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The most effective way to improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users.
The most effective way to improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users.
8,807 backers pledged $785,724 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Begins! (...and Super Backer Special Reward Announcement!)

Posted by James Olander (Creator)

Hi all, great news! The first Roosts are coming off the production line this week!

In this update:

  • ADDRESS UPDATES and SHIPPING NOTIFICATIONS:  Look out for "Last Call to Update Your Address" email from us!
  • Production Details and Updates
  • Super Backer Limited Edition Rewards

Firstly, the new Roost has only been made possible because of YOU. Thank you! And thank you for the extreme patience as we have blazed our way thru the first ever new Roost production run.  It has been an adventure!

Your pledge to make this Roost a reality has allowed us to work with 10 companies involving 40+ people gaining new work and business directly from this Kickstarter campaign.  There is lots of excitement for the new Roost for all involved.

Address Updates: 

You will receive an email from us, with subject: "Last Call to Update Your Address for Roost Laptop Stand".  In that email is a Link to your order and address.  If you have an address update, follow that link to update your address. You will have 48 hours to make any address updates.

"When will my Roost ship?"   

1. You will receive the "Last Call..." email approximately 1 week prior to your Roost shipping.  

2. When your Roost ships, you will receive another email with tracking info. 

Roost Shipment Dates

Roosts are shipping in order of Backing Date. And we are geared up to ship the first ~4000 Roosts next week and the following week. So if you pledged in the first couple of weeks of the campaign, you should see shipping notification soon. If you pledged in last couple of weeks of campaign, please plan on waiting until early January for shipping notification.

(All Custom Engraved Roosts are being engraved end of next week. And we plan to ship those early the following week).

Production Updates!

To date, we have over 60 "Machine-Days" of Roost production complete.  (A "Machine-Day" is a 24 hour day, many injection mold machines run 24 hours around the clock!).

Parts start by being molded at the "press".

Rotating Leg being inspected at the press
Rotating Leg being inspected at the press

We fill hundreds of boxes worth of parts.

This box has ~5000 parts!
This box has ~5000 parts!

 Boxes of parts then get palletized and readied for assembly line.

One of numerous pallets of Roost components
One of numerous pallets of Roost components

 Pallets of parts make their way to the assembly line upstairs.

Roost Production Line
Roost Production Line

Here our Pin Insertion Machine is in action.  The Pin Insertion Machine saves TONS of times when you have to repeat something 30,000+ times!  

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

 The RKM Cases arrived via a huge truck. We are ready to ship! 

A formidable fort of RKM Cases!
A formidable fort of RKM Cases!

Super Backer Limited Edition Rewards

For one time only, we have produced two color variants of the Roost that are going to all those who participated in the Roost Super Backers program.  

Limited Edition Inverted Colors: If you signed up to be a Super Backer, but weren't able get any new KS backers, you still get a Limited Edition Roost! See color scheme below. ~400 of these are being made.

Serialized Limited Edition All-Black: Only ~50 of these Roosts will ever be made.  If you participated in the Super Backers and had 1 or more people back the Roost Campaign, you are getting a very special Roost!  

If you are in either of these groups, no action is necessary, we will automatically ship you the correct Limited Edition Roost!  (If you ordered more than 1 Roost and are in these groups, unfortunately we are only able to send 1 Limited Edition per backer).

 Till soon!

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    1. Clare Dreyer on

      How do I know if you have my updated address for shipping? I can't find a place to check. Thanks

    2. Fu Shi on

      have not received any shipping confirmation. Jan 15 already?

    3. Missing avatar

      B Alex Reeh on

      Any updates? Still haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet.

    4. Gilles Cavin on


      I have not received any email after the PU#15 on Dec 10...

    5. Elise Tan on

      Hi! It's early January and I was wondering how's the shipping coming along? Experiencing Hiccups?

    6. Lorenzo De Waele on

      Hi! It's early January and I haven't received any e-mail yet either, so I thought I'd reach out just to make sure that everything is in order? Thank you!

    7. Rog Cleaves on

      Hello, I haven't received an email yet regarding shipping details.

    8. James Olander 2-time creator on

      @Bill Riess, Kit Man, Huang Ka Ho, Ian Flight: Just sent you a message with expected ship date!

      Thanks for comments!

    9. Bill Riess on

      Still haven't received the last call email. Any update?

    10. Kit Man on

      no emails yet did I do something wrong ?

    11. Huang Ka Ho on

      Same here... 404 Not found
      "Last Call to Update Your Address"

      "No Luck No Stand"?

    12. KentKB on

      So excited! I may get this in time to put in my wife Xmas stocking!

    13. Ian Flight on

      Hey guys, I still haven't received my "last chance" e-mail. any idea when I can expect my stand?

    14. Missing avatar

      Chouchoufish on

      so excited!!! i want to get it as soon as possible

    15. 鄭逸新 on

      can't wait!!!so happy!!

    16. Tony Tin Nguyen on

      Sorry, but I forgot where to update my address. Would you please give me the link again?

    17. Tyler Burton on

      Nice work guys and happy holidays. I'm so excited to get my Roost.

    18. James Olander 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all the comments!

      @Pat: Color options will be looked at in the second half of 2016, focused on getting production up to speed before we throw in too many curve balls.
      @Pierre: We did test a number of color combos, really loved the black on grey for production. But color combos are something looking at in future. All white is something we'll look at as well :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Pierre Belanger

      or all white... I guess it's too late to change colour ;-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Pierre Belanger

      Black & Gray , fair enough but why not just make them all black w/o serial number? ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Syed Nazim Abbas Kazmi on

      So damn excited. I wish to get my hands on this awesome product by the new year ..

    22. Anna M. on

      Excited to read they are shipping soon! Husband might be getting an IOU for xmas, but ah well! Better late than never. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Awesome! Congrats Roost team!!

      Darn...when I originally pledged, I thought hte new version Roost would look like the Limited Edition Alt Colors based on the campaign photos and demo. I didn't know the standard Roost was the black and gray color. :(

      James, would there be an option in the future to order the Roost v2 in different color options?

    24. Guanpaul Chen on

      Can't wait !!! so happy!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Joe Ayyoub on

      Nice work! Cannot wait to get mine!

    26. Alex on

      Nice work James! Thanks for the update.

    27. Missing avatar

      Julie Haehn on

      Yahoo! What if I want a second one now? Do I wait and order online?

    28. Sebastien Requiem on

      Can't wait !!! Super good job on this.

    29. Rizwan on

      I was waiting for this update for quite long time. Super update thanks. I am happy that i did pledged in initial week of the campaign. Super exited to get the roost stand first

    30. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bill Drendel on

      BRAVO! You did it!
      Now I can say goodbye to my neck pain! ;))))