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The most effective way to improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users.
The most effective way to improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users.
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First Ever Roost from the Production Tools

Posted by James Olander (Creator)

In this update:

  • Finalize your Pledges and Add-ons now. (Still OK to change shipping address later)
  • First Ever Production Roost!
  • Updated Production Plan
  • Updated Shipping Date

Finalize your Pledges and Add-Ons now (in BackerKit)

We need final counts for Roost production. You have 1 week to make any final changes to the quantity of Roosts / RKM Cases you want shipped.  You WILL still be able to update your shipping address after this point.  

For only those that have added additional Roosts / RKM Cases, you will be charged for these at this point.  These charges come from Backerkit. If you have not added anything to your pledge, there will be no charges. 

First Ever Roost from Production Molds!

You never really know what injection molded parts will be shaped like and look like until you've molded them for the first time, it's the nature of the beast.  It's a very tense experience putting together the first version. 

Roost in the raw - No texture, still some minor cosmetic work
Roost in the raw - No texture, still some minor cosmetic work

And I'm extremely excited to report that this new Roost is going to be an absolute winner!  This first run of the parts on the tools produces a Roost that is almost ship-able, the whole team was extremely proud and excited with this result.  Here is Video of first ever Roost from Production Tooling in action, it's serial number E001 (E for 'Engineering'):

The less great news is that we have a couple of small issues with precision fits and matching one molded part to another. One of the issues requires re-machining some small components of a mold and will take 3 weeks to machine and retest. Which is a direct hit to the schedule.   

After this work is completed, we will "texture" the molds. And then do one final full run of engineering parts at the injection mold builder.  These we expect these to build a perfect Roost.

The molds (7,000lbs+ of them) then get shipped over to the mass manufacturer for production use. We expect to have the injection molds getting trialed at the manufacturer by the first week in November.

Updated Production Plan

The Roost is really one giant moving part with lots of precision fits. After careful consideration with the manufacturer, we've decided to do a "Short Run" of Roosts before we do the big run of 15,000+.   What we really really don't want happening is making 30,000+ of a single part (each Roost requires 2 of same part) only to find out that it doesn't fit.  That would hit delivery by many weeks and waste lots of material.

The reason this can happen is that even through we've already made a perfect Roost on the tools at the Injection Mold builder, they have different injection molding processes and "presses" (the machines that squirt the plastic thru the molds) than what the mass manufacturer uses.  Very subtle differences in process parameters (injection molding pressures, temperatures, dwell times, many, many more) can cause very real changes in the final parts. 

Doing this precautionary "Short Run" of Roosts will add another 2 weeks to the schedule. 

And finally, once mass manufacturing starts rolling, the first Roosts will be ready to ship within 2 weeks and it will take 5 weeks total to complete all Kickstarter Roosts.  We will be shipping continuously over this period, in the order of your pledge date.

(The BIG caveat here is if the "Short Run" is trending perfectly, we will just continue running the machines for the full production run of 15,000+. This is what every one is hoping for, but we are now planning for the slower start).

Updated Shipping Date

So, the bad news, with the above delays, shipping will begin in mid December and run through mid January. (We lose some time over holiday shutdowns).  

This is obviously a big hit, which I am truly sorry for, I want to get these Roosts under your laptops as much as you want them there. The good news is that the major risks are behind us and we will absolutely will be shipping an amazing final product, there is zero question about that.  All parties involved, from suppliers to manufacturers, are committed to the above plan. 

(For "Will my Roost ship in time for holidays?", please hold on to that question for now. Once we have completed the "Short Run" in late November, we will know much more accurately when your ship date will be).

Thank you again,



Next update will be post the tool modifications, with production-ready Roosts in hand.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Deborah Pettingill on

      I can not find the place to do a kickstarter message - I need to make sure you guys have my right address as I have recently moved!

    2. Bad Monkey Productions on

      Very excited to get my Roost and no worries at all about the timeline. I've been without this for years, it's going to be a thrill whenever it arrives.

    3. Chris Norman on

      @Fahad seriously? this is not a shop that you just put an order in and get a delivery. You are BACKING a PROJECT. NOT placing an order. it's not a lie. muppet.

    4. James Olander 2-time creator on

      @Michael James: Thank you for the compliments on the design! It's a great compliment on it's simplicity!
      @Alex: Thanks for the understanding, the time spent will pay dividends on final look, feel and quality
      @Jim Chen: 感谢您的支持!
      @Fahad: I've replied to you on the other comment thread and in a private message.

    5. Missing avatar

      Fahad on

      Can i get a single Kickstarter project that doesn't lie about shipping ?

    6. Jim Chen on


    7. Alex on

      Thanks for the update James!! The roost is looking good. Congrats!

      Definitely better to go slower than to have a bad production run.

    8. Michael James on

      The video makes me really excited for the final product.
      Looks like you've built something simple and fantastic. Well done!

    9. James Olander 2-time creator on

      @Lily Ye: Thank you, looking to get best possible product in your hands.
      @John: Thank you for the patience, and I'll consider how that could work out.
      @Sebastian: Good to hear from you! Hello in Crete!
      @Jeremie: Can't wait to ship!
      @Lynn: Please shoot me your new address as a Kickstarter message, I will contact you there as well
      @Christina: Please shoot me your new address as a Kickstarter message, I will contact you there as well
      @Sam: That's just too awesome!!! I've been destructive testing Roost 2.0 over the last 2 weeks, and the good news is I haven't been able to break it yet via drop tests, sitting on it, etc. I really think it will be just as bombproof as Roost 1.0!

    10. Tuxkey on

      @james, neh Roost 1.0 and i have bin true so much together.. it's part of the family ;-)
      even if i wouldn't use it any more it would get a prominent place in my house as a great example of technical design ;-) where form and function meet.. Roost 1.0 is like something Leonardo da Vinci would build..Like a transformer to the rescue hahaha.. But as an it guy having one computer to fiddle with is like having no backup.. so the classic Roost 1.0 will always have a place of honour on my desk..Like a respected elder hahaha (paired with a nice mechanical keyboard off course). Roost 2.0 will have to be the "Bear Grylls"of laptop stands (that is if it passes the vetting process) going with me on remote locations , Lan parties saving my laptop from spills and so on.. As i'm not an army man anymore it doesn't need to survive an outdoor beating hahaha..But i have a feeling it would do great even in the toughest conditions..

      So no "dark desk drawer" for the Roost family ;-) only a nice warm laptop hahah...

      ok ok so i went a bit overboard there..what can i say sometimes i just get excited about good quality engineering builds..

      ps. how about a nice extreme test like you did on roost 1.0 with the bricks ..That was a great see hahaha.

      Take care.. guys..

    11. Tuxkey on

      @Nur are you serious ?? dude you are so going to regret that..
      Believe me i tried all "laptop / notebook" stands out there.. you name it..From the cricket to belkin and none of them were as good as the Roost.. in fact the cricket and a replica are now my permanent DIY book stands..hahahah..

      So take it from an IT guy that has bin looking for a great laptop stand for at least 8yr when i started to log around a laptop for work and studies.. For the price there is nothing better and more portable than the Roost..

      in fact if i was not living in EU and being afraid of all the anti shopping law's like 21% tax +10% extra customs fee.. and the guys from roost would just add a roost without putting in the extra value i would just buy a second one making that my third roost..And give one to a friend..

      Remember Nur this is kickstart ;-) have not Ikea where you buy stuf that is safe , production wise.
      Wy do you think ikea has the same design over and over again year after year hahaha.??
      Starting a new production takes a lot of effort and time ..
      i think James and the people of Roost are doing a great job.

      But like the note sas "Be respectful " so i am ;-) just wanted to share my views on the matter..
      If you like share with us your alternative laptop stand ;-)
      take care.

    12. Missing avatar

      Christina Brashear on

      Hi, I see the request for updating our shipping address but find no call-to-action link. Where do we go to make this happen?

    13. Lynn A. Decker on

      Thanks for the update -- the Roost looks GREAT! We are buying a house, and will be moving in November. I need to update my shipping address. I have poked around quite a bit, but can't find anywhere to do so. How can I do that?

    14. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update, it looks great!
      I like your plan to make sure things are solid, and I'm looking forward to the finished product!

    15. Sebastian Hosche on

      Congrats on E001 - great to see the Roost 2.0 in action, especially how easy it is to fold / unfold it!
      As always, I appreciate the open and detailed update. Don't worry about the delay as it's for a good reason and hiccups can always happen. Having used the Roost 1.0 for years, I know I'll be receiving a high quality product.
      Best wishes from Crete!

    16. John Jaworski on

      Thanks for the update.I'm looking forward to "Roosting" my macbook... As far as the delay, I can wait until after the holidays. Perhaps offer some small incentive to those that can wait, and ship the others first. I'd hate to see you have to cover a lot of extra shipping when it may not be necessary...

    17. Missing avatar

      Lily Ye on

      Love how thorough your updates are. Very cool to get an insider's view of the production process. Really exemplary Kickstarter project in your communication with backers, and I hope others will follow that example! I hope no one takes to heart these few people upset about the delays, which is, in my opinion, completely offset by your policy of full (and generous!) disclosure. As other people have said, these grumps don't seem to understand what a Kickstarter project really is, and what they were giving their money for. No doubt I'm a little antsy for my Roost, too, but that's also because I know it's going to be a great, high quality product, worth the wait!

    18. James Olander 2-time creator on

      @Steve Pappas: Sweek!!! Thank you for the creative kind words :)
      @Isaac Cruz: We will be shipping as fast as possible, please stay tuned
      @Kien Tran: Please send me a message on the KS system, we can downgrade your shipping option and refund you the difference.
      @Richard Clark: Thank you for the vote of confidence, confident this Roost will provide a lifetime of utility, excited to get it shipped!
      @Nick Danforth: Hi Nick, please shoot me a message on KS message system, we will cover that for you, no problems.
      @Hiren: Please see answer to Nick above, we will cover it, please message us when you make the address change.
      @Kerrie Moore: Thank you for the kind words! It's funny, this production version outwardly doesn't look too different from previous versions, but what it took to get it there was a world of difference!
      @Sam: That Roost 1.0 does need company, just promise that Roost 1.0 it won't get religated to a dark desk drawer, that would break it's spirit! Thank you for the kind words, we will get you a Roost that will last a lifetime :)
      @Nur: I will send you a message to start that process.
      @Chris Woods: Thank you for kind words and understanding. We are keep on keeping on!
      @Austin: Thank you, looking forward o getting you your first Roost!
      @Chris Norman: Thank you for support!

    19. Chris Norman on

      Thanks for the honest, comprehensive update, James. Totally understand your position on this; the process of scaling production is ALWAYS difficult and I would be very surprised if there were no glitches along the way. People complaining...stop! This is kickstarter. You're backing a project, not "placing an order". You WILL get your roost, just be patient.

    20. Missing avatar

      Austin on


      Thank you for the update. Fully understand that a good product cannot be rushed. Looking forward to receiving my first roost.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Woods on

      James : a great explanation of the manufacturing trials you guys are facing. I'm sure it seems like a long hard slog right now but you guys are doing the right thing in making sure the roost ships with the quality we'd all love to see. I'm disappointed in the delay of course, but these updates are great - we can all see the effort you guys are putting in. Best of luck, and I'll still here backing you guys.

    22. Missing avatar

      nur on

      I am very disappointed. I live in Sweden and wait it for so long now. I need to cancel my order.

    23. Tuxkey on

      nice one Clark ;-) 100% agree..

      Stick to your guns! I'd rather have the best possible product later than planned than a lower quality one earlier.
      You ROCK!

    24. Tuxkey on

      Congrats on Roost E001, looking fine ;-)
      About the delay , well "se la vie" ..."Such is life" write ;-)
      To be truthful i kind of expect delays being a kickstart backer..ahhhaha
      i much rather have a product that lasts a life time , than a fast production pice of cr...p hahahha....
      And that's why i have roost 1.0 for does lonely dark chilly computing nights hahaha..
      Nehh ..its my permanent home to my big old school 30inch..ahhaha...
      Just need roost 2.0 because i like the roost brand and want to support it..
      And because having a pair for nice stands is always better than just one hahaha..
      Besides i'm rocking a macbook, but that doesn't mean my second laptop will be a mac..
      Roost 2.0 here you come to the rescue , a bit late but still welcome..hahaha..

      Good luck guys..Hope that's the last of the delay, because there are sum people going nuts hahah..

    25. Kerrie Moore on

      Firstly it's looking great! Thanks to all the teams hard work to get it this far.

      Yes, a little disappointing that it's breaking into next year for delivery but let's not forget were supporting and receiving a product that hasn't existed in real fully functional form till now. It's a little more involved than baking a cake!! Looks like your doing a great job of ironing out the inevitable little problems of mass production.

      Still feeling excited!

    26. Hiren Dhanani on

      I am really disappointed because its too late :-(. I am leaving the USA on 1st nov. Am i forced to pay for international shipping?

    27. Nick Danforth on

      No worries, guys! Keep up the good work!

      Just one question... I will be leaving the USA at the end of December. I've only paid for US shipping though, as I expected to have more than enough time to pick up my Roost in the USA. Will I be forced to pay for additional shipping charges to have the Roost mailed to me overseas? I don't think it will arrive before I leave.

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Clark on

      No plan survives the first contact with the enemy. Anyone responsible understands how difficult it is to manufacture a precision product like you are making. I, and I'm sure many others, appreciate you doing all you can to produce the best product you can. And if I was going to give this as a gift for the holidays, well, there's always gift cards and birthdays in the new year!

      Stick to your guns! I'd rather have the best possible product later than planned than a lower quality one earlier.

      You ROCK!

    29. Kien Tran on

      I had to pay a lot more to choose DHL 2-day shipping and now it doesn't make any difference or matter anymore because it's already too late. You guys should do something about this, otherwise there will be another delay by December until... when? :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Isaac Cruz on

      Awesome job, I'm really excited. But you are truly late. Hope you do something about it. Nice work.

    31. Steve Pappas on

      Looks very "sweek" (sweet+sleek), like it's going to pull a wheelie and zoom off from the table :-) Great update James! Really like the insight into the science and art of injection molding!

    32. Tri Kurniawan on

      Owh my... :( is got late... I think I will get this Roost stand by January :(