Disaster & Emergency Response App for finding gas, food & places to charge devices. Report downed lines, downed trees & flooding.

The Problem:

During Super Storm Sandy, approximately 8.5 million people lost power. The enormity of the crisis left people stranded without power, without gas, without the ability to charge phones. That’s where the idea of Currant was born. There’s got to be an app to help people find things and information after a disaster. With literally millions of people on the street, why not leverage everyone’s power to help people help each other.

 The CurrantNOW™ app translates your social media posts into actual usable information for your neighbors, the utilities companies and local officials. These reports can then be used to obtain necessities (like milk and cookies) and help dispatch repair crews in a timely and efficient way. With the app, you can even report incidents during non-emergencies such as graffiti or street lights out, directly to your utility companies and local officials. Storms like Sandy are happening all the time, so we all need to be prepared. 

Our Kickstarter campaign will help us finalize the CurrantNOW app development and make it available for everyone as a free download. Let’s be ready for the next disaster or mass emergency, fund our Kickstarter! In Greg “the Boyfriend's” words, “It’s People helping People, people!”

Our Solution:

Find What You Need, Share What You Know! 

  • Find Gas 
  • Report if the Supermarket is Open 
  • Find a place to Charge Your Phone, ipad, and other devices 
  • Where to get medical attention 
  • Day shelters to get meals and rest

Is anyone out there listening?

They will now. Report Incidents! Let us know and we can let the Mayor and Utility Companies know. Report all these things and more, and not just during emergencies: 

  • The fallen tree that is blocking your street 
  • Downed power lines knocking out your power 
  • The river is flooding and you now can paddle down your street
  • Any other non-emergency problems: the street light is out, you have to swerve your car from debris in the street, someone has messed up your favorite building with graffiti

Did your street look like this? 


Wouldn't it be cool if you could report it? 

Our Mission 

With CurrantNOW app people everywhere can document the stunning events they witness. Currant's mission is to help people, utility companies and municipalities communicate efficiently during times of crisis by capturing crowd-sourced data and turning it into actionable information presented with clear, easy-to-use interface design.

The Perks!

We all like cookies! Pledge $25 and get a dozen of these delicious cookies made by Denise in Ava's Cupcakes kitchen under the supervision of  Chef Michelle, winner of Food Network Cupcake Wars  Cookies also help you cope with all life's emergencies.

Be ready for the next storm, have a portable charger on hand.  CurrantNOW branded Portable Rechargeable Power Supply will help you keep your phones charged when the lights go out.  Here is what they look like!

Check out our other unique perks!

The stretch Goals!!!

Who is behind this Awesomeness? 

Denise: idea lady, engineer, and mom addicted to helping the community. 
Jason: the Coding God fluent in all things Scala, Play! and more; a quintessential full stack genius.
Leslie: UX designer, creator of beauty, maker of knock your socks off design.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Currant, Inc. has built the application and is poised to launch the CurrantNOW app in stores if successfully funded. Our challenge is getting the application into the hands of as many people and onto as many mobile phones as possible. The more users participating, the more we can help each other. So tell your friends to download the CurrantNOW app. Tell your mayor or office of emergency management to contact us at so we can be featured on your local municipality website. Spread the word and be prepared for anything mother nature throws at us!


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    CurrantNOW branded Portable Rechargeable Power Supply charges phones, music players and other devices. Large charging capacity of 2600mAh. You can stay charged and stay connected during those times when the power is out!

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