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Update #1

We are excited to be rolling!


Catarina and I are excited to be starting this new venture!  We've been preparing  - well, it seems like forever, but it's really only been months.  Thank you to all who have so generously given!  We have our eye(s) on a really sweet ride that could be ready to roll out very quickly!  It's a bit beyond our original plan (we were thinking more of a slow build to the perfect truck) and this one would be more like all-in!  But what the heck - if it works out, we can make that work too!

Many of you have sent great ideas and volunteered your time and effort as well.  We really appreciate your support - monetary and emotional and sweaty!  Help us spread the word - the more we get here the better and more solid our venture will be!

Oozing, cheesy goodness to all of you!  We love you!  

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    A hand written thank you signed by The Gastro-Truck team.

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    Stepin’ Up: We will post a permanent Thank You on our website and send you a Handmade Certificate of Appreciation for help in the promotion of our Cheesy Goodness!

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    Foodie: (previous awards, plus) a Homemade sweet treat delivered straight to your door, could be macarons, could be toffee…aren’t surprises fun?

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    Epicurean: (previous awards, plus) you will snag an invite to our Grilled Cheese Taste-Test Event where you will be involved in helping us choose which of our Grilled Cheese Sandwiches should be our signature Cheesy Goodness Du Jour! (held in the Orlando area)

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    Wonka Magic: (previous awards, plus) you will receive a Cheesy Goodness recipe book which will include some of our most delicious Cheese filled recipes!

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    Cheesy: (previous awards, plus) a Gastro-truck T-shirt and reusable cup and your name or a message of your choice on the Gastro-Truck itself!

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    Goodness Master: (previous awards, plus) two tickets to our annual Gastro-Truck party! Yes, we like to party and now you are invited (party to be held in the Orlando area)

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    Trucker: (previous awards, plus) You will get to work with Lori and Catarina to create and name a menu item! How AWESOME is that?!

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    Gastreak: (previous awards, plus) you will be awarded the most coveted prize of all...a personal, in home Grilled Cheese Party for 4 people with one of the Chef’s of The Gastro-Truck at the wheel. (Must be within 40 miles of Orlando, FL)

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